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Articles from Renaissance Quarterly (March 22, 2007)

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"An headlesse Ladie" and "a horses loade of heades": writing the beheading. Palmer, Patricia 12834
"Just as in the Time of the Apostles": Uses of History in the Radical Reformation. Grieser, D. Jonathan Book review 717
"Living dolls": Francois Ier dresses his women. Croizat, Yassana C. Cover story 14207
A postmodern Renaissance? Starn, Randolph 9931
Adrien Gambart's Emblem Book: The Life of St. Francis de Sales in Symbols. Russell, Daniel Book review 1035
Antonio Gardano, Venetian Music Printer 1538-1569: A Descriptive Bibliography and Historical Study. Hammond, Susan Lewis Book review 717
Art, Science, and Witchcraft in Early Modern Holland: Jacques de Gheyn II (1565-1629). Fiorani, Francesca Book review 932
Avant le Roman: L'allegorie et l'emergence de la narration francaise au 16eme siecle. La Charite, Claude Book review 855
Baiae. Cheney, Donald Book review 716
Bernini: Der Schopfer des barocken Rom: Leben und Werk. Paul, Benjamin Book review 897
Between Christians and Moriscos: Juan de Ribera and Religious Reform in Valencia, 1568-1614. Tueller, James B. Book review 848
Books received. 11149
Boschi e mercanti: Traffici di legname tra la contea di Tirolo e la Repubblica di Venezia (secoli XVI-XVII). Grubb, James S. Book review 654
Britain and Barbary, 1589-1689. Zhiri, Oumelbanine Book review 725
Calvinism's First Battleground: Conflict and Reform in the Pays de Vaud, 1528-1559. Kingdon, Robert M. Book review 436
Catholic Physics: Jesuit Natural Philosophy in Early Modern Germany. Feingold, Mordechai Book review 827
Cavendish and Shakespeare, Interconnections. Garrett, Cynthia Book review 922
Caxton's Trace: Studies in the History of English Printing. Driver, Martha W. Book review 937
Center or Margin: Revisions of the English Renaissance in Honor of Leeds Barroll. Campbell, Julie Book review 828
Cervantes in the Middle: Realism and Reality in the Spanish Novel from Lazarillo de Tormes to Niebla. . De Armas, Frederick A. Book review 927
CEuvres spirituelles: Textes originaux et traductions francaises inedites du XVIe siecle. Klaus, Carrie F. Book review 736
Charitable Hatred: Tolerance and Intolerance in England, 1500-1700. Smuts, R. Malcolm Book review 1313
Children of the Laboring Poor: Expectation and Experience among the Orphans of Early Modern Augsburg. Hammond, Mitchell Lewis Book review 753
Cinq Livres, de la maniere de nourrir et gouverner les enfans des leur naissance. Zinguer, Ilana Book review 829
Commentario de le cose de' Turchi. Meserve, Margaret Book review 758
Commentary on Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics. Mallinson, Jeffrey Book review 723
Conceptions of Europe in Renaissance France: Essays in Honour of Keith Cameron. Benson, Edward Book review 731
Correggio: Geografia e storia della fortuna (1528-1657). Periti, Giancarla Book review 691
Critical Essays on Shakespeare's. Bowers, A. Robin Book review 583
Cusanus: The Legacy of Learned Ignorance. Izbicki, Thomas M. Book review 725
Das Drama des Sehens: Auge, Blick und Buhnenform. Gil, Daniel Juan Book review 974
De Anima: Die Rezeption der aristotelischen Psychologie im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert. Ebbersmeyer, Sabrina Book review 754
De immortalitate animorum. Matsen, Herbert S. Book review 702
Di soavi licor gli orli del vaso: La fortuna di Lucrezio dall'Umanesimo alla Controriforma. Campbell, Stephen J. Book review 974
Die Deutschen Humanisten: Dokumente zur Uberlieferung der antiken und mittelalterlichen Literatur in der Fruhen Neuzeit. Bernstein, Eckhard Book review 941
Don Antonio de' Medici e i suoi tempi. Hanlon, Gregory Book review 729
Echoes of Women's Voices: Music, Art, and Female Patronage in Early Modern Florence. Tacconi, Marica S. Book review 892
Ecrivez-moi de Rome ...: Le mythe romain au fil du temps. Kennedy, William J. Book review 784
Elegiarum libri tres. Ford, Philip Book review 548
