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Articles from Renaissance Quarterly (September 22, 2008)

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"Black Tom": Sir Thomas Fairfax and the English Revolution. Covington, Sarah Book review 984
"Hac ex consilio meo via progredieris": courtly reading and secretarial mediation in Donne's The Courtier's Library. Brown, Piers Report 14292
"Paradise Lost: Lost: A Poem Written in Ten Books": An Authoritative Text of the 1667 First Edition. Herman, Peter C. Book review 1354
"Speak it in Welsh": Wales and the Welsh Language in Shakespeare. Lloyd, Trevor Book review 738
A Companion to the Reformation World. Russell, Paul A. Book review 656
A Complex Delight: The Secularization of the Breast, 1350-1750. Wolfthal, Diane Book review 724
Age of Atrocity: Violence and Political Conflict in Early Modern Ireland. Kane, Brendan Book review 740
Albrecht Durer: Kunstler, Werk und Zeit. Smith, Jeffrey Chipps Book review 1265
Alle origini della Toscana Moderna: Firenze e gli statuti delle comunita soggette tra XIV e XVI secolo. Fortunato, Luci M. Book review 719
Baroque Piety: Religion, Society, and Music in Leipzig, 1650-1750. Peters, Mark A. Book review 713
Black Bartholomew's Day: Preaching, Polemic and Restoration Nonconformity. Arnoult, Sharon Book review 714
Borders and Travellers in Early Modern Europe. Aune, M.G. Book review 774
Bruegel: The Complete Paintings, Drawings and Prints. Kavaler, Ethan Matt Book review 844
Bulla, Legatus, Nuntius: Etudes de diplomatique et de diplomatie pontificales ([XIII.sup.e]-[XVII.sup.e] siecle). Shaw, Christine Book review 746
Burning to Read: English Fundamentalism and Its Reformation Opponents. Mebane, John S. Book review 697
Canons and Canonic Techniques, 14th-16th Centuries: Theory, Practice, and Reception History. Meconi, Honey Book review 727
Catholic Culture in Early Modern England. Kilroy, Gerard Book review 730
Catholic Resistance in Elizabethan England: Robert Persons' s Jesuit Polemic, 1580-1610. Questier, Michael Book review 847
Catholic Theology in Shakespeare's Plays. Marotti, Arthur F. Book review 861
Chretiens et mondains, poemes epars. Vanderpool, Sinda K. Book review 825
Christopher Marlowe: Poet and Spy. Lunney, Ruth Book review 725
Ciceronian Controversies. Rutherford, David Book review 1076
Conscience on Stage: The Comedia as Casuistry in Early Modern Spain. Carrion, Maria M. Book review 694
Cristobal de Morales: Sources, Influences, Reception. Candelaria, Lorenzo Book review 765
Del senso delle cose e della magia. Gosselin, Edward A. Book review 848
Devotional Music in the Iberian World, 1450-1800: The Villancico and Related Genres. Noone, Michael Book review 733
Divided By Faith: Religious Conflict and the Practice of Toleration in Early Modern Europe. Nederman, Cary J. Book review 824
Driehonderd brieven over muziek van, aan en rond Constantijn Huygens. Orden, Kate Van Book review 707
Drinking Matters: Public Houses and Social Exchange in Early Modern Central Europe. Tlusty, B. Ann Book review 783
Early Modern Visual Allegory: Embodying Meaning. Oettinger, April Book review 811
Early Modern Zoology: The Construction of Animals in Science, Literature and the Visual Arts. Macinnes, Ian Book review 955
Earthly Treasures: Material Culture and Metaphysics in the Heptameron and Evangelical Narrative. Rezvani, Leanna Bridge Book review 547
Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia (1646-1684): The First Woman in the World to Earn a University Degree. Findlen, Paula Book review 966
Emblemata Sacra: Rhetorique et hermeneutique du discours sacre dans la litterature en images. Saunders, Alison Book review 628
English Historical Drama, 1550-1660: Forms Outside the Canon. Budra, Paul Book review 669
Ensuenos de Razon: El cuento inserto en tratados de magia (Siglos XVI y XVII). Burnett, Charles Book review 681
Fictions du diable: Litterature et demonologie de saint Augustin a Leo Taxil. Kallendore, Hilaire Book review 862
