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Articles from Renaissance Quarterly (June 22, 2007)

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"Il ricco edificio": Arte allusiva nella. Stephens, Walter Book review 803
"No quyckar merchaundyce than lybrary bokes": John Bale's commodification of manuscript culture. Gerhardt, Ernst 10832
A Savage Mirror: Power, Identity, and Knowledge in Early Modern France. Bryant, Lawrence M. Book review 945
Albrecht Durer's Renaissance: Humanism, Reformation, and the Art of Faith. McColl, Donald Book review 957
An Intrepid Scot: William Lithgow of Lanark's Travels in the Ottoman Lands, North Africa and Central Europe, 1609-21. Vitkus, Daniel Book review 764
Andres Gonzalez de Barcia and the Creation of the Colonial Spanish American Library. De Stephano, Mark Book review 973
At the Centre of the Old World: Trade and Manufacturing in Venice and the Venetian Mainland, 1400-1800. Grubb, James S. Book review 794
Autobiography and Gender in Early Modern Literature: Reading Women's Lives, 1600-1680. Moody, Ellen Book review 920
Bellini, Giorgione, Titian, and the Renaissance of Venetian Painting. Woods-Marsden, Joanna Book review 923
Beyond What Is Written: Erasmus and Beza as Conjectural Critics of the New Testament. Backus, Irena Book review 974
Bibliographia Kristelleriana: A Bibliography of the Publications of Paul Oskar Kristeller 1929-1999. O'Malley, John W. Book review 652
Blood and Violence in Early Modern France. Solon, Paul Book review 724
Books received. Bibliography 12555
Brutal Reasoning: Animals, Rationality, and Humanity in Early Modern England. Boehrer, Bruce Book review 771
Building Renaissance Venice: Patrons, Architects and Builders c. 1430-1500. Frank, Mary E. Book review 762
Caravaggio, Guercino, Mattia Preti: Das halbfigurige Historienbild und die Sammler des Seicento. Koch, Linda A. Book review 888
Catholic Activism in South-West France, 1540-1570. Taylor, Larissa Juliet Book review 682
Church Robbers and Reformers in Germany, 1525-1547: Confiscation and Religious Purpose in the Holy Roman Empire. Whitford, David M. Book review 657
Civility, comportment, and the anatomy theater: Girolamo Fabrici and his medical students in Renaissance Padua. Klestinec, Cynthia 12496
Cola di Rienzo e il comune di Roma. Musto, Ronald G. Book review 1512
Concepts of childhood: what we know and where we might go. King, Margaret L. 15299
Cosimo I de' Medici and His Self-Presentation in Florentine Art and Culture. Langdon, Gabrielle Book review 995
Die Villen von Siena und ihre Bauherren: Architektur und Lebenswirklichkeit im fruhen 16. Jahrhundert. Southard, Edna Carter Book review 739
Ecology, Economy and State Formation in Early Modern Germany. Dipple, Geoffrey Book review 684
Edmund Spenser: New and Renewed Directions. Hardin, Richard F. Book review 727
Et de sa bouche sortait un glaive: Les monarchomaques au XVIe Siecle. Nederman, Cary J. Book review 769
Fairies, Fractious Women, and the Old Faith: Fairy Lore in Early Modern British Drama and Culture. Woodcock, Matthew Book review 788
Female Mourning and Tragedy in Medieval and Renaissance English Drama: From the Raising of Lazarus to King Lear. Hamlin, William M. Book review 951
From Pilgrimage to History: The Renaissance and Global Historicism. Aune, M.G. Book review 735
Funktionen des Humanismus: Studien zum Nutzen des Neuen in der humanistischen Kultur. Fantazzi, Charles Book review 714
Gardens of Philosophy: Ficino on Plato. Kaske, Carol V. Book review 690
Heresy, Culture, and Religion in Early Modern Italy: Contexts and Contestations. Black, Christopher F. Book review 991
Hieronymus Bosch. Dixon, Laurinda Book review 713
Italy and the European Powers: The Impact of War, 1500-1530. Morse, Victoria M. Book review 694
Jakob Ruf, ein Zurcher Stadtchirurg und Theatermacher im 16. Jahrhundert. Barnes, Robin B. Book review 1015
Jean (c. 1525-1570) et Josias (c. 1560-1626) Mercier: L'amour de la philologie a la Renaissance et au debut de l'age classique. Kuntz, Marion Leathers Book review 688
