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Rentokil improves Luminos 4 fly control unit.

Rentokil announces improvements to its innovative fly control unit Luminos 4, which is part of its new Luminos fly control range, to coincide with the beginning of the 'fly season' in the UK.

Luminos 4, one of the most powerful industrial fly control units, uses an encapsulation cassette consisting of a reel of adhesive film which secures any attracted insects and is designed for areas of high risk in pharmaceutical and food processing businesses. The unit has been modified by re-positioning the adhesive film to render it more effective and in tests carried out at the Rentokil European Technical Centre, the enhanced Luminos 4 outperformed competitor units considerably.

Fitted with four 15 W UV-A lamps, the unit is designed to attract and capture all types of flying insects, including wasps, bluebottles and houseflies. It is intended for use in the most sensitive areas of customers' premises, where even one fly could have a serious impact on profitability and health and safety regulations further along the supply chain. It encapsulates entire insects, leaving no traces of fragments in the surrounding environment.

The enhancements to Luminos 4 were the result of a review and upgrade of the entire Luminos range, Rentokil's portfolio of fly control solutions, in order to cater for the needs of businesses in different sectors, ranging from small to large scale operations. To upgrade the range, Rentokil carried out extensive research and rigorous testing at Rentokil's European Technical Centre. The Luminos range, which now comprises six units, is intended to help businesses comply with health and safety legislation and eradicate the need for pesticides in environments where their use must be closely monitored.

Julie Birch, Marketing Manager from Rentokil said: "Fly infestations can lead to diseases being spread and the contamination of foodstuffs. We know from speaking to our customers that many are concerned with the health risks and potential damage to a business' reputation that infestations can bring, so we have enhanced our range of Luminos solutions in time for the fly season."

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Date:May 1, 2009
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