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Report of CCI Early Childhood Think Tank on Governance.

ERIC Descriptors: Children; Foster Care; Governance; Early Childhood Education; Childhood Needs; Needs Assessment; Student Needs; Child Care; Focus Groups; Brainstorming; Change Strategies; Educational Change; Action Research; Sustainability; Educational Policy; Policy Formation; Research Reports

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Child Care, Inc. (CCI) invited a group of early childhood experts to help reflect on what CCI had learned from other states about governance and to apply that knowledge to New York City. The goal was to foster more systemic thinking about how to move toward a more coherent early care and education system in New York City that would better meet the needs of children and families. This report highlights some of what the attendees learned, questions needing further exploration and possible next steps. The Think Tank participants provided an unusual opportunity to share local, regional and national expertise and to look at issues in specific relationship to what exists and what might be possible in New York City.

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Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Feb 7, 2008
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