Emilia e Marche nel Rinascimento: L'Identita Visiva della 'Periferia'. Leone, Stephanie C. Book review 732
Erasmus, Contarini, and the Religious Republic of Letters. Nauert, Charles G. Book review 724
Euridice: Momenti dell'Umanesimo civile fiorentino. Mazzocco, Angelo Book review 789
Fictions of Authorship in Late Elizabethan Narratives: Euphues in Arcadia. Das, Nandini Book review 879
Flavius Mithridates' Latin Translation, the Hebrew Text, and an English Variation. Kuntz, Marion Leathers Book review 958
Galileo's Instruments of Credit: Telescopes, Images, Secrecy. Dupre, Sven Book review 787
Green Shakespeare: From Ecopolitics to Ecocriticism. Taylor, Mark Book review 1107
Growing Old in Early Modern Europe: Cultural Representations. Lewin, Alison Williams Book review 750
Hamlet's Heirs: Shakespeare and the Politics of a New Millennium. Wifall, Rachel Book review 633
Henri Estienne, erudit, novateur, polemiste: Etude sur. Tarrete, Alexandre Book review 720
Images, Relics, and Devotional Practices in Medieval and Renaissance Italy. Gaston, Robert W. Book review 681
Immigrants and the Industries of London 1500-1700. Withington, Phil Book review 822
In the Company of Demons: Unnatural Beings, Love, and Identity in the Italian Renaissance. Valente, Michaela Book review 726
John Jewel and the English National Church: The Dilemmas of an Erastian Reformer. Arnoult, Sharon Book review 694
John Locke, Toleration and Early Enlightenment Culture: Religious Intolerance and Arguments for Religious Tolerance in Early Modern and "Early Enlightenment" Europe. Costa, Gustavo Book review 889
La geografia celeste dei duchi di Savoia: Religione, devozioni e sacralita in uno Stato di eta moderna (secoli XVI-XVII). Vester, Matthew Book review 745
La notion de perplexite a la Renaissance. Bowen, Barbara C. Book review 557
La vie de Sainct Christofle. Hope, Geoffrey R. Book review 733
La Vita delle 'Vite' Vasariane: Profilo storico di due edizioni. Och, Marjorie Book review 813
Laura Battiferra and Her Literary Circle: An Anthology. Cox, Virginia Book review 736
Leon Battista Alberti: La biblioteca di un umanista. Kircher, Timothy Book review 1258
Les Grands Jours de Rabelais en Poitou: Actes du colloque international de Poitiers (30 aout-1er septembre 2001). Campbell, Catherine Book review 587
Les Souspirs--Les Odes--Les sonnets--Pieces diverses. Banks, Kathryn Book review 723
Letteratura e Citta: Metafore di traslazione e Parnaso urbano fra Quattro e Seicento. Kolsky, Stephen Book review 739
Literature and Favoritism in Early Modern England. Denbo, Michael Book review 729
Lorenzo Lotto: Pictor Celeberimus. Gilbert, Creighton Book review 682
Madness, Religion and the State in Early Modern Europe: A Bavarian Beacon. McNeil, David O. Book review 725
Marc-Claude de Buttet (1529/31-1586): L'honneur de la Savoie. Alduy, Cecile Book review 1269
Mary Queen of Scots. Elston, Timothy G. Book review 757
Modal Subjectivities: Self-Fashioning in the Italian Madrigal. Hanning, Barbara R. Book review 787
Music in the Collective Experience in Sixteenth-Century Milan. Moyer, Ann E. Book review 677
Ovid and the Cultural Politics of Translation in Early Modern England. Braden, Gordon Book review 698
Palladio's Venice: Architecture and Society in a Renaissance Republic. Johnson, Eugene J. Book review 740
Pierre de Ronsard. Duval, Edwin M. Book review 681
Political Speaking Justified: Women Prophets and the English Revolution. Hallett, Nicky Book review 731
Pomp, Power, and Politics: Essays on German and Scandinavian Court Culture and Their Contexts. Bach-Nielsen, Carsten Book review 959
Possessing the sacred: monarchy and identity in Philip II's relic collection at the Escorial. Lazure, Guy 17835
Poussin and the Poetics of Painting: Pictorial Narrative and the Legacy of Tasso. Dempsey, Charles Book review 1092
Profit and Principle: Hugo Grotius, Natural Rights Theories and the Rise of Dutch Power in the East Indies 1595-1615. Van Dixhoorn, Arjan Book review 694
Protestant Nations Redefined: Changing Perceptions of National Identity in the Rhetoric of the English, Dutch and Swedish Public Churches. Culbertson, Richard D. Book review 736