Jean Jacques Boissard, Ovids Metamorphosen 1556: Die Bildhandschrift 79 C 7 aus dem Berliner Kupferstichkabinett. Lord, Carla Book review 705
Jews, Judaism, and the Reformation in Sixteenth-Century Germany. Boettcher, Susan R. Book review 718
John Calvin As Teacher, Pastor and Theologian: The Shape of His Writings and Thought. Holder, R. Ward Book review 618
John Skelton and Poetic Authority: Defining the Liberty to Speak. Winston, Jessica Book review 741
Korrespondenz 1950 bis 1956. Smith, Jeffrey Chipps Book review 971
Kunst um 1400 im Erzstift Magdeburg: Studien zur Rekonstruktion eines verlorenen Zentrums. Hutchison, Jane Campbell Book review 1038
L'arte del buffone: Maschere e spettacolo tra Italia e Bavaria nel XVI secolo. Henke, Robert Book review 872
L'eremita e il sinodo: Paolo Giustiniani e l'offesiva medicea contro Girolamo Savonarola (1516-1517). Eisenbichler, Konrad Book review 934
L'humanisme a Toulouse (1480-1596): Actes du colloque international de Toulouse, mai 2004. Campangne, Herve-Thomas Book review 948
L'ombre discourante de Marie de Gournay. Clark-Evans, Christine Book review 720
La prospettiva del Rinascimento: Arte, architettura, scienza. Field, J.V. Book review 674
Language and Cultural Change: Aspects of the Study and Use of Language in the Later Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Furstenberg-Levi, Shulamit Book review 934
Le Jugement poetic de l'honneur femenin. Tarte, Kendall Book review 739
Le livre reforme au XVIe siecle. Graves, Amy C. Book review 665
Le pathetique dans le theatre de Robert Garnier. Di Mauro, Damon Book review 746
Les Commentaires de la langue grecque de Guillaume Bude: L'aeuvre, ses sources, sa preparation. Pade, Marianne Book review 689
Literary Circles and Gender in Early Modern Europe: A Cross-Cultural Approach. Phillippy, Patricia Book review 751
Lust for Liberty: The Politics of Social Revolution in Medieval Europe, 1200-1425. Caferro, William Book review 991
Mapping Paradise: A History of Heaven on Earth. Rosen, Mark Book review 827
Masculinities in Sixteenth-Century France. Klosowska, Anna Book review 909
Materializing Gender in Early Modern English Literature and Culture. Dugan, Holly Book review 644
Medici Women: Portraits of Power, Love, and Betrayal. Levy, Allison Book review 649
Michelangelo scultore. Nelson, Jonathan K. Book review 742
Monarchy, Political Culture, and Drama in Seventeenth-Century Madrid: Theater of Negotiation. Suscavage, Charlene E. Book review 719
Montaigne dans le labyrinthe: De l'imaginaire du Journal de voyage a l'ecriture des Essais. Losse, Deborah N. Book review 995
Noble Strategies: Marriage and Sexuality in the Zimmern Chronicle. Bastress-Dukehart, Erica Book review 736
Opening the queen's closet: Henrietta Maria, Elizabeth Cromwell, and the politics of cookery. Knoppers, Laura Lunger 14334
Painter and Priest: Giovanni Canavesio's Visual Rhetoric and the Passion Cycle at La Brigue. Drogin, David J. Book review 733
Paolo Veronese: Kunst als soziales System. Paul, Benjamin Book review 1025
Parmigianino. Barnes, Bernadine Book review 712
Peace, Order, and the Glory of God: Secular Authority and the Church in the Thought of Luther and Melanchthon, 1518-1559. Myers, W. David Book review 802
Philip Melanchthon and the English Reformation. Wabuda, Susan Book review 849
Pico's Heptaplus and Biblical Hermeneutics. Dougherty, M.V. Book review 987
Pieter Bruegel and the Art of Laughter. Courtright, Nicola Book review 951
Poetik und Rhetorik in Deutschland 1300-1700. Butler, Erik Book review 710
Politics and the Passions, 1500-1850. Turley, Thomas Book review 594
Raffaels Papageienzimmer: Ritual, Raumfunktion und Dekoration im Vatikanpalast der Renaissance. Eisler, Colin Book review 392
Raphael and the Beautiful Banker: The Story of the Bindo Altoviti Portrait. Hoeniger, Cathleen Book review 848
Re-Membering Masculinity in Early Modern Florence: Widowed Bodies, Mourning, and Portraiture. Aleci, Linda S. Book review 699
Religion, Allegory, and Literacy in Early Modern England, 1560-1640: The Control of the Word. Baumlin, James S. Book review 643