Finding Europe: Discourses on Margins, Communities, Images ca. 13th--ca. 18th Centuries. English, Edward D. Book review 884
Francois Duquesnoy and the Greek Ideal. Smith, Webster Book review 695
From Judaism to Calvinism: The Life and Writings of Immanuel Tremellius (c. 1510-1580). Aranoff, Deena Book review 719
Galileo's Glassworks: The Telescope and the Mirror. Dupre, Sven Book review 754
George Goring (1608-1657): Caroline Courtier and Royalist General. Donagan, Barbara Book review 1026
Giovanni Lanfredini: Uomo d'affari e diplomatico nell'Italia del Quattrocento. Kent, F.W. Book review 825
Hans Baldung Grien (1484/5-1545): Marienbilder in der Reformation. Noble, Bonnie Book review 746
Henry VIII and the Art of Majesty: Tapestries at the Tudor Court. String, Tatiana C. Book review 719
I dintorni dell'infinito: Giordano Bruno e l'astronomia del Cinquecento. Blum, Paul Richard Book review 701
Il problema del libero arbitrio nel pensiero di Pietro Pomponazzi: La dottrina etica del De fato: spunti di critica filosofica e teologica nel Cinquecento. Pine, Martin L. Book review 916
Information and Communication in Venice: Rethinking Early Modern Politics. Kohl, Benjamin G. Book review 833
Introduction a la lecture de Seneque (1586). Perndergrass, Jan Book review 700
Italian Culture in the Drama of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries: Rewriting, Remaking, Refashioning. Ross, Charles Book review 752
Itineraria (Carnets de Voyage); Correspondance. Gilman, Donald Book review 709
La Reforme en France et en Italie: Contacts, comparisons et contrastes. Mallinson, Jeffrey Book review 780
La Vie genereuse des Mercelots, Gueuz, et Boesmiens. Benson, Edward Book review 476
Le immagini e il tempo: Narrazione visiva, storia e allegoria tra Cinque e Seicento. Andrews, Lew Book review 1061
Leonardo da Vinci: Experience, Experiment and Design. Fiorani, Francesca Book review 888
Les Tragiques. Junod, Samuel Book review 704
Letters and Letter Fragments. Campangne, Herve-Thomas Book review 683
Letters. Lesley, Arthur M. Book review 666
Manhood, Marriage, and Mischief: Rembrandt's "Night Watch" and Other Dutch Group Portraits. Hollander, Martha Book review 806
Metamorphosis: The Changing Face of Ovid in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Dimatteo, Anthony Book review 852
Others and Outcasts in Early Modern Europe: Picturing the Social Margins. Ford, Lisa Book review 750
Patronnes et mecenes en France a la Renaissance. Clark-Evans, Christine Book review 727
Performing Maternity in Early Modern England. Dugan, Holly Book review 714
Pico della Mirandola: New Essays. Kuntz, Marion Leathers Book review 1008
Pictura et scriptura: Textes, images et hermeneutique des Mappae mundi ([XIII.sup.e]-[XVI.sup.e] siecles). Conley, Tom Book review 772
Pluralitat und Rationalitat: Die Herausforderung der Vernunfi durch religiose und kulturelle Vielfalt nach Nikolaus Cusanus. Blum, Paul Richard Book review 714
Poetique du secret: Paradoxes et manierisme. Snyder, Jon R. Book review 713
Poetry and Ecology in the Age of Milton and Marvell. Staines, John D. Book review 824
Powerful Connections: The Poetics of Patronage in the Age of Louis XIII. Seifert, Lewis Book review 731
Pretty Creatures: Children and Fiction in the English Renaissance. Mischo, John Brett Book review 911
Raphael. Hall, Marcia B. Book review 717
Reading Sensations in Early Modern England. Eskin, Catherine R. Book review 895
Reading the Medieval in Early Modern England. Masciandaro, Nicola Book review 805
Reformation Sources: The Letters of Wolfgang Capito and His Fellow Reformers in Alsace and Switzerland. Hobbs, R. Gerald Book review 654
Religion and Cultural Exchange in Europe, 1400-1700. Dursteler, Eric Book review 1403
Religion and Culture in Early Modern Europe 1500-1800. Saak, Eric Book review 823
Renaissance Medals. Vol. 1, Italy. Flaten, Arne R. Book review 837
Renaissance Siena: Art for a City. Southard, Edna Carter Book review 1239
Royalists and Royalism during the English Civil War. Fissel, Mark Charles Book review 717