Reading Vasari. Gregory, Sharon Book review 839
Reject Aeneas, Accept Pius: Selected Letters of Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini (Pope Pius II). O'Brien, Emily Book review 794
Rembrandt: Portraits in Print. Adams, Ann Jensen Book review 1437
Retour a la Cite: Le Magnats de Florence 1340-1440. Kuehn, Thomas Book review 828
Rime. Richards, Patricia Lyn Book review 770
Romance for Sale in Early Modern England: The Rise of Prose Fiction. Beecher, Donald Book review 1004
Salon der Autorinnen: Franzosische dames de lettres vom Mittelalter bis zum 17, Jahrhundert. Benkov, Edith J. Book review 846
Savonarola e il savonarolismo. Eisenbichler, Konrad Book review 791
Shopping in the Renaissance: Consumer Cultures in Italy 1400-1600. Kovesi, Catherine Book review 752
Spectacle and Public Performance in the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Walker, Jonathan Book review 1009
Statuts, fonctions et usages de l'image dans le litterature spirituelle jesuite du XVIIe siecle. Bailey, Gauvin Alexander Book review 894
Sunspots and the Sun King: Sovereignty and Mediation in Seventeenth-Century France. Weiss, Camille Book review 804
The Afterlife of Pope Joan: Deploying the Popess Legend in Early Modern England. Covington, Sarah Book review 968
The Art of Commedia: A Study in the Commedia dell'arte 1560-1620 with Special Reference to the Visual Records. Carroll, Linda L. Book review 745
The Church and Galileo. Hooper, Wallace Book review 1941
The Commodification of Textual Engagements in the English Renaissance. Morrow, Christopher L. Book review 794
The Crisis of Music in Early Modern Europe, 1470-1530. Haar, James Book review 944
The Devil and Demonism in Early Modern England. Dodds, Gregory Book review 728
The Early Modern Painter-Etcher. Eisler, Colin Book review 451
The Eucharist in the Reformation: Incarnation and Liturgy. Monheit, Michael L. Book review 946
The Grammar of Profit: The Price Revolution in Intellectual Context. Jones, Norman Book review 707
The Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi in Early Modern Europe: Encounters with a Certain Something. Posner, David M. Book review 810
The Masks of Anthony and Cleopatra. Baumlin, Tita French Book review 698
The Religious Foundations of Francis Bacon's Thought. Vickers, Brian Book review 893
The Saintly Politics of Catherine of Siena. Zarri, Gabriella Book review 934
The Subject of Elizabeth: Authority, Gender and Representation. Warnicke, Retha M. Book review 737
The Theology of William Tyndale. Kujawa-Holbrook, Sheryl A. Book review 725
The Tragedy of the Late Gaspard de Coligny and The Guisiade. Pederson, Nadine D. Book review 628
The Transformation of the Laity in Bergamo, 1265-c. 1400. Schutte, Anne Jacobson Book review 709
The Utopian Nexus in Don Quixote. Chinchilla, Rosa Helena Book review 366
The Virgin Mary as Alchemical and Lullian Reference in Donne. Todd, Richard Book review 755
Thomas Tomkins: The Last Elizabethan. Austern, Linda Phyllis Book review 752
Thone und Melodeyen, Arien und Canzonetten. Zur Musik des deutschen Barockliedes. Frandsen, Mary E. Book review 673
Treason by Words: Literature, Law, and Rebellion in Shakespeare's England. Schaeffer, John D. Book review 894
Trickster Travels: A Sixteenth-Century Muslim between Worlds. Shalev, Zur Book review 884
Unsettled: The Culture of Mobility and the Working Poor in Early Modern England. Dowd, Michelle M. Book review 726
Vainglorious Death: A Funerary Fracas in Renaissance Brescia. Hewlett, Mary Book review 740
Venetians in Constantinople: Nation, Identity, and Coexistence in the Early Modern Mediterranean. King, Margaret L. Book review 841
Vulgar Eloquence: On the Renaissance Invention of English Literature. Richards, Jennifer Book review 987
Ways of Knowing in Early Modern Germany: Johannes Praetorius as a Witness to His Time. Long, Pamela O. Book review 731
Women Latin Poets: Language, Gender, and Authority, from Antiquity to the Eighteenth Century. Hosington, Brenda M. Book review 1083

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