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Report finds great need for adult day centers. (News Notes).

If your facility or campus doesn't already provide adult day services, listen up: A recent report says that, although the nation has 3,407 adult day centers, the current U.S. population base can support 8,520. Offering such services could play a role in a facility's "continuum of care" marketing efforts; the report says that the number-one reason a person is discharged from a center is for placement in a residential setting (such as long-term care).

The average age of individuals in adult day centers was 72, with the most prevalent condition being dementia (52%); 41% were considered frail elderly (people over age 60 needing supervision and/or at-risk of social isolation, but who do not have dementia). Forty-three percent of enrollees needed help with toileting, 37% with walking, and 24% with eating.

The report, the National Study of Adult Day Services: 2001-2002, was conducted by Partners in Caregiving: The Adult Day Services Program (an organization of Wake Forest University School of Medicine), along with PMD Advisory Services, LLC, and the Seniors Research Group of Market Strategies, Inc. To obtain a copy of the study, phone (800) 795-3676.
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Author:Edwards, Douglas J.
Publication:Nursing Homes
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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