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Articles from Renaissance Quarterly (March 22, 2003)

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Aminta: A Pastoral Play. . Sowell, Madison V. Book Review 699
Andres Laguna y el humanismo medico: Estudio filologico & Entre la imitacion y elpiagic: Fuentes e influencias en el Dioscorides de Andres Laguna. Touwaide, Alain Book Review 2001
Author's Pen and Actor's Voice: Playing and Writing in Shakespeare's Theatre. Platt, Peter G. Book Review 1061
Autour de Montaigne & Les Essais de Montaigne: Methode(s) et methodologies & Montaigne's Career. . Farquhar, Sue W. Book Review 1980
Bodin in Italia: La Demonomanie des sorciers e le vicende della sua traduzione. . Grendler, Paul F. Book Review 756
Body Narratives: Writing the Nation and Fashioning the Subject in Early Modern England. Harvey, Elizabeth D. Book Review 750
Books and the Sciences in History. . Kirsop, Wallace Book Review 711
Books Received. 10607
Carteggio degli oratori mantovani alla corte sforzesca (1450-1500). . Dover, Paul M. Book Review 2237
Castration: An Abbreviated History of Western Manhood. Oldenburg, Scott Book Review 750
Creating the Early Atlantic World. (Review Essay). Sanders, James E. Book Review 5254
Defending Literature in Early Modern England: Renaissance Literary Theory in Social Context. . Pigman, G.W., III Book Review 723
Desiring Women Writing: English Renaissance Examples. Hageman, Elizabeth H. Book Review 725
El humanismo medico del siglo XVI en la Universidad de Salamanca & Humanistas medicos en el Renacimiento Vallisoletano. . Touwaide, Alain Book Review 1844
Emilio de' Cavalieri "gentiluomo romano": His Life and Letters, His Role as Superintendent of All the Arts at the Medici Court, and His Musical Compositions. . Moyer, Ann E. Book Review 715
Erfindung und Komposition in der Monumentalen Zyklischen Historienmalerei des 14. und 15. Jahrhunderts in Itallien & On Composition as Method and Topic: Studies on the Work of L.B. Alberti, Leonardo, Michelangelo. Raphael, Rubens, Picasso, Bernini and Ignaz Gunther. Riess, Jonathan B. Book Review 1031
Federico Barocci, Federico Borromeo, and the Oratorian Orbit *. Verstegen, Ian Biography 12802
Geography, Cartography and Nautical Science in the Renaissance: The Impact of the Great Discoveries. . Woodward, David Book Review 699
Histoire et litterature au siecle de Montaigne: Melanges offerts a Claude-Gilbert Dubois. . Mac Phail, Eric Book Review 699
I processi inquisitoriali di Pietro Carnesecchi (1557-1567). . Mayer, Thomas F. Book Review 1491
I Taccuini manoscritti di Giovanni Morelli. . Gibbons, Mary Weitzel Book Review 969
Images of Plague and Pestilence: Iconography and Iconology. . Howe, Eunice D. Book Review 704
Investigations into Magic. . Lehrich, Christopher I. Book Review 730
La citta dei crucci: Fazioni e clientele in uno stato repubblicano del '400. . Fabbri, Lorenzo Book Review 1129
La Magia naturalis di Giovan Battista Della Porta: Lingua, cultura e scienza in Europa all'inizio dell'eta moderna. Clubb, Louise George Book Review 862
La seta in Italia dal Medjoevo al Seicento: Dal baco al drappo. . Dameron, George Book Review 742
Le latin ou l'empire d'un signe & Latin or the Empire of a Sign. Tunberg, Terence Book Review 1558
Les metamorphoses d'Hermes: Tradition aichimique et esthetique litteraire dans la France de l'age baroque (1583-1646) & Lucain et la litterature de l'age baroque en France; Citation, imitation et creation. . Dosner, David M. Book Review 1461
Licensing, Censorship and Authorship in Early Modern England. . Burt, Richard Book Review 704
Linguaggio e filosofia nel seicento europeo & Una quiete operosa: Forma e pratiche dell"Accademia napoletana degli Oziosi 1611-1645. . Iorio, Dominick A. Book Review 952
Maternal Measures: Figuring Caregiving in the Early Modern Period. . Covington, Sarah Book Review 803
Milton and the Natural World: Science and Poetry in Paradise Lost. . Van Den Berg, Sara Book Review 820
Music as Concept and Practice in the Late Middle Ages. . Florea, Luminita Book Review 928
Music Printing in Renaissance Venice: The Scotto Press (1539-1572) & Print Culture and Music in Sixteenth-Century Venice. Feldman, Martha Book Review 1351
Nicolas de Harlay, sieur de Sancy (1546-1629): L'antagoniste d'Agrippa d'Aubigne: Etude biographique et contexte pamphletaire & Discours sur l'occurrence de ses affaires. . Ancekewiez, Elaine M. Book Review 889
Opere magiche & Corpus iconographicum: Le incisioni nelle opere a stampa & Giordano Bruno 1548-1600: Mostra storico documentaria, Roma, Biblioteca Casanatense, 7 giugno--30 settembre 2000. . Gatti, Hilary Book Review 1588
Pietro Odo da Montopoli e la Biblioteca di Niccolo V, con osservazioni sul 'De orthographia' di Tortelli. Davies, Martin Book Review 874
Quoting Shakespeare: Form and Culture in Early Modern Drama. . Cheney, Patrick Book Review 954
Reformation Readings of the Apocalypse: Geneva, Zurich, and Wittenberg. . Hayden-Roy, Patrick Book Review 957
Reverse transmutations: Beroalde de Verville's parody of Paracelsus in Le Moyen de parvenir: an alchemical language of skepticism in the French Baroque *. Giordano, Michael J. Biography 22984
Sappho in Early Modern England: Female Same-Sex Literary Erotics 1550-1714 & Early Modern Women's Letter Writing, 1450-1700 & Women Writing 1550-1750. Beilin, Elaine V. Book Review 1884
Seeing the Word: John Dee and Renaissance Occultism. . Russell, Antony Book Review 928
Shakespeare Survey Vol. 54, Shakespeare and Religions. . Parker, Barbara L. Book Review 847
Shakespeare's Hamlet and the Controversies of Self. . Robinson, Marsha S. Book Review 699
The Accademia Fiorentina and the question of the language. The politics of theory in ducal Florence *. Sherberg, Michael 14870
The Architectural Drawings of Antonio da Sangallo the Younger and His Circle, vols. 1-2. Gill, Meredith J. Book Review 767
The Bible in the Renaissance: Essays on Biblical Commentary and Translation in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries. . Huson, Dorothy Book Review 709
The Life of John Milton: A Critical Biography. . Arnold, Margaret J. Book Review 689
The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare. . Bruster, Douglas Book Review 1003
Time, Space, and Women's Lives in Early Modern Europe. Ferraro, Joanne M. Book Review 909
Torquato Tasso e Francesco Patrizi: tra polemiche letterarie e incontri intellettuali. . Calabritto, Monica Book Review 699
Tropes of revelation in Raphael's Transfiguration *. Cranston, Jodi 9583
Venice and the East: The Impact of the Islamic World on Venetian Architecture, 1100-1500. . Dunkelman, Martha Book Review 727
Venice Reconsidered: The History and Civilization of an Italian City-State, 1297-1797. . Dursteler, Eric Book Review 1541
Vision and Rhetoric in Shakespeare: Looking Through Language. . Taylor, Mark Book Review 933
Writing and Political Engagement in Seventeenth-Century England & The Politics of Information in Early Modern Europe. Knoppers, Laura Lunger Book Review 1302

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