Savonarola's Women: Visions and Reform in Renaissance Italy. Eisenbichler, Konrad Book review 732
Seeking Real Truths: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Machiavelli. Landon, William Book review 706
Shakespeare and the Rise of the Editor. Lyons, Tara L. Book review 727
Shakespeare's Practical Jokes: An Introduction to the Comic in His Works. Hornback, Robert Book review 724
Sidney and Junius on Poetry and Painting: From the Margins to the Center. Alexander, Gavin Book review 730
Song and Season: Science, Culture, and Theatrical Time in Early Modern Venice (The Calendar of Venetian Opera). Amati-Camperi, Alexandra Book review 822
Spenser's Legal Language: Law and Poetry in Early Modern England. Cormack, Bradin Book review 805
Spiritual Architecture and Paradise Regained: Milton's Literary Ecclesiology. Hamilton, Gary D. Book review 733
Staging Islam in England, Drama and Culture, 1640-1685. Zhiri, Oumelbanine Book review 734
Sweet Fire: Tullia D'Aragona's Poetry of Dialogue and Selected Prose. Jones, Ann Rosalind Book review 1042
Tapestry in the Baroque: Threads of Splendor. Smith, Jeffrey Chipps Book review 720
The Aesthetics of Antichrist: From Christian Drama to Christopher Marlowe. Haber, Judith Book review 727
The Art of English Poesy: A Critical Edition. Craik, Katharine A. Book review 643
The Art of the Network: Strategic Interaction and Patronage in Renaissance Florence. Rainey, Ronald Book review 1028
The Cambridge Companion to Hobbes's Leviathan. Wong, Samuel Glen Book review 731
The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Philosophy. Dougherty, M.V. Book review 826
The Censor, the Editor, and the Text: The Catholic Church and the Shaping of the Jewish Canon in the Sixteenth Century. Shear, Adam Book review 730
The Challenges of Orpheus: Lyric Poetry and Early Modern England. Mulryan, John Book review 731
The Cosmographia of Sebastian Munster: Describing the World in the Reformation. Delano-Smith, Catherine Book review 813
The Early Tudor Court and International Musical Relations. Austern, Linda Phyllis Book review 736
The Europeanization of the World: On the Origins of Human Rights and Democracy. Kicza, John E. Book review 579
The Human Animal in Western Art and Science. Edwards, Karen L. Book review 775
The Key to Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights" Found in Allegorical Bible Interpretation. Hutchison, Jane Campbell Book review 764
The Monarchical Republic of Early Modern England: Essays in Response to Patrick Collinson. Braddock, Robert C. Book review 744
The Other Virgil: "Pessimistic" Readings of the Aeneid in Early Modern Culture. Blanchard, W. Scott Book review 685
The Poetics of Titian's Religious Paintings. Gimenez-Berger, Alejandra Book review 724
The Purple Island and Anatomy in Early Seventeenth-Century Literature, Philosophy, and Theology. Zimmerman, Susan Book review 1012
The Renaissance World. Witt, Ronald Book review 753
Trauma and Transformation: The Political Progress of John Bunyan. Rosenfeld, Nancy Book review 857
Urban Theatre in the Low Countries 1400-1625. Arnade, Peter Book review 996
Vaterlandsleibe und Religionskonflikt: Politische Diskurse im Alten Reich (1555-1648). Wrede, Martin Book review 705
War, Domination, and the Monarchy of France: Claude de Seyssel and the Language of Politics in the Renaissance. Parrow, Kathleen A. Book review 763
Warnings to the Kings and Advice on Restoring Spain: A Bilingual Edition. Pal, Carol Book review 1421
Who Are You? Identification, Deception, and Surveillance in Early Modern Europe. Haas, Louis Book review 977
Women and the Making of Poetry in Ariosto's Orlando furioso. Cavallo, Jo Ann Book review 781
Women and the politics of play in sixteenth-century Italy: Torquato Tasso's theory of games. McClure, George W. Critical essay 20923
Writing Places: Sixteenth-Century City Culture and the Des Roches Salon. Larsen, Anne R. Book review 718

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