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Replace fabricated voting system.

UNLIKE ST Vaughan, (Talkback, June 13), I challenged the hail, thunder and lightning, the danger of floods washing me away, and had my name checked off to allow me to vote none-of-the-above.

Britain historically has been a two-party state which has defined British democracy. In the 19th century Conservative and Liberal politics shared power. Following universal suffrage during the inter-war years, a period of political realignment occurred. The Conservative and Labour parties emerged from the war years to shared power for 35 years.

From the early 1980s, significant minor parties began to emerge which changed the political landscape, putting the two-party system under threat.

The first Blair administration failed to note the danger, and instead of amending FPTP to a genuine democratic ranking preferential (AV) voting system, it began the process of putting in place undemocratic fabricated-todeceive voting systems such as the Mayor's Supplementary system and the Additional Member system for the Greater London and Welsh Assemblies and for the Scottish Parliament.

As a result, we have now witnessed two hung parliaments in 2010 and 2017. The 2015 election could only be analysed by taking England and Wales separate from Scotland.

The result in England and Wales revealed after finding that of the 27 seats gained by Conservative candidates, 17 were clearly windfalls. Contrary to common political pundit opinion, the Liberal Democrats support collapsed by two-thirds between 2010 and 2014; not in 2015, leaving most of its MPs staggering like dead men walking into the 2015 election.

In England and Wales, the Conservative Party only increased its support, taking into account the above, by only seven seats. Similarly, in 2017, the Conservative Party has only increased its support in England and Wales from 2010 by one seat.

The current electoral result has occurred because many supporters of the minor parties, combined with an increase in youth T/O, have coalesced around Labour as a result of tactical voting (AV).

The primary task now is for Parliament to replace the country's fabricated voting systems with a ranking preferential voting system (AV), to restore the two party systems, which until the early 1980s produced sound, genuine, broad-church, two-party democracy.

Unless politicians of all parties come to their senses, political chaos will continue, compounded by Brexit, perhaps leading to a failed state. It is not impossible. Kenneth R Jarrett, Bournville.

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Date:Jun 17, 2017
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