Renaissance England's Chief Rabbi: John Selden. Guibbory, Achsah Book review 1014
Rhetoric and Wonder in English Travel Writing, 1560-1613. Shapiro, Barbara Book review 750
Rhetorical Conquests: Cortes, Gomara, and Renaissance Imperialism. Hsu, Carmen Y. Book review 698
Rubens and Brueghel: A Working Friendship. Morris, Amy Book review 718
Shakespeare and Cognition: Aristotle's Legacy and Shakespearean Drama. Khan, Amir Book review 783
Shakespeare and Technology: Dramatizing Early Modern Technological Revolutions. Edwards, Karen L. Book review 683
Shakespeare and the Mismeasure of Renaissance Man. Zamir, Tzachi Book review 792
Shakespeare, Authority, Sexuality: Unfinished Business in Cultural Materialism. Mentz, Steve Book review 624
Shylock Is Shakespeare. Kennedy, William J. Book review 994
Staging the Pastoral: Tasso's Aminta and the Emergence of Modern Western Theater. Sampson, Lisa Book review 793
Storytelling in Christian Art from Giotto to Donatello. Miller, Julia I. Book review 764
Students and Teachers at the University of Paris: The Generation of 1500. A Critical Edition of Bibliotheque de l'Universite de Paris (Sorbonne), Archives, Registres 89 and 90. Grendler, Paul F. Book review 758
The Art of the Goldsmith in Late Fifteenth-Century Germany: The Kimbell Virgin and her Bishop. Morrall, Andrew Book review 702
The Arts of the Anglican Counter-Reformation: Glory, Laud and Honour. Perry, Nandra Book review 866
The Book of the Play: Playwrights, Stationers, and Readers in Early Modern England. Melnikoff, Kirk Book review 1022
The Burning of the Vanities: Savonarola and the Borgia Pope. Weinstein, Donald Book review 578
The Church Music of Fifteenth-Century Spain. Ros-Fabregas, Emilio Book review 701
The Constitutionalist Revolution: An Essay on the History of England, 1450-1642. Lehmberg, Stanford Book review 402
The Early Stuart Masque: Dance, Costume, and Music. Curran, Kevin Book review 908
The Gardens at San Lorenzo in Piacenza, 1656-1665: A Manuscript Planting Notebook with a Study, Transcription, and Translation. Giannetto, Raffaella Fabiani Book review 703
The Golden Way: The Hebrew Sonnet during the Renaissance and the Baroque. Guetta, Alessandro Book review 979
The Good Life in the Scientific Revolution: Descartes, Pascal, Leibniz, and the Cultivation of Virtue. Smith, Kurt Book review 618
The Humble Story of Don Quixote: Reflections on the Birth of the Modern Novel. Baena, Julio Book review 721
The Jesuits and the Arts (1540-1773). Harper, James G. Book review 1063
The Jesuits II: Culture, Sciences, and the Arts, 1540-1773. Worcester, Thomas Book review 748
The Jews in Sicily. Volume 7: 1478-1489. Stow, Kenneth Book review 1516
The Justice of Venice, Authorities and Liberties in the Urban Economy, 1550-1700. Kohl, Benjamin G. Book review 756
The Last Days of the Renaissance and the March to Modernity. Rutherford, David Book review 722
The Peaceable and Prosperous Regiment of Blessed Queene Elisabeth: A Facsimile from Holinshed's Chronicles (1587). Woolf, Daniel Book review 941
The Quest for Epic: From Ariosto to Tasso. Calabritto, Monica Book review 733
The Renaissance Hospital: Healing the Body and Healing the Soul. Siraisi, Nancy G. Book review 761
The Triumphant Juan Rana: A Gay Actor of the Spanish Golden Age. Bergmann, Emilie Book review 832
Thuanus: The Making of Jacques-Auguste de Thou (1553-1617). Weiss, Camille Book review 719
Typography Papers 6. Shaw, Paul Book review 825
William Byrd and His Contemporaries: Essays and a Monograph. Monson, Craig A. Book review 739
William Percy's Mahomet and His Heaven: A Critical Edition. Barbour, Richmond Book review 736
Women and Authority in Early Modern Spain: The Peasants of Galicia. Behrend-Martinez, Ed Book review 733
Women and the Pamphlet Culture of Revolutionary England, 1640-1660. Trubowitz, Rachel J. Book review 800
Young Rembrandt: The Leiden Years, 1606-1632. Stone-Ferrier, Linda Book review 715
Zukunftsvoraussagen in der Renaissance. Dooley, Brendan Book review 924

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