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Articles from Renaissance Quarterly (September 22, 1998)

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"Poor, Sinning Folk." Confession and Conscience in Counter-Reformation Germany. McCuaig, William Book Review 656
A chaos of science. Conley, Tom Bibliography 3077
A Critical Edition of John Beadle's 'A Journal or Diary of a Thankful Christian.' Rosen, David Book Review 596
A Culture of Teaching: Early Modern Humanism in Theory and Practice. Marsh, David Book Review 606
A Provincial Elite in Early Modern Tuscany: Family and Power in the Creation of the State. Nussdorfer, Laurie Book Review 673
Absolute Monarchy and the Stuart Constitution. Baker, David J. Book Review 604
Barthelemy Aneau, regent de la Renaissance lyonnaise. MacPhail, Eric Book Review 653
Christian pessimism on the walls of the Vatican Galleria delle carte geografiche. Goffart, Walter 15560
Christianisme et lettres profanes. Essai sur l'Humanisme francais. Essai sur l'Humanisme francaise (1515-1535) et sur la pensee de Guillaume Bude. Murphy, Stephen Book Review 769
Christopher Marlowe and English Renaissance Culture. Burnett, Mark Thornton Book Review 626
Circa 1600: Spanish values and Tuscan painting. Goldberg, Edward L. 9311
Compromising the Classics: Romance Epic Narrative in the Italian Renaissance. Mueller, Roseanna Book Review 620
Creating French Culture: Treasures from the Bibliotheque Nationale de France. Bakemeier, Emily P. Book Review 730
Darke Hierogliphicks: Alchemy in English Literature from Chaucer to the Restoration. Clulee, Nicholas H. Book Review 594
Declamation on the Nobility and Preeminence of the Female Sex. Rummel, Erika Book Review 557
Dialogi ad Petrum Paulum Histrum. Hankins, James Book Review 1012
Discourses on Livy. Haywood, Eric G. Book Review 1146
Disembodied Voices: Music and Culture in an Early Modern Italian Convent. Weaver, Elissa Book Review 1608
Edmund Spenser: A Reception History. Dees, Jerome S. Book Review 618
Elizabethan Theater: Essays in Honor of S. Schoenbaum. Breight, Curtis C. Book Review 1068
Erasmian Wit and Proverbial Wisdom: An Illustrated Moral Compendium for Francois I. Facsimile of a Dismembered Manuscript with Introduction and Description. Bensel-Meyers, L. Book Review 586
Erasmus of the Low Countries. Boyle, Marjorie O'Rourke Book Review 952
Florence: A Portrait. Frick, Carole Collier Book Review 668
Frau im Spiegel: Die Selben und die Andere zwischen Welt und Text: Von Herren, Fremden und Frauen, in 16.Jahrhundert. Staswick, Carol Book Review 1618
Generating Texts: The Progeny of Seventeenth-Century Prose. Baumlin, James S. Book Review 1238
God Speed the Plough: The Representation of Agrarian England 1500-1660. DuPlessis, Robert S. Book Review 617
Grotesque Purgatory: A Study of Cervantes' 'Don Quixote, Part II.' Wilhelmsen, Elizabeth Book Review 802
Heavenly Bodies: The Realms of 'La estrella de Sevilla.' Kurtz, Barbara E. Book Review 601
Herculean Ferrara: Ercole d'Este (1471-1505) and the Invention of a Ducal Capital. Rosenberg, Charles M. Book Review 674
Hermeneutics and the Rhetorical Tradition: Chapters in the Ancient Legacy and Its Humanist Reception. Boyle, Marjorie O'Rourke Book Review 934
Histoire de la nature des oyseaux. Conley, Tom Book Review 3099
Im Dienst von Fursten und Reformation. Fassadenmalerei an den Schlossern in Dresden und Neuburg an der Donau im 16.Jahrhundert. Limouze, Dorothy Book Review 490
Impersonations: The Performance of Gender in Shakespeare's England. Bainbridge, Erika Book Review 617
La nature et les prodiges: L'insolite au XVIe siecle. Conley, Tom Book Review 3093
Le periple intellectuel de Jean Pie de la Mirandole, suivi du Discours de la dignite de l'homme et du traite L'etre et l'un. Celenza, Christopher S. Book Review 636
Les trois mondes. Conley, Tom Book Review 3102
Luis Milan on Sixteenth-Century Performance Practices. Carpenter, Hoyle Book Review 604
Luisa de Carvajal's counter-reformation journey to selfhood (1566-1614). Rhodes, Elizabeth Biography 11304
Machiavelli's Virtue. Haywood, Eric G. Book Review 1139
Mapping the Faerie Queene: Quest Structures and the World of the Poem. Greenfield, Sayre N. Book Review 576
Menippean Satire and the Republic of Letters: 1581-1655. Blanchard, W. Scott Book Review 581
Milton and Republicanism. Skerpan-Wheeler, Elizabeth Book Review 629
Montaigne et Sebond: L'art de la traduction. Conley, Tom Book Review 3092
Mythologie et rhetorique aux XVe et XVie siecles en France. Bowen, Barbara C. Book Review 526
Odes a Pasithee. Campo, Roberto E. Book Review 657
On the Demon-Mania of Witches. Garrett, Julia M. Book Review 792
Perpetuum mobile: Metamorphooses des corps et des oeuvres de Vinci a Montaigne. Conley, Tom Book Review 3089
Piracy and the English Government: 1616-1642. Light, George Evans Book Review 586
