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Report: Abbas was a KGB. Agent.

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PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was a KGB. agent, according to an exclusive report from Oren Nahari, Foreign News Editor of Israel's Channel 1.

According to a 1983 document from the famous Mitrokhin Archive which was obtained by Israeli researchers and scholars Isabella Ginor and Gideon Remez, a note in the Middle East file from 1983 specifies Abbas with the code name "Krotov [Mole]." The document lists Palestinian operatives who worked for the KGB. in Damascus, and explicitly stated that Abbas was a KGB. operative in Syria, according to Channel 1. It is not known if Abbas was an agent before or after the 1983 date indicated.

Mitrokhin eventually became a defector against the Soviet regime and fled to the West in possession of many documents which he smuggled from Russia to London. The archive was opened to public researchers just a few months ago. Contained in the documents is, among other things, a list of sources from 1983, aids and Palestinian agents of the KGB in Damascus. Listed among them is Mahmoud Abbas, born in 1935.

Mitrokhin's documents reveal the identities of more than 1,000 spies and collaborators who worked for the KGB. Indeed, investigators have emphasized that Mahmoud Abbas is listed not as a collaborator or someone who could be turned into a spy, but categorically as a KGB agent.

A preliminary conclusion that has been drawn is that Abbas recruited to the KGB when he was a student in Moscow when he wrote a doctoral dissertation in which he grossly played down the crimes of the Holocaust.

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Date:Sep 8, 2016
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