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Report from the sticks.

Report From The Sticks

Maybe the Gazette should stop advertising itself as having "Arkansas's Largest Local News Section."

The ads should be changed to say "Central Arkansas's Largest Local News Section."

One of our whisper sources was out of town for the Fourth and sent us two examples.

On Friday, July 5, the Gazette as usual proclaimed across the front page of its city edition that it has the largest local news section.

But the front page of its state edition proclaimed something else entirely. That's because the newspaper's second section, known in the hinterlands as "Arkansas News" rather than "Metro/State," consisted of only six pages -- the front page, the back page, the obit page, the "Arkansas Journal" page, the editorial page and the "Forum" page.

The "Metro/State" section central Arkansas subscribers received that same day had 12 pages.

The next day, those poor folks out in places such as Hope and Harrison were treated to an eight-page "Arkansas News" section.

The people in central Arkansas had 14 pages in "Metro/State."

So much for being a statewide newspaper.
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Title Annotation:Gazette's marketing tactics
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Jul 22, 1991
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