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Articles from Renaissance Quarterly (March 22, 1996)

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"My Name Was Martha": A Renaissance Woman's Autobiographical Poem. Haslem, Lori Schroeder Book Review 599
A Buddhist's Shakespeare: Affirming Self-Deconstructions. Gottlieb, Sidney Book Review 710
Anxious Pleasures: Shakespearean Comedy and the Nation-State. Erickson, Peter Book Review 967
Authority, Church, and Society in George Herbert: Return to the Middle Way. Wall, John N. Book Review 1719
Blood and Belief: Family Survival and Confessional Identity Among the Provincial Huguenot Nobility. Ultee, Maarten Book Review 615
Cervantine Journeys. Cruz, Anne J. Book Review 644
Chaucer and His Readers: Imagining the Author in Late Medieval England. Welsh, Andrew Book Review 606
Dangerous Familiars: Representations of Domestic Crime in England, 1550-1700. Underdown, David Book Review 647
De Educatione. Kristeller, Paul O. Book Review 331
Dimensions of individuality: recent French works on the Renaissance. Schiffman, Zachary Sayre Bibliography 3528
Elysium: a prelude to Renaissance theater. Licht, Meg 13452
Enclosure Acts: Sexuality, Property and Culture in Early Modern England. Shershow, Scott Cutler Book Review 657
Family and Public Life in Brescia, 1580-1650: The Foundations of Power in the Venetian State. Kirshner, Julius Book Review 674
Fiscal Crises, Liberty, and Representative Government: 1450-1789. Sommerville, Johann Book Review 661
From Defense to Resistance: Justification of Violence During the French Wars of Religion. Ultee, Maarten Book Review 283
Generosity and the Limits of Authority, Shakespeare, Herbert, Milton. Wall, John N. Book Review 1719
Gesta Dipinte La grande decorazione nelle dimore italiane dal Quattrocento al Seicento. Gill, Meredith J. Book Review 694
Hamlet and the Concept of Character. Callaghan, Dympna O. Book Review 1747
Hermetica: The Greek Corpus Hermeticum and the Latin Asclepius in a New English Translation, with Notes and Introduction. Nauert, Charles G., Jr.. Book Review 1038
Hermetis Trismegisti de triginta sex decanis. Nauert, Charles G., Jr.. Book Review 1038
Hunters and Poachers: A Social and Cultural History of Unlawful Hunting in England, 1485-1640. Rednour, William Book Review 517
Italienische Fruhrenaissance und nordeuropaisches Spamittelalter: Kunst der fruhen Neuzit im europaischen Zusammenhang. Smith, Jeffrey Chips Book Review 1059
Kill All the Lawyers? Shakespeare's Legal Appeal. Brucher, Richard Book Review 597
Lettere, vols. 5-6. Kent, F.W. Book Review 947
Literature and Society in Renaissance Crete. Queller, Donald E. Book Review 553
Literature, Politics and National Identity: Reformation to Renaissance. Woods, Gregory Book Review 589
Mad Blood Stirring: Vendetta and Faction in Friuli During the Renaissance. Molho, Anthony Book Review 961
Mad Princes of Renaissance Germany. Harrington, Joel F. Book Review 605
Mannerism and Maniera. Vaccaro, Mary Book Review 492
New Astronomy. Rabin, Sheila J. Book Review 646
New Ways of Looking at Old Texts: Papers of the Renaissance English Text Society, 1985-1991. Mitchell, Elizabeth Book Review 654
Politics, Religion and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe: Essays in Honor of De Lamar Jensen. Rednour, William Book Review 533
Prince, People, and Confession: The Second Reformation in Brandenburg. Nauert, Charles G., Jr. Book Review 603
Refiguring the Hero: From Peasant to Noble in Lope de Vega and Calderon. Bergmann, Emilie L. Book Review 545
Renaissance Discourses of Desire. Harvey, Elizabeth Book Review 673
Revelation and Revolution: Basic Writings of Thomas Muntzer. Ramsey, Ann W. Book Review 567
Rinaldo: Character and Intertext in Ariosto and Tasso. Looney, Dennis Book Review 647
Sannazaro and Arcadia. Kennedy, William J. Book Review 344
Science and the Secrets of Nature: Books of Secrets in Medieval and Early Modern Culture. Blair, Ann Book Review 580
Shakespeare the Actor and the Purposes of Playing. Cerasano, S.P. Book Review 666
Shakespeare, Harsnett, and the Devils of Denham. Charney, Maurice Book Review 836
Sons and mothers: Agrippina, Semiramis, and the philological construction of gender roles in early modern Germany (Lohenstein's 'Agrippina,' 1665) Newman, Jane O. 15525
The Business of Alchemy: Science and Culture in the Holy Roman Empire. Nauert, Charles G., Jr.. Book Review 598
The dreamer's path: Descartes and the Sixteenth Century. Keefer, Michael H. 20435
The Equality of the Sexes. Hill, Bridget Book Review 582
The Hamlet First Published (Q1, 1603). Callaghan, Dympna O. Book Review 1747
The Heart and Stomach of a King: Elizabeth I and the Politics of Sex and Power. Garrett, Cynthia Book Review 851
The Life and Raigne of King Edward the Sixth. Wyly, Thomas J. Book Review 733
The Man Who Sacked Rome: Charles de Bourbon, Constable of France, 1490-1527. Crimando, Thomas I. Book Review 606
The Moment of Self-Portraiture in German Renaissance Art. Krajewski, Bruce Book Review 780
The Reign of Edward III: Crown and Political Society in England, 1327-1377. Godman, Maureen Book Review 671
The Royal Palaces of Tudor England: Architecture and Court Life, 1460-1547. Friedman, Alice T. Book Review 589
Translation Gallica Capitatum XXIV-XXV. Nauert, Charles G., Jr.. Book Review 1038
William Shakespeare: The History Plays. Charney, Maurice Book Review 750
William Shakespeare: The Problem Plays. Charney, Maurice Book Review 750

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