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Report of the imaging section.

The second active year of the Imaging Section has proven that astro-photography is a fast growing and very important sector of astronomy--professional and amateur. Here is the summary of the Section's activities.

The Imaging Section website, hosted for a second year by FOTON Optoelectronics, has been the main channel of communication between our astro-photographers and those who are interested in Section's activities. It has provided a good platform for the exhibiting the work of South African astro-photographers. Unfortunately, during one of their meetings in September/ October 2008, ASSA Council has requested me to remove the line "This web page is proudly sponsored by FOTON Optoelectronics" from the bottom of the page. This came as a real surprise to me as the whole ASSA Imaging Section website is based on FOTON Optoelectronics website, as we had enough space available. Furthermore, everything was confirmed and agreed upon by the council representatives back in August 2007, prior to establishing the website. At the moment of writing this report, half-a-year later, the issue still stands unresolved.

The highlights of the section activities during the year are:

* Participation in the live web-cast on the Moon Shadow website during the 26 January partial Solar eclipse.

* Extensive observations and imaging of Comet C/2007 N3 (Lulin).

* Participation in and images of the Earth Hour initiative.

* SOHO team has kindly provided the ASSA Imaging Section with the weekly updates of the latest most in teresting images of their solar observations for display on our website.

Every small contribution in the form of images, articles or reports are important to the Section. I would like to specially mention several active photographers for their persistence and support, as well as achieving wonderful results in astro-photography during the past year. They are:

* Kos Coronaios, who has regularly provided his excellent astro-images and reports of public events.

* Dieter Willasch for his outstanding set on images of the Comet Lulin.

* Carol Botha whose solar system images have been published twice in the BBC Sky at Night--a great achievement in promoting the ASSA internationally.

* Greg Roberts who has contributed a number of very interesting images and video clips of man-made space objects, as well as deep-sky objects.

They have been nominated for Director's awards:

* Kos Coronaios--Directors Award (2008/2009) for continuous support and contributions to the Imaging Section.

* Dieter Willasch--Directors Award (2008/2009) for outstanding work in the field of deep-sky objects and Comet Lulin imaging.

* Carol Botha--Directors Award (2008/2009) for achievements in the Solar System photography and con tribution into promoting the South African astro-imaging internationally.

* Greg Roberts--Directors Award (2008/2009) for providing the Imaging Section with the set of outstanding images and video clips of man-made space objects, as well as deep-sky objects.

I'd like to thank everyone who has supported the Imaging Section by providing their images, ideas and willingness to participate in the Section's activities during the past year. The Imaging Section of ASSA is always open to suggestions and joint projects. We are awaiting your contributions in the form of interviews, reports, stories and astronomy related images.

O.R. Toumilovitch, Director
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Title Annotation:annual general meeting; Astronomical Society of Southern Africa's Imaging Section website
Author:Toumilovitch, O.R.
Publication:Monthly Notes of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa
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Date:Oct 1, 2009
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