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Rene says diamonds can skin's best friend.

Skin needs a constant temperature of 31[degrees]C or 87[degrees]F to appear smooth and radiant; one degree above and the skin starts to become stressed, releasing oils and creating blemishes. That's the premise behind Rene's skin care line ($42-$146 each). Thermal energy and the healing power of diamonds have been combined to create the 31[degrees] Diamond Skincare Collection--for the ultimate in luxury. Each product contains microfine diamond powder that works to tame and heal common complexion problems. Rene says the diamond has long stood as a symbol for purity that helps with rebalancing the metabolism, strengthening the body, and drawing positive energy towards its wearers, so it was drawn to the diamond not only because of these qualities, but because of its ability to exfoliate and nourish the skin. Products in the line include 31[degrees] Diamond Detox Peeling Gel and Sheer Coating Ampoule. The Ampoule is packaged in an irregular, rough-cut white box, which is wider at the bottom than the top. A small prismatic emblem adds to the luxe look.

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Title Annotation:Just OUT
Publication:Beauty Packaging
Date:Dec 1, 2013
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