Printed Commonplace-Books and the Structuring of Renaissance Thought. Grendler, Paul F. Book Review 628
Provincial Families of the Renaissance: Private and Public Life in the Veneto. Ambrosini, Federica Book Review 660
Ptolemy and Strabo and their conversation with Appeles and Protogenes: cosmography and painting in Raphael's 'School of Athens.' Joost-Gaugier, Christiane L. 10988
Rabelais agonistes: Du rieur au prophete. Etudes sur 'Pantagruel,' 'Gargantua,' 'Le Quart Livre.' Conley, Tom Book Review 3093
Reading and Writing in Shakespeare. Ansand, Hardin Book Review 616
Reading Tudor-Stuart Texts Through Cultural Historicism. Bruster, Douglas Book Review 1398
Recette veritable, par laquelle tous les hommes de la France pourront apprendre a multiplier et augmenter leurs tresors (1563). Conley, Tom Book Review 3098
Reordering Marriage and Society in Reformation Germany. Bast, Robert Book Review 528
Seizures of the Will in Early Modern English Drama. Haber, Judith Book Review 651
Shakespeare and the Theatre of Wonder. Anderson, Linda Book Review 576
Shakespeare from the Margins: Language, Culture, Context. Maurer, Margaret Book Review 668
Shakespeare in China: A Comparative Study of Two Traditions and Cultures. Craig, Martha J. Book Review 825
Shakespeare Manipulated: The Use of the Dramatic Works of Shakespeare in teatro di figura in Italy. Abate, Corinne S. Book Review 580
Shakespeare's 'Edward III': An Early Play Restored to the Canon. Nielson, Christopher T. Book Review 609
Shakespeare's Deliberate Art. Raman, Shankar Book Review 1237
Shakespeare's Imagined Persons: The Psychology of Role-Playing and Acting. Bulman, James C. Book Review 646
Shakespeare's Universe: Renaissance Ideas and Conventions: Essays in Honour of W.R. Elton. Hennedy, John F. Book Review 624
Sheakespeare's Theory of Drama. Raman, Shankar Book Review 1253
Signes dissimilaires: La quete des noms divins dans la poesie francaise de la Renaissance. Conley, Tom Book Review 3091
Sir Philip Sidney and the Circulation of Manuscripts: 1558-1640. Gouws, John Book Review 629
Solon His Follie, or, A Politique Discourse Touching the Reformation of Common-weales Conquered, Declined or Corrupted. Beacon, Richard Book Review 687
Spanish Comedies and HIstorical Contexts in the 1620s. Ganelin, Charles Book Review 632
Squitter-Wits and Muse-Haters: Sidney, Spenser, Milton and Renaissance Antipoetic Sentiment. DiMatteo, Anthony Book Review 523
Taming anger's daughters: new treatment for emotional problems in Renaissance Spain. Flynn, Maureen 9987
The Bedford Companion to Shakespeare: An Introduction with Documents. McDonald, Marcia A. Book Review 630
The Boundaries of Faith: The Development and Transmission of Medieval Spirituality. Ellington, Donna Spivey Book Review 896
The Early Modern Englishwoman: A Facsimile Library of Essential Works. Part 1: Printed Writings, 1500-1640. Crane, Mary Thomas Book Review 5334
The Ellesmere Chaucer: Essays in Interpretation. Mannocchi, Phyllis F. Book Review 631
The Heiresses of Buccleuch: Marriage, Money and Politics in Seventeenth-Century Britain. Levin, Carole Book Review 638
The Jews in Rome, 2 vols. Lesley, Arthur M. Book Review 622
The Language of Old and Middle English Poetry. Fulk, R.D. Book Review 583
The Palazzo Vecchio, 1298-1532: Government, Architecture, and Imagery in the Civic Palace of the Florentine Republic. Rainey, Ronald Book Review 915
The Play in the Mirror: Lacanian Perspectives on Spanish Baroque Theater. Greer, Margaret Rich Book Review 585
The Polemics and Poems of Rachel Speght. Arnold, Margaret J. Book Review 623
The Politicke Courtier: Spenser's 'The Faerie Queene' as a Rhetoric of Justice. Bruster, Douglas Book Review 1380
The Subject of Desire: Petrarchan Poetics and the Female Voice in Louise Labe. Bourbon, Anne-Marie Book Review 720
The Weyward Sisters: Shakespeare and Feminist Politics. Burnett, Mark Thornton Book Review 624
Thomas Crammer: A Life. Christian, Margaret Book Review 1084
Thomas More on Statesmanship. Bouldin, Wood Book Review 599
Titian's pastoral scene: a unique rendition of Lot and his daughters. Mellinkoff, Ruth 7191
Treasures in Heaven, Armenian Illuminated Manuscripts. Erdreich, Ellen Cooper Book Review 745
Uniting the Kingdom?: The Making of British History. Baker, David J. Book Review 662
Winter Fruit: English Drama, 1642-1660. Randall, Dale B.J. Book Review 620
Women and Religion in Medieval and Renaissance Italy. Simons, Walter Book Review 670
Women and the early modern canon: recent editions of works by English women, 1500-1660. Crane, Mary Thomas Bibliography 5322
Women Writers in English: 1350-1850. Crane, Mary Thomas Book Review 5322
Women Writers of the English Renaissance. Travitsky, Betty S. Book Review 617
Writing on the Renaissance Stage: Written Words, Printed Page, Metaphoric Books. Ardolino, Frank Book Review 804

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