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Remotely resettable electronic circuit breaker.

E-T-A Circuit Protection and Control has introduced a remotely resettable version of the ESS20, an electronic circuit breaker system designed to protect individual circuits connected to a power supply. The ESS20-1 circuit breaker provides selective circuit protection of DIN rail factory automation equipment connected to switch-mode power supplies, components such as sensors, actuators, field bus couplers and controls. Since the ESS20-1 is remotely resettable, production can restart with minimum downtime. In the event of an overload, the ESS20-1 electronically shuts down the circuit. After the source of the fault is cleared, the circuit breaker remotely resets and production resumes. Compared to a traditional device, the ESS20-1 eliminates the need for a plant electrician or technician to open a control panel and push the manual reset button to resume protection. In addition, the fault condition can be quickly identified because the ESS20-1 can communicate with a logic controller or factory control software. The ESS20-1 circuit breaker prevents an overload in a single circuit from shutting down its 24V DC switch-mode power supply, which may interrupt power to multiple circuits and factory components. The device electronically limits the maximum amount of current drawn from the power supply to no more than 1.8X the set rated current of the breaker, allowing the breaker to trip without causing the power supply to shut down. With a width of 12.5 mm, the ESS20-1 circuit breaker snap-mounts in E-T-A's Module 17plus DIN rail mounting power distribution system. Pricing on the ESS20-1 ranges from $30 to $50, depending on volume. E-T-A Circuit Breakers


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Title Annotation:Power Sources & Conditioning Devices
Publication:ECN-Electronic Component News
Date:Dec 1, 2004
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