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Rennison, Louise. Startled by his furry shorts; confessions of Georgia Nicolson.

RENNISON, Louise. Startled by his furry shorts; confessions of Georgia Nicolson. HarperCollins. c2006. 0-06-085384-0. $16.99. (Lib. bdg: 0-06-0853859. $17.89.) JS*

Fans of the irrepressible Georgia will welcome this 7th entry in her diary series, which began with Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging and shows no signs of slowing down. In this volume, the mad, cap British teenager is once again suffering "on the rack of romance," as she puts it. Hunky Masimo has said he'll let her know if he wants her to be his girlfriend; meanwhile, Georgia still rather fancies Dave the Laugh, too. At school "MacUseless" (Macbeth) play rehearsals keep her occupied; her best friend Jas is busily planning a Viking wedding; and Georgia's family is as wacky as ever. The glossary at the ends helps decipher her Britishisms and unique argot--e.g., "blodge" for biology and "lippy" for lipstick. Georgia's fans will be eager to get their hands on this latest installment of silly fun. Paula Rohrlick, KLIATT

J--Recommended for junior high school students. The contents are particular interest to young adolescents and their teachers.

S--Recommended for senior high school students.

*--The asterisk highlights exceptional books.
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Title Annotation:young adult book
Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Article Type:Book review
Date:May 1, 2006
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