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Report: cost containment, lean top 2005 initiatives.

Framingham, MA -- This year, manufacturers will look for ways to drive down the cost of information delivery while seeking opportunities to invest in product development, demand management and supply network operations. So says a new report from Manufacturing Insights. The research firm also says:

* Profitable growth remains at the top of the manufacturer's agenda, but will come from emerging markets and new services.

* Smart companies will combine Lean, Six Sigma and IT investment oversight into a common transformation governance structure.

* Renewed interest in supply-chain applications and projects will deliver "productive fulfillment."

* Supply chains will be calibrated to demand information making the aggregation, organization and integration of this information critical to success.

* Use of best practices such as product portfolio management will be become more widespread. Manufacturing Insights ( is an arm of IDC (

Edited by Mike Buetow
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Title Annotation:Industry NEWS
Author:Buetow, Mike
Publication:Circuits Assembly
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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