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Remote viewing software for data recorders: enables complete remote operation over local networks or the internet@h2. (Technology update: process control & automation).

Full Bridge version of Bridge 5000 remote viewing software package enables remote workstations to access and control any of its 5000 Series data recorders over unlimited distances. This latest release provides a powerful, user-friendly interface, via direct connection, Ethernet link, Local Area Network or the Internet, with a number of new features and greater functionality. It enables full remote operation, historical data review and even remote configuration of instruments. Bridge 5000 allows remote users to view live data, presenting the same `look & feel' as the instrument itself. Information is presented in a variety of formats such as vertical trend, horizontal trend, vertical bar graph, horizontal bar graph or large numeric, and custom displays are also fully supported. Password protection ensures that only authorized clients may connect to the instrumentation.

Eurotherm Chessell, 741-F Miller Dr, Leesburg, VA 20175.

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Publication:Pharmaceutical Processing
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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