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Articles from Renaissance Quarterly (September 22, 1996)

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A Gust For Paradise: Milton's Eden and the Visual Arts. Low, Anthony Book Review 1719
Achille Bocchi and the Emblem Book as Symbolic Form. Konecny, Lubomir Book Review 650
Agostino Agazzari and Music at Siena Cathedral: 1597-1641. Glixon, Jonathan E. Book Review 563
Alessandro Stradella, 1639-1682: His Life and Music. Holzer, Robert R. Book Review 770
Anxiety in Eden: A Kierkegaardian Reading of Paradise Lost. Engle, Lars Book Review 1136
Art and humanism in early Renaissance Padua: Cennini, Vergerio and Petrarch on imitation. Bolland, Andrea 8243
Between Friends: Discourses of Power and Desire in the Machiavelli-Vettori Letters of 1513-1515. Kirshner, Julius Book Review 771
Bruegel's Peasants: Art and Audience in the Northern Renaissance. Serebrennikov, Nina Eugenia Book Review 1122
Dependence in Context in Renaissance Florence. Brown, Alison Book Review 2119
Erasmus and the hermeneutics of linguistic praxis. Barnett, Mary Jane 12276
Fetes urbaines en Italie a l'epoque de la Renaissance, Verone, Florence, Sienne, Naples. Burroughs, Charles Book Review 814
Florence, 1492: the reappearance of Plotinus. Saffrey, Henri D. 8626
Genealogie incredibili: Scritti di storia nel Europa moderna. Martin, John Book Review 7597
George Herbert's Christian Narrative. Lyons, Bridget Gellert Book Review 693
German Sculpture of the Later Renaissance, c. 1520-1580: Art in an Age of Uncertainty. Parshall, Peter Book Review 889
Heroic Virtue, Comic Infidelity: Reassessing Marguerite de Navarre's Heptameron. Green, Virginia M. Book Review 610
Iconographic Research in English Renaissance Literature: A Critical Guide. Davidson, Clifford Book Review 638
Il romanziere e l'archivista: da un processo del '600 all' anonimo manoscritto dei Promessi sposi. Martin, John Book Review 7602
Il seme delta violenza: putti, fanciulli e mammoli nell' Italia tra Cinque e Seicento. Martin, John Book Review 7596
Images of the Educational Traveller in Early Modern England. Chamberlain, Stephanie Book Review 553
Italia quattrocentesca: politica e diplomazia nell' eta di Lorenzo il Magnifico. Martin, John Book Review 7596
Joseph Scaliger: A Study in the History of Classical Scholarship, vol. 2: Historical Chronology. Reiss, Timothy J. Book Review 1033
La comedie a l'epoque d' Henri II et de Charles IX. Pederson, Nadine D. Book Review 533
La Corte del Granduca: forma e simboli del potere mediceo fra Cinque e Seicento. Martin, John Book Review 7596
La fabbrica del corpo: libri e dissezione nel Rinascimento. Martin, John Book Review 7598
La stanza delta memoria: modelli letterari e iconografici nell' eta della stampa. Martin, John Book Review 7598
Luther's Legacy: Salvation and English Reformers, 1525-1556. Aspinall, Dana E. Book Review 624
Marriage Alliance in Late Medieval Florence. Brown, Alison Book Review 2114
Merchant Culture in Fourteenth-Century Venice: The Zibaldone da Canal. Carroll, Linda Book Review 646
Milton in Government. McAlister, Caroline Book Review 506
Milton on Machiavelli: representations of the state in 'Paradise Lost.' Riebling, Barbara 10045
Milton's House of God: The Invisible and Visible Church. Low, Anthony Book Review 1711
Monstrous Imagination. Pender, Stephen Book Review 613
Musical Poetics. Blackburn, Bonnie J. Book Review 725
Niederlandische Gemalde im Stadel, 1400-1550. Smith, Jeffrey Chipps Book Review 798
Nuptial Arithmetic: Marsilio Ficino's Commentary on the Fatal Number in Book VIII of Plato's Republic. Headley, John M. Book Review 973
Paradise Lost and the Romantic Reader. Low, Anthony Book Review 1705
Pieter Bruegel the Elder: Two studies. Serebrennikov, Nina Eugenia Book Review 1127
Playing with Truth: Language and the Human Condition in Pascal's Pensees. Sauret, Martine Book Review 424
Portraits from the Age of Exploration: Selections from Andre Thevet's Les vrais pourtraits et vies des hommes illustres. Van Den Abbeele, Georges Book Review 601
Positions Concerning the Training Up of Children. Piepho, Lee Book Review 559
Pseudo-Martyr. Young, R.V. Book Review 578
Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library and Renaissance Culture. Gouwens, Kenneth Book Review 624
Scribal Publication in Seventeenth-Century England. Graham, Peter S. Book Review 756
Seventeenth-Century Spanish Poetry: The Power of Artifice. Cruz, Anne J. Book Review 696
Sir Thomas More in the English Renaissance: An Annotated Catalogue. McCutcheon, Elizabeth Book Review 576
Speaking Pictures: English Emblem Books and Renaissance Culture. Meehan, Brian Book Review 613
Spectacles of Strangeness: Imperialism, Alienation, and Marlowe. Taunton, Nina Book Review 700
Spenser's Famous Flight: A Renaissance Idea of a Literary Career. Metcalfe, Jean LeDrew Book Review 657
The Americas in the Spanish World Order: The Justification for Conquest in the Seventeenth Century. Poska, Allyson M. Book Review 576
The Cambridge Companion to English Poetry: Donne to Marvell. Schoenfeldt, Michael Book Review 756
The Folger Library Edition of the Works of Richard Hooker, vol. 6: Parts 1 and 2. Helmholz, R.H. Book Review 636
The Horses of San Marco and the Quadriga of the Lord. Carabell, Paula Book Review 591
The Hours of Simon de Varie. Wieck, Roger S. Book Review 635
The Mental World of the Jacobean Court. Hibbard, Caroline Book Review 681
The Poems of Aemilia Lanyer: Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum. Garett, Cynthia E. Book Review 704
The Politics of Unease in the Plays of John Fletcher. Brady, Jennifer Book Review 756
The Renaissance Bible: Scholarship, Sacrifice, and Subjectivity. Bruster, Douglas Book Review 692
The Sidney Family Romance: Mary Wroth, William Herbert, and the Early Modern Construction of Gender. Lewalski, Barbara K. Book Review 540
The War of the Fists: Popular Culture and Public Violence in Late Renaissance Venice. Romano, Dennis Book Review 619
The World of John Taylor the Water Poet: 1578-1653 Lander, Jesse M. Book Review 693
Una reincarnazione di Pico ai tempi di Pomponazzi con l'edizione critics di Tiberio Russiliano Sesto Calabrese "Apologeticus adversus cucullatos" (1519). Martin, John Book Review 7597
Velazquez, Los Borrachos, and Painting at the Court of Philip IV. Webster, Susan Verdi Book Review 646
Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe. Metcalfe, Jean LeDrew Book Review 608
Women in the book trade in Italy, 1475-1620. Parker, Deborah 11959

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