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Remove walls, open the ceiling in this Santa Barbara 70-year-old? It look a new beam system.

Remove walls, open the ceiling in this Santa Barbara 70-year-old? It took a new beam system

Removing walls and opening ceilings toremodel is more easily said than done. But in this 70-year-old Santa Barbara house, a substitute support system overcame the structural problems. And that enabled the architects to turn the former kitchen, pantry, and maid's quarters into a 564-square-foot kitchen for a cook who wanted to be part of family activities nearby.

Running the 35-foot length of the roomare a new ridge beam and a beam atop of the exterior wall. Four tie beams span the room's width, connecting the beefed-up exterior wall to interior bearing walls.

One end of the room is the no-nonsensekitchen, where a long stretch of tiled counter incorporates a double sink, a dishwasher, and a generous work surface culminating in a baking corner with an inset slab of beveled granite.

Opposite the window wall, an L-shapedcounter accommodates cooktop, ovens, refrigerator, and more counter space. Central to the work area is a 2- by 6-foot island with a butcher-block top and storage cabinets and spice racks below.

The architects kept over-the-counter cabinetsto a minimum; instead, a big walk-in pantry fills the corner opposite the baking center and behind the cooktop wall.

The other end of the room is for familygatherings: to dine informally, watch television, or curl up in front of the fire or on the cushioned window seat.

Flanking the window, a fireplace anglesacross one corner; an entertainment center with built-in television and stereo cuts across the other.

Neumann & Rowland-Seaside UnionArchitects undertook the remodel.

Photo: New beam structure supports roof andwalls of remodeled kitchen and family dining area. Screened skylights on roof's west-facing slope open to vent heat

Photo: Versatile area at one end of expandedkitchen includes fireplace, window seat, and entertainment center in one corner

Photo: Granite inset and slide-out trays for pansturned one corner into a baking center
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Date:Jun 1, 1987
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