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Articles from Renaissance Quarterly (September 22, 1999)

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"Renaissance" Talk: Ordinary Language and the Mystique of Critical Problems. Snyder, Jon R. Book Review 671
A haute voix: diction et prononciation aux XVIe et XVIIe siecles. Actes du colloque de Rennes (1996). Conley, Tom Book Review 3021
Agrippa d'Aubigne. Duval, Edwin M. Book Review 1267
Alchemy of the Word. Cabala of the Renaissance. Lesley, Arthur M. Book Review 4411
Approaching the Altar: Donatello's Sculpture in the Santo. Johnson, Geraldine A. 15222
Au miroir de l'humanisme: Les representations de la France dans la culture savante Italienne a la fin du Moyen Age. Mazzocco, Angelo Book Review 1544
Beyond the Written Word: Preaching and Theology in the Florence of Archbishop Antoninus 1427-1459. Peterson, David S. Book Review 866
Breaking Boundaries: Politics and Play in the Drama of Shakespeare and his Contemporaries. Mark, Fortier Book Review 1126
Caravaggio's Secrets. Thomas, Troy Book Review 1576
Chamber Music: Elizabethan Sonnet-Sequences and the Pleasure of Criticism. Cheney, Patrick Book Review 854
Chaucerian Polity: Absolutist Lineages and Associational Forms in England and Italy. Benson, Pamela J. Book Review 739
Chivalry and Exploration 1298-1630. Fallows, Noel Book Review 726
Closet Devotions. Thomas, Troy Book Review 1568
Composers at Work: The Craft of Musical Composition 1450-1600. Bowen, William R. Book Review 640
Conquests Within and Without: Recent French Scholarship on the Renaissance. Conley, Tom 3004
Correggio's Frescoes in Parma Cathedral. Vaccaro, Mary Book Review 928
Correggio. Vaccaro, Mary Book Review 927
Cosme Tura of Ferrara: Style, Politics, and the Renaissance City, 1450-1495. Dunkelman, Martha Book Review 753
Crisis and Creativity in the Sephardic World, 1391-1648. Lesley, Arthur M. Book Review 4409
Dai paesi bassi all'Italia. "Il sommario della Sacra scrittura", un libro proibito nella societa italiana del Cinquecento. Mayer, Thomas F. Book Review 1342
Dance and the Garden: Moving and Static Choreography in Renaissance Europe. Nevile, Jennifer 11210
Daniel Zwicker, 1612-1678: Peace, Tolerance and God the One and Only. Stayer, James M. Book Review 659
De la 'Satura' a la Bergerie: Prosimetre pastoral en France la Renaissance et ses modeles. Conley, Tom Book Review 3024
Francis Bacon. Peltonen, Markku Book Review 1319
From Christian Hebraism to Jewish Studies. Johannes Buxtorf (1564-1629) and Hebrew Learning in the Seventeenth Century. Lesley, Arthur M. Book Review 4413
Giordano Bruno and the Kabbalah. Prophets, Magicians, and Rabbis. Lesley, Arthur M. Book Review 4408
Gracious Laughter: Marsilio Ficino's Anthropology. O'Rourke Boyle, Marjorie 13055
Hay Ha-'Olamim (L'Immortale) Parte I: la Retorica. Lesley, Arthur M. Book Review 4415
Histoire des idees et des combats d'idees aux XIVe et XVe siecles de Ramon Lull a Thomas More. Nash, Jerry C. Book Review 817
Humanist Taste and Franciscan Values: Cornelio Musso and Catholic Preaching in Sixteenth-Century Italy. Cesareo, Francesco C. Book Review 1280
In Small Proportions: A Poetics of the English Ayre, 1596-1622. Bickford Jorgens, Elise Book Review 1311
Introduction a la langue francaise suivie d'une grammaire (1531). Conley, Tom Book Review 3034
Jews at the Time of the Renaissance. Lesley, Arthur M. 4385
La France-Amerique (XVIe-XVIIIe siecles): Actes du XXXVe colloque international d'etudes humanistes, 1994. Conley, Tom Book Review 3022
La Revolution culturelle dans la France des humanistes. Conley, Tom Book Review 3022
