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Remy Ma Reveals The Real Reason Behind Her Nicki Minaj Beef.

When Remy Ma released her Nicki Minaj diss track "( shETHER " on Feb. 25, many hip-hop fans believed the scathing diss was in response to Minaj's guest verse on Gucci Mane's "( Make Love ."

But after an appearance on "( The Wendy Williams Show " Friday, the "All the Way Up" rapper revealed that wasn't the truth. "I didn't care about the ['Make Love'], Remy said. "To me, the record that she did... I thought it was wack, I didn't care about that."

According to the Terror Squad artist, the real reason for dissing Nicki had nothing to do with the rapper's claims of being the best female MC but more to do with behind-the-scenes issues. "It wasn't necessarily the little subliminal stuff on records because I don't care about records," said Remy.

The hip-hop artist went on to reveal, "It was the behind-the-scene things that you people would never know about." According to Remy, Minaj attempted to keep her away from events and tried to plant stories about her lackluster album sales. The "Plato o Ploma" rapper said Nicki would try to keep her off the red carpet and made sure awards would never go to her.

"I have a problem. When you're trying to stop my bag, when you're trying to stop me from taking care of my children, then I have a problem with that," she told Wendy Williams.

Since the release of her original diss track, Remy has ( continued to throw shade at the "Anaconda" rapper on social media and also released a second diss record, while Minaj has remained quiet. But according to Remy Ma, she isn't expecting a rebuttal.

"I'm not waiting to hear anything, like at all. I'm done. Everything that I've said, I said," the rapper told Williams. But while Remy said she no longer wants to discuss the situation, she did manage to take one last shot at Nicki. Wearing a mourning veil, the rapper said she was dressed for a funeral and her grandmother told her to never speak ill of the dead.

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Date:Mar 3, 2017
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