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Renowned City Manager Leon Churchill Now Transitions to Real Estate.

San Ramon, CA, February 08, 2015 --( Renowned city manager Leon Churchill is pleased to announce that he is transitioning to working as a real estate professional and regional planner. He now makes use of the skills and experience—which he has acquired throughout his successful career—in the real estate industry. Many years in public service have made him a competent and highly effective planner.

Churchill often attributed his ability to understand the demands and needs of the local community as a significant factor in his success in public administration. As a city manager, Churchill sought to help the community by actively improving various aspects of the whole. One notable achievement is his successful negotiation of a land lease that brought a solar-thermal combined cycle plant to Tracy, which proved to be beneficial to the city. Under his guidance, the city was recognized as one of the two Emerald Cities with its effective climate action plan and sustainability platform.

As an innovative thinker, Leon Churchill designed an economic stimulus package that helped reposition the city of Tracy as business-friendly, creating 3,700 jobs and increasing tax revenue by 10% in the process. Churchill also helped Tracy avoid disaster during the Great Recession by reducing operational costs by $11 million in the span of two years.

As a real estate professional, Leon Churchill makes use of his highly developed skills in public administration. In the real estate industry, communication is key; to be successful in the field takes a lot of hard work. A strong background in research, good interpersonal communication skills, and knowledge in zoning and taxation laws are essential.

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About Leon Churchill

Since 1993, Leon Churchill has excelled in his career in public administration, first as a utility operations manager in Norfolk, Virginia and later on as city manager of the city of Tracy in Northern California. He has a bachelor's degree in city planning from the University of Virginia School of Architecture and a master's degree in public administration from the University of Kansas.

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Date:Feb 8, 2015
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