La Revolution culturelle dans la France des Humanistes: Guillaume Bude et Francois 1er. Duval, Edwin M. Book Review 1275
La Sapienza civile: Studi sull'umanesimo a Venezia. Mazzocco, Angelo Book Review 1536
Ladies Errant: Wayward Women and Social Order in Early Modern Italy. Ferraro, Joanne Book Review 1481
Lotto's Lucretia. Goffen, Rona 11053
Louise Labe Lyonnaise ou la Renaissance au feminin. Winn, Colette H. Book Review 940
Lyric Wonder: Rhetoric and Wit in Renaissance English Poetry. Taylor, Mark Book Review 746
Marriage in Italy, 1300-1650. Ferraro, Joanne Book Review 1481
Mercenary Companies and the Decline of Siena. Santosuosso, Antonio Book Review 847
Montaigne's Annotated Copy of Lucretius: A Transcription and Study of the Manuscript, Notes, and Pen-marks. Conley, Tom Book Review 3024
Objectivity in the Making: Francis Bacon and the Politics of Inquiry. Peltonen, Markku Book Review 1324
Oeuvres poetiques III. Conley, Tom Book Review 3029
Padua under the Carrata, 1318-1405. Meek, Christine E. Book Review 589
Painting the Heavens: Art and Science in the Age of Galileo. Byard, Margaret M. Book Review 1640
Philosophie et perfection de l'homme. De la Renaissance a Descartes. Miernowski, Jan Book Review 765
Poetry and Music in Seventeenth-Century England. Bickford Jorgens, Elise Book Review 1313
Power and Purity: Cathar Heresy in Medieval Italy. Mayer, Thomas F. Book Review 1331
Pre-Histoires: Textes troubles au seuil de la modernite. Conley, Tom Book Review 3026
Pythagoras in The Renaissance: The Case of Marsilio Ficino. Celenza, Christopher S. 21504
Regulating the People: The Catholic Reformation in Seventeenth-Century Spain. Cesareo, Francesco C. Book Review 1276
Shakespeare Among the Moderns. Hedrick, Donald K. Book Review 1795
Shakespeare and Carnival: After Bakhtin. Fortier, Mark Book Review 1133
Shakespeare and the Authority of Performance. Hedrick, Donald K. Book Review 1801
Shakespeare's Universal Wolf: Studies in Early Modern Reification. Hedrick, Donald K. Book Review 1790
Shaking the Pillars of Exile. 'Voice of a Fool,' an Early Modern Jewish Critique of Rabbinic Culture. Lesley, Arthur M. Book Review 4406
Shylock and the Jewish Question. Lesley, Arthur M. Book Review 4404
Silvandre's Symposium: The Platonic and the Ambiguous in L'Astree. Gregorio, Laurence A. 10367
The Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets. Gellert Lyons, Bridget Book Review 784
The Bible, Protestantism, and the Rise of Natural Science. Reeves, Eileen Book Review 829
The Boys of the Archangel Raphael: A Youth Confraternity in Florence, 1411-1785. Black, Christopher F. Book Review 708
The Civic Muse: Music and Musicians in Siena during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Harran, Don Book Review 1026
The Complete Poems of Michelangelo. Saslow, James M. Book Review 1252
The Fury of Men's Gullets: Ben Jonson and the Digestive Canal. McPherson, David Book Review 616
The Marriage Exchange: Property, Social Place, and Gender in the Cities of the Low Countries, 1300-1550. Harrington, Joel F. Book Review 893
The Poetry of Michelangelo: An Introduction. Saslow, James M. Book Review 1247
The Self-Aware Image. An Insight into Early Modern Meta-Painting. Nagel, Alexander Book Review 758
The Spanish Inquisition: A Historical Revision. Rahn Phillips, Carla Book Review 714
Tseror Zehubbim (A Bundle of Gold. Hebrew Sonnets from the Renaissance and the Baroque). Lesley, Arthur M. Book Review 4413
Velazquez: Painter and Courtier. Hills, Helen Book Review 1843

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