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Replacement of water meters.

Tenders are invited for Replacement of water meters

determining the object and the size or scope of the order: 1. The contract is: 1) replacement of residential water meters for hot and cold water installed in residential buildings, administered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Housing Resource Board, located in Warsaw at ul. Dembego 7, 9, Zaruby 10, 12, 13, 15, 17, Promenade 1/3, Cadet 43/45, 47A and the estate Linin bl. 31, 32, 33, near Gora Kalwaria for individual water meters for remote reading by radio. Total delivery, removal and installation of water meters in 1339. 2) making readings at set times wear state of cold and hot water with individual water meters premises and the transfer of ZZM Interior Ministry prepared summaries of individual readings on an electronic format Excel files. 2. Implementation of the contract includes: 1) the delivery of water meters with radio system devices read water meters office space, 2) dismantling of old and installation of new water meters for cold and hot water 15 mm with a radio module for remote reading, 3) installation of equipment necessary for registration, transfer radio data from all water meters individual in each of the residential buildings with the launch

Common procurement vocabulary (CPV): 384,211,003


Address : 00-725 Warszawa,

ul. Chelmska 8A

Country :Poland

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2015-09-29

Tender documents : T29399215.htm

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Sep 19, 2015
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