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Replace tritium fire control devices.


If your unit has lire control devices containing tritium (H3), you need to turn them in because they pose a radiation danger if not handled properly and leaks develop.

The fire control devices will be replaced with ones that have been modified with the elimination of radioactive light sources (ERLS) kit.

The devices include the M1A1 collimator, M1A2 fire control gunners quadrant, M171 and MI87 mount telescope and quadrant, the M137 panoramic telescope, M138 elbow telescope, M139 and M140 alignment devices, and M17 and M18 quadrant fire controls.

If you think you have a fire control device containing tritium, immediately contact TACOM's Towed Artillery Core Team at DSN 786-2755 or email:

Provide the NSN and quantity of fire control devices. You will be given disposition instructions if your devices do indeed contain tritium.

Remember that tritium is a radioactive source and must be handled with care. For info on safe handling, check with your local radiation safety officer (RSO). Shipping of fire control devices must be coordinated with the RSO. If you're not sure who your RSO is, contact TACOM's NRC license RSO at DSN 786-0891 or email:
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