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Renewed energy for Parish Nurses and Health Ministers.

What better time to celebrate Parish Nursing and Health Ministers than during Nurses Week!

Thirty Parish Nurses and Health Ministers were given a special treat at the Spring Quarterly Meeting in Indiana. After a great pasta dinner furnished by the employer of Parish Nurse, Sandy Dietrich, all were given the opportunity to have a refreshing facial, special hands and lip treatments and to make a heart-shaped scented comfort pillow that helped to rest those tight neck muscles. The pillows were decorated using permanent markers with drawings, scripture or whatever was meaningful to the Parish Nurse.

While filling the pillows everyone was encouraged to get to know the person next to them by telling them what they hope God is thinking when he thinks of them. During the facials there was time to pray for and with their partner. Each participant was given a journal with scripture. Door prizes were also a part of the evening. All left refreshed and renewed!


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Publication:Parish Nurse Perspectives
Date:Jun 22, 2011
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