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Report on Government Funded Training Mingled With Employment Programs.

Muscat, April 11 (ONA) - The training mingled with employment programs are among the most successful program for the employment of the national manpower. As of now, more than 45,000 Omanis have benefited from the program since its launch in 2003. The training mingled with employment program qualified the trainees to take over a certain technical job. After successfully completing the training mingled with employment program, the trainees will be employed directly at one of the private sector's organizations if he will not resign during a period similar to the training period. The Sultanate's experience in the employment of national manpower and helping them take the different posts and professions at the private sector organization- through the training mingled with employment program, has received the interest of the GCC and Arab labor ministries. Many delegations visit the Sultanate to review its experience and the method of funding these programs, which have been very successful in providing Omani youths with employment opportunities and ensuring stability at the labour market.

The training agreements highlight the role of the private sector's organizations in following up the performance of the trainees during the training period. The curricula of the training modules are also approved by the sector committee. Cooperation is also maintained with the private sector's organizations to provide training programs that meet their needs. The training mingled with employment program comprises a number of programs such as "Kasb program" in the Royal Court Affairs, which was introduced in 2005, the national training projects and the short training courses program for unskilled job seekers (which was introduced by the governmental vocational training centers starting from 2007). It should be noted that as per the terms of the contract, the training institution shall follow the performance of the trainee while working at the organization to ensure his ability at work and practice the skills he acquired during the training.

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The Ministry follows the employment of the trainee after completing the training at the private sector at which the trainee will work. The trainee will receive the salary, bonus and remunerations stated in the contract.

The training mingled with employment programs are very flexible in terms of adding new training units depending on the professional requirements and the nature of the job at these companies. Training is initiated only after briefing the training institutions on the curricular, getting them approved or adding new training units that meet the needs of the job at the private sector's company.

The training mingled with employment program aims also at meeting the needs of the local labour market in terms of qualified staff at the different specialties needed by the private sector. Many new training programs are introduced after maintaining coordination with the private sector organizations. The programs are also approved by Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), as well as the private companies that have job opportunities. Trainees are placed with the training institutions only after getting the approval of the organization at which the prospective trainee will work.

At the on-job training program, the trainee will have a hands-on training at different specialties needed by the private sector organization. The aim of the program is ensuring that the national manpower take over the jobs currently occupied by expatriates.

Within the framework of the training mingled with employment program, the Ministry of Manpower is keen on signing training agreements with accredited training organizations as part of the government's efforts to provide secured job opportunities for the national manpower at the different jobs and to meet the needs of the labour market.

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Publication:Oman News Agency
Date:Apr 11, 2015
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