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Articles from Renaissance Quarterly (December 22, 1997)

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A Renaissance Court: Milan Under Galeazzo Maria Sforza. Robin, Diana Book Review 834
Anamorphosis through Descartes or perspective gone awry. Massey, Lyle 14005
Art and Authority in Renaissance Milan. Burroughs, Charles Book Review 654
Books and Schools in the Italian Renaissance. Kohl, Benjamin G. Book Review 421
Caprarola's Sala della Cosmografia. Quinlan-McGrath, Mary 17686
Charity and Power in Early Modern Italy: Benefactors and Their Motives in Turin, 1541-1789. Terpstra, Nicholas Book Review 707
Cinquante pseaumes de David mis en francoys selon la verite hebraique. Sorsby, Karen R. Book Review 629
Cinque Canti. Halpert, V.B. Book Review 841
Desire in the Renaissance: Psychoanalysis and Literature. Suzuki, Mihoko Book Review 816
Dialogue on the Two Natures in Christ. Chibi, Andrew A. Book Review 539
Disputatio Scholastica, vol. 3. Iorio, Dominick A. Book Review 322
Emblematic Structures in French Culture. Bright, Francis T. Book Review 585
Erasmus' Vision of the Church. Coogan, Robert Book Review 600
Faits et dits memorables: Livres I-III. Murphy, Stephen Book Review 718
Fra Angelico: Dissemblance and Figuration. Barryte, Bernard Book Review 724
France in the Sixteenth Century. Benson, Edward Book Review 679
Historicism. Kahan, Jeffrey Book Review 339
Humanism and the Culture of Renaissance Europe. Rabil, Albert, Jr. Book Review 1228
Hutterite Beginnings: Communitarian Experiments During the Reformation. Stayer, James M. Book Review 622
Interpretations of humanism in recent Spanish Renaissance studies. Camillo, Ottavio Di 4691
Italian Altarpieces 1250-1550: Function and Design. Crum, Roger J. Book Review 605
Language and Images of Renaissance Italy. Santosuosso, Antonio Book Review 658
Le globe et son image. Sider, Sandra Book Review 609
Le grottesche della "Volta Pinta" in Assisi. Wood, Jeryldene M. Book Review 657
Leonardo da Vinci's Sforza Monument Horse: The Art and the Engineering. Hatfield, Rab Book Review 615
Lorenzo il Magnifico: Image and Anxiety, Politics and Finance. Kent, F.W. Book Review 863
Making a good impression: Diana Mantuana's printmaking career. Lincoln, Evelyn 15576
Mapping Mortality: The Persistence of Memory and Melancholy in Early Modern England. Holahan, Michael Book Review 606
Maria de Zayas: The Dynamics of Discourse. Friedman, Edward H. Book Review 672
Metaphysik und Mathemathik bei Giordano Bruno. Spruit, Leen Book Review 532
Opera Omnia Desiderii Erasmi Roterodami I-7. Rabil, Albert, Jr. Book Review 308
Panormita's reply to his critics: the 'Hermaphroditus' and the literary defense. O'Connor, Eugene 10144
Paolo Veronese fra artisti e letterati. Gisolfi, Diana Book Review 697
Passage to Modernity: An Essay in the Hermeneutics of Nature and Culture. Shelford, April G. Book Review 544
Petrarch's Songbook: Rerun Vulgarium Fragmenta. Montgomery, Robert L. Book Review 854
Poets, Patrons, and Printers: Crisis of Authority in Late Medieval France. Kuntz, Marion Leathers Book Review 831
Politian and Scholastic Logic: An Unknown Dialogue by a Dominican Friar. Ryan, Lawrence V. Book Review 621
Prophetic Writings of Lady Eleanor Davies. Hoffman, Katherine Book Review 649
Sexuality in the Confessional: A Sacrament Profaned. Taylor, Larissa Juliet Book Review 596
Subject and Object in Renaissance Culture. Erickson, Peter Book Review 1389
Tacitus' Germania and Beatus Rhenanus (1485-1587): A Study of the Editorial and Exegetical Contribution of a Sixteenth Century Scholar. Strauss, Gerald Book Review 796
Tacitus: The Classical Heritage. Kallendorf, Craig Book Review 740
The Diary of Anne Clifford: 1616-1619. Lewalski, Barbara K. Book Review 588
The Early Pianoforte. Minamino, Hiroyuki Book Review 581
The English Hospital: 1070-1570. Horden, Peregrine Book Review 532
The Letters of Claudio Monteverdi. Glixon, Jonathan E. Book Review 654
The Medieval Supercompanies: A Study of the Peruzzi Company of Florence. Dameron, George Book Review 641
The Play of Paradox: Stage and Sermon in Renaissance England. Solomon, Andrea Book Review 615
The Renaissance Antichrist: Lucas Signorelli's Orvieto Frescoes. Kanter, Laurence B. Book Review 572
The Second Part of the Popular Errors. Reeds, Karen Meier Book Review 576
The Theatrical City: Culture, Theatre and Politics in London, 1576-1649. Erickson, Peter Book Review 1389
The Veteran (Parlamento de Ruzante) and Weasel (Bilora): Two One-Act Renaissance Plays. Dersofi, Nancy Book Review 615
The Western Medical Tradition: 800 BC to AD 1800. Carrara, Daniela Mugnai Book Review 614
The Workplace Before the Factory: Artisans and Proletarians, 1500-1800. Amelang, James S. Book Review 591
Towards a reading of Bronzino's burlesque poetry. Parker, Deborah 13872
Violence and Miracle in the Fourteenth Century: Private Grief and Public Salvation. McClure, George Book Review 645
Virgilio in Inghilterra. Mazzocco, Elizabeth H.D. Book Review 663
Vita Nuova. Kennedy, William J. Book Review 705
Wondrous in His Saints: Counter-Reformation Propaganda in Bavaria. Gleason, Elisabeth G. Book Review 658

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