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Articles from Renaissance Quarterly (March 22, 2004)

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"A Certain Text": Close Readings and Textual Studies on Shakespeare and Others in Honor of Thomas Clayton. Lesser, Zachary Book Review 803
"Counterfeiting" Shakespeare: Evidence, Authorship, and John Ford's Funerall Elegye Bevington, David Book Review 1845
A Companion to the Worlds of the Renaissance. Witt, Ronald G. Book Review 789
A Convent Tale: A Century of Sisterhood in Spanish Milan. Ramsey, Ann W. Book Review 756
A Kindly Place? Living in Sixteenth-Century Scotland Culbertson, Richard D. Book Review 867
Alchemy Tried in the Fire: Starkey, Boyle, and the Fate of Helmontian Chymistry. Long, Pamela O. Book Review 887
Apology for the Woman Writing and Other Works. Robin, Diana Book Review 2093
Aristotle's Ethics in the Italian Renaissance (ca. 1300-1650): The Universities and the Problem of Moral Education. Grendler, Paul F. Book Review 874
Art and the Culture of Love in Seventeenth-Century Holland. Golahny, Amy Book Review 682
Art History in the Age of Bellori: Scholarship and Cultural Politics in Seventeenth-Century Rome. Ostrow, Steven F. Book Review 898
Au-dela de la Poetique: Aristote et la litterature de la Renaissance. Beyond the Poetics: Aristotle and Early Modern Literature. Keatley, Richard E. Book Review 850
Beliefs and the Dead in Reformation England. Cressy, David Book Review 811
Books received. 7992
Calvinism and Religious Toleration in the Dutch Golden Age. Van Bruaene, Anne-Laure Book Review 748
Caritas et Reformatio: Essays on Church and Society in Honor of Carter Lindberg. McLaughlin, R. Emmet Book Review 689
Characters: Together with Poems, News, Edicts, and Paradoxes based on the Eleventh Edition of A Wife Now the Widow of Sir Thomas Overbury. Baumlin, James S. Book Review 748
Correspondencias: Los origenes del arte epistolar en Espana. Lozano-Renieblas, Isabel Book Review 786
Court and Politics in Papal Rome, 1492-1700. Heindl, Jennifer A. Book Review 735
Creating canons in fifteenth-century Ferrara: Angelo Decembrio's De politia litteraria, 1.10*. Celenza, Christopher S. Critical Essay 28331
Das literarische Bild des verfolgten Glaubensgenossen bei den protestantischen Schriftstellern der Romania zur Zeit der Reformation. Pendergrass, Jan Book Review 797
De Figura Umana: Fisiognomica, anatomia e arte in Leonardo. Farago, Claire Book Review 1622
De sermone. Iorio, Dominick A. Book Review 659
de Vincenzo Galilei. Blackburn, Bonnie J. Book Review 725
Death by Drama and Other Medieval Urban Legends. Benson, Edward Book Review 714
Devis d'amitie: Melanges en l'honneur de Nicole Cazauran. Persels, Jeff Book Review 738
Diffusion des Humanismus: Studien zur nationalen Geschichtsschreibung europaischer Humanisten. Bouldin, Wood Book Review 707
Divine Discourse: The Theological Methodology of John Owen. Gribben, Crawford Book Review 590
Domestic Arrangements in Early Modern England. Kendrick, D. Susan Book Review 1265
Dynasty and Diplomacy in the Court of Savoy: Political Culture and the Thirty Years' War. Epstein, Steven A. Book Review 746
Early Modern History and the Social Sciences: Testing the Limits of Braudel's Mediterranean. Kelley, Donald R. Book Review 1335
Emperor Charles V, Impresario of War: Campaign Strategy, International Finance, and Domestic Politics. Kamen, Henry Book Review 687
England's Elizabeth: An Afterlife in Fame and Fantasy. Ahern, Susan W. Book Review 760
