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Articles from Renaissance Quarterly (December 22, 1999)

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"Vows to the Blackest Devil": Hamlet and the Evolving Code of Honor in Early Modern England. TERRY, RETA A. Critical Essay 7381
A Dictionary of Alchemical Imagery. Book Review 103
A Discerning Eye: Essays on Early Italian Painting by Richard Offner. Book Review 226
A Guide to Classical Rhetoric. Book Review 121
A History of Business in Medieval Europe 1200-1550. Book Review 118
Aemilia Lanyer: Gender, Genre and the Canon. LEVIN, CAROLE Book Review 1098
Albert and Isabella: Essays. Book Review 135
Augustinus in der Neuzeit. Book Review 238
Biblical References in Shakespeare's Plays. Book Review 107
British Consciousness and Identity: The Making of Britain, 1533-1707. Book Review 215
Campaspe and Sappho and Phao. Book Review 85
Civic Humanism and the Rise of the Medici [*]. JURDJEVIG, MARK 11575
Conversing with God: Prayer in Erasmus' Pastoral Writings. COOGAN, ROBERT Book Review 632
Cristoforo Landino: Index. Book Review 98
Don Quijote de la Mancha. Book Review 115
Eastward Ho. Book Review 88
Emblems and Alchemy. Book Review 219
English Epicures and Stoics: Ancient Legacies in Early Stuart Culture. MACDONALD, RONALD R. Book Review 1476
English Religious Poetry Printed 1477-1640: A Chronological Bibliography with Indexes. Book Review 106
Erasmus, the Anabaptists, and the Great Commission. COOGAN, ROBERT Book Review 795
Everyday English, 1500-1700: A Reader. Book Review 120
Florence and its University during the Early Renaissance. LEEDHAM-GREEN, ELISABETH Book Review 578
Fortune and Romance: Boiardo in America. RUSSELL, RINALDINA Book Review 1143
Founding the Palazzo Vecchio in 1299: The Corso Donati Paradox. TRACHTENBERG, MARVIN 11594
From Courtesy to Civility: Changing Codes of Conduct in Early Modern England. KINNEY, ARTHUR F. Book Review 1903
From Poliziano to Machiavelli: Florentine Humanism in the High Renaissance. STINGER, CHARLES L. Book Review 734
Giammaria Mosca called Padovano, a Renaissance Sculptor in Italy and Poland. MARTIN, THOMAS Book Review 1026
Hamlet and Counter-Humanism. KNOWLES, RONALD Critical Essay 10123
Hamlet: Prince of Denmark. Book Review 88
Heraldry for Designers and Craftspeople. Book Review 89
Historical Dictionary of the Elizabethan World: Britain, Ireland, Europe, America. Book Review 139
Historische Werken: Lucubratiuncula de Batavorum insula, Historica Batavica, Germaniae Inferioris historiae, Germanicarum historiarum illustratio. Book Review 92
Ideology and Desire in Renaissance Poetry: The Subject of Donne. ZIMMERMAN, SUSAN Book Review 1299
Introduction to English Renaissance Comedy. Book Review 177
Italian Studies in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries. Book Review 310
John Bracegirdle's Psychopharmacon: A Translation of Boethius' De Consolatione Philosophiae. Book Review 114
Jonson, Shakespeare and Early Modem Virgil. ARNOLD, MARGARET J. Book Review 1350
L'Ontologie de la contradiction sceptique. Pour L'etude de la metaphysique des Essais. MCKINLEY, MARY B. Book Review 1553
Latin Commentaries on Ovid from the Renaissance. Book Review 122
Leonardo da Vinci: Origins of a Genius. WOODS-MARSDEN, JOANNA Book Review 977
Literature in the Light of the Emblem. Book Review 133
Master Tully: Cicero in Tudor England. GEORGE, EDWARD V. Brief Article 1391
Material Culture and Medieval Drama. Book Review 166
Medieval Costume and Fashion. Book Review 90
Medieval England: An Encyclopedia. Book Review 193
Milton's Poetry of Independence: Five Studies. COOK, PATRICK J. Book Review 1673
New Approaches to the English Reformation. PATTERSON, W. B. Book Review 3024
Oeuvres spirituelles 1510-1516. Book Review 94
Orders and Hierarchies in Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe. Book Review 223
Pastoral Palimpsest: Writing the Laws of Love in L'Astree. MEDING, TWYLA Critical Essay 13786
Pastoral Process: Spenser, Marvel!, Milton. HABER, JUDITH Book Review 770
Proportional Form in the Sonnets of the Sidney Circle. KINNEY, ARTHUR F. Book Review 1573
Redefining Shakespeare: Literary Theory and Theater Practice in the German Democratic Republic. Book Review 264
Renaissance Papers: 1998. Book Review 222
Renaissance Women Patrons: Wives and Widows in Italy. JACOBS, FREDRIKA H. Book Review 755
Seeds of Virtue and Knowledge. BOULDIN, WOOD Book Review 858
Selected Poetry and A Defense of Rhyme. Book Review 170
Senses of Touch: Human Dignity and Deformity from Michelangelo to Calvin. COVINGTON, SARAH Book Review 734
Shakespeare's Italy: Functions of Italian Locations in Renaissance Drama. Book Review 335
Shakespeare's Theatre of War. DAVIDSON, CLIFFORD Book Review 1337
Spenser and the Discourses of Reformation England. CHRISTIAN, MARGARET Book Review 689
The Counter Reformation: The Essential Readings. Book Review 225
The Image of Manhood in Early Modern Literature: Viewing the Male. Book Review 243
The Malcontent. Book Review 86
The Performance of Middle English Culture: Essays on Chaucer and the Drama in Honor of Martin Stevens. Book Review 260
The Poems and Translations of Sir Richard Fanshawe: Volume 2. Book Review 120
The Purpose of Playing: Shakespeare and the Cultural Politics of the Elizabethan Theatre. PEDERSON, NADINE D. Book Review 551
The Renaissance Man and His Children: Childbirth and Early Childhood in Florence. GAVITT, PHILIP Book Review 801
The Renaissance. Book Review 112
The Taming of a Shrew: The 1594 Quarto. Book Review 112
The Tempest. Book Review 118
The Theater of Man: J. L. Vives on Society. GEORGE, EDWARD V. Book Review 1374
Theatre complet I: Porcie, Theatre complet V: La Troade, Theatre complet VII: Les Juifves. Book Review 152
Theory and Theology in George Herbert's Poetry: "Divinitie, and Poesie, Met". NORTHROP, DOUGLAS A. Book Review 590
Thomas Phaer and The Boke of Chyldren (1544). Book Review 116
Translating (Anne) Askew: The Textual Remains of a Sixteenth-Century Heretic and Saint [*]. KEMP, THERESA D. 11034
Volpone. Book Review 89
What Happened to the Renaissance in the German Academy? A Report on German "Renaissance" Institutes. BERNSTEIN, ECKHARD 5281
Women and the Rise of the Novel. GUTIERREZ, NANCY A. Book Review 798
Women Poets of the Renaissance. Book Review 117
Wonders and the Order of Nature. LAIRD, W. R. Book Review 1478
Writers and Heroines: Essays on Women in French Literature. Book Review 237

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