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Remote sites access images over 56 kb/s link.

Remote Sites Access Images Over 56 kb/s Link Five medical centers around the country are poised to begin transmitting nuclear medicine images between Macintosh II PCs, over US Sprint's Virtual Private Network 56 service.

The technology should improve diagnoses and patient treatment. Outlying medical facilities could link to larger health care centers so physicians far apart can consult with complete information on complex cases.

Computers, modems, and X-ray film are not needed with the process. Images and data go directly from a gamma camera linked to a Mac over the fiber VPN 56 network.

Transmissions cross the network at the price of a long-distance call.

Dr. James Lear of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center predicts the process will revolutionize radiologic and nuclear imaging and data transmission in health care.

In other carrier developments:

* AT&T expanded Accunet offerings with 384 kb/s switched digital service, along with customer-controlled reconfiguration, new bandwidths and rates for Accunet Reserved Digital Service.

* Northern Telecom was the customer in internetworking ISDN trial with MCI. Northern used 800, Vnet services between Nashville headquarters and Richardson, Texas, facility. MCI primary rate interface linked its network