English Aristocratic Women 1450-1550: Marriage and Family, Property and Careers. Seguin, Colleen M. Book Review 686
Essais sur poutres: Peintures et inscriptions chez Montaigne. Losse, Deborah N. Book Review 1002
Fashioning Adultery: Gender, Sex and Civility in England, 1660-1740. Braddock, Robert C. Book Review 701
For the Common Good: Popular Politics in Barcelona, 1580-1640. Boyden, James M. Book Review 895
Francesco Paciotti: Architetto urbinate (1521-1591). Verstegen, Ian Book Review 1092
From Criminal To Courtier: The Soldier in Netherlandish Art 1550-1672. Silver, Larry Book Review 888
Gender in Early Modern German History. Boes, Maria R. Book Review 603
Giambattista Riccioli e il merito scientifico dei gesuiti nell'eta barocca. Kelter, Irving A. Book Review 838
Giordano Bruno: Philosopher of the Renaissance. Ciliberto, Michele Book Review 743
Giordano Bruno: Universo infinito, union con Dios, perfeccion del hombre. Blum, Paul Richard Book Review 691
Giovanni Baglione: Artistic Reputation in Baroque Rome. Verstegen, Ian Book Review 725
Herman Boerhaave (1668-1738): Calvinist Chemist and Physician. Shackelford, Jole Book Review 863
Hermes' Lyre, Italian Poetic Self-Commentary from Dante to Tommaso Campanella. Antognini, Roberta Book Review 731
Historia de los hechos del Cardenal Gil de Albornoz. Martinez, Torrejon Book Review 830
Icon and Devotion: Sacred Spaces in Imperial Russia. Smith, Allan Book Review 699
Jan Gossaert: Die niederlandische Kunst zu Beginn der Neuzeit. Kavaler, Ethan Matt Book Review 903
Jesuit Science and the Republic of Letters. Feldhay, Rivka Book Review 701
John Donne: Man of Flesh and Spirit. Baumlin, James S. Book Review 1113
L'Erreur de la Renaissance: Perspectives litteraires. Murphy, Stephen Book Review 713
L'occhio di Atteone: Nuovi studi su Giordano Bruno. Gosselin, Edward A. Book Review 1286
La fonte di ogni eloquenzia: Il canzoniere petrarchesco nella cultura poetica del Quattrocento ferrarese. Kirkham, Victoria Book Review 839
La politique de l'experience: Savonarole, Guicciardini et le republicanisme florentin. Weinstein, Donald Book Review 714
Landscape and Identity in Early Modern Rome: Villa Culture at Frascati in the Borghese Era. Roemer, Robert E. Book Review 751
Le livre des iles: Atlas at recits insulaires de la Genese a Jules Verne. Bowen, Barbara C. Book Review 675
Le sentiment du temps dans la litterature francaise (XIIe s.--fin du XVIe s.). Rigolot, Francois Book Review 703
Leonardo da Vinci: Master Draftsman. Eisler, Colin Book Review 751
Les Funerailles a la Renaissance: XI[I.sup.e] colloque international de la Societe Francaise d'Etude du Seizieme Siecle Bar-le-Duc, 2-5 decembre 1999. Gill, Meredith J. Book Review 786
Literature, Letters and the Canonical in Early Modern Scotland. Fischlin, Daniel Book Review 864
Luther's Rhetoric: Strategies and Style from the Invocavit Sermons. O'Malley, John W. Book Review 904
Magia, alchimia, scienza dal '400 al '700: L'influsso di Ermete Trismegisto/Magic, Alchemy and Science: The Influence of Hermes Trismegistus. Pereira, Michela Book Review 769
Mammon's Music: Literature and Economics in the Age of Milton. Cook, Patrick J. Book Review 704
Marc Lescarbot (vers 1570-1641): un homme de plume au service de la Nouvelle-France. Benson, Edward Book Review 683
Marlowe's Soldiers: Rhetorics of Masculinity in the Age of the Armada. Haber, Judith Book Review 651
Marsilio Ficino: His Theology, His Philosophy, His Legacy. Purnell, Frederick, Jr. Book Review 1496
Mary of Guise in Scotland, 1548-1560: A Political Career. Couvillon, Christine Book Review 742
Milton and the Terms of Liberty. Loewenstein, David Book Review 774
Nation, State and Empire in English Renaissance Literature: Shakespeare to Milton. Hardin, Richard F. Book Review 717
New Critical Essays. Moisan, Thomas Book Review 1100
Nicholas of Cusa and His Age: Intellect and Spirituality. Essays Dedicated to the Memory of F. Edward Cranz, Thomas P. McTighe and Charles Trinkaus. Hudson, Nancy Book Review 754
Noel du Fail: Conteur. Perret, Donald Book Review 830
Numine afflatur: Die Inspiration des Dichters im Denken der Renaissance. Blum, Elisabeth Book Review 720
Nuns as Historians in Early Modern Germany. Parente, James A., Jr. Book Review 853
Of Counselors and Kings: The Three Versions of Pierre Salmon's Dialogues. Ancekewicz, Elaine M. Book Review 1634
On the evolution of toads in the French Renaissance*. Randall, Michael 15865
Paracelsian Moments: Science, Medicine, and Astrology in Early Modern Europe. Janacek, Bruce Book Review 966
Paying the Piper: Music in Pre-1642 Cheshire. Pollack, Janet Book Review 830
Peter Martyr Vermigli: Humanism, Republicanism, Reformation. Nyhus, Paul L. Book Review 698
Petrarch's Guide to the Holy Land: Itinerary to the Sepulcher of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Rawski, Conrad H. Book Review 746
Poesie et Renaissance. Yandell, Cathy Book Review 817
Poetic Resistance: English Women Writers and the Early Modern Lyric. Sagaser, Elizabeth Harris Book Review 1225
Pontus de Tyard et son oevre poetique. Fallon, Jean M. Book Review 727
Praecepta musicae poeticae. Heuchemer, Dane Book Review 856
Reading Families: Women's Literate Practice in Late Medieval England. Brown, Phyllis R. Book Review 741
Reading Texts and Images: Essays on Medieval and Renaissance Art and Patronage. Gibbons, Mary Weitzel Book Review 676
Recollecting the Arundel Circle: Discovering the Past, Recovering the Future. van Eck, Caroline Book Review 673
Reform and Cultural Revolution. Gleason, John B. Book Review 754
Religious Warfare in Europe, 1400-1536. Schmidt, Victor Book Review 1096
Renaissance Rivals: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Titian. Hall, Marcia Book Review 761
Restoring the Temple of Vision: Cabalistic Freemasonry and Stuart Culture. Traister, Barbara Book Review 796
Sfere solide e cielo fluido: Momenti del dibattito cosmologico nella seconda meta del Cinquecento. Barker, Peter Book Review 1000
Shakespeare and Machiavelli. Ross, Charles Book Review 801
Shakespeare and Theatrical Patronage in Early Modern England. McManus, Clare Book Review 674
Shakespeare for All Time. Lyons, Bridget Gellert Book Review 703
Shakespeare's Domestic Economies: Gender and Property in Early Modern England. Woodbridge, Linda Book Review 575
Shakespeare's Imitations. Parker, Barbara L. Book Review 741
Shakespeare's Last Plays: Essays in Literature and Politics. Lindley, David (American science writer) Book Review 1003
Shakespeare's Tribe: Church, Nation, and Theater in Renaissance England. James, Heather Book Review 975
Shakespeare: A Wayward Journey. Aasand, Hardin Book Review 748
Society and Individual in Renaissance Florence. Gavitt, Philip Book Review 1620
Speaking Grief in English Literary Culture: Shakespeare to Milton. Baker, Christopher Book Review 992
Spenser's Faerie Queene and the Reading of Women. Hoffman, Katherine Book Review 819
Spenser's Forms of History. Silberman, Lauren Book Review 760
Spenser's Monstrous Regiment: Elizabethan Ireland and the Poetics of Difference. McCoy, Richard C. Book Review 741
Sponde: commentateur d'Homere. Wiesmann, Marc-Andre Book Review 725
Staging Domesticity: Household Work and English Identity in Early Modern Drama. Jones, Ann Rosalind Book Review 833
Studi sulle fonti di Leon Battista Alberti. Marsh, David Book Review 737
Sumptuary Law in Italy: 1200-1500. Brown, Judith C. Book Review 825
The Author's Due: Printing and the Prehistory of Copyright. Kallendorf, Craig Book Review 709
The beauties of the land: Bale's books, Aske's abbeys, and the aesthetics of nationhood. Schwyzer, Philip Critical Essay 12646
The Black Death Transformed: Disease and Culture in Early Renaissance Europe. McNeil, David O. Book Review 963
The Cabala of Pegasus. Gatti, Hilary Book Review 761
The Calvinist Copernicans: The Reception of the New Astronomy in the Dutch Republic. Vanpaemel, Geert Book Review 711
The Case against Johann Reuchlin: Religious and Social Controversy in Sixteenth-Century Germany. Nauert, Charles G. Book Review 662
The Chivalric Ethos and the Development of Military Professionalism. Smither, James R. Book Review 864
The Correspondence of Reginald Pole. Questier, Michael Book Review 525
The Culture of Capital: Property, Cities, and Knowledge in Early Modern England. Levy, Fritz Book Review 848
The Descent of Ideas: The History of Intellectual History. Celenza, Christopher S. Book Review 790
The Forgotten Writings of the Mennonite Martyrs. Stayer, James M. Book Review 394
The Guitar and Its Music: From the Renaissance to the Classical Era. Coelho, Victor Book Review 884
The Italian Renaissance Palace Facade: Structures of Authority, Surfaces of Sense. Connors, Joseph Book Review 1184
The Josquin Companion. Owens, Jessie Book Review 742
The Literary Culture of the Reformation: Grammar and Grace. Rummel, Erika Book Review 734
The Medici, Michelangelo, and the Art of Late Renaissance Florence: catalogue of the exhibition magnificenza!, Palazzo Strozzi, June 6 2002. Welch, Evelyn Book Review 845
The Mediterranean and the Jews: Vol. 2: Society, Culture, and Economy in Early Modern Times. Cooperman, Bernard D. Book Review 1095
The Politics of Court Scandal in Early Modern England: News Culture and the Overbury Affair, 1603-1660. Wormald, Jenny Book Review 853
The Premodern Teenager: Youth in Society 1150-1650. King, Margaret L. Book Review 1229
The Sounds of Milan: 1585-1650. Kidger, David Book Review 807
The universities of the Renaissance and Reformation*. Grendler, Paul F. 17620
The Urban Development of Rome in the Age of Alexander VII. Slominski, Suzy Book Review 739
The Wealth of Michelangelo. Delancey, Julia Book Review 824
Theorie du langage et exegese biblique chez Paracelse (1493-1541). Renner, Bernd Book Review 719
Thomas East and Music Publishing in Renaissance England. Boorman, Stanley Book Review 840
Tommaso Campanella: Il libro e il corpo della natura. Finocchiaro, Maurice A. Book Review 757
Turquet de Mayerne as Baroque Physician: The Art of Medical Portraiture. Stein, Claudia Book Review 1010
Venezia e il senso del mare, storia di un prisma culturale dal XIII al XVIIII secolo. Kohl, Benjamin G. Book Review 806
Venice Triumphant: The Horizons of a Myth. Ruggiero, Guido Book Review 1072
Visions of Politics. Vol. 1, Regarding Method. Kirshner, Julius Book Review 2022
Women and the Book Trade in Sixteenth-Century France. Wiltenburg, Joy Book Review 651
Women in the Discourse of Early Modern Spain. Cruz, Anne J. Book Review 721
Writing Renaissance Queens: Texts by and about Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots. Prescott, Anne Lake Book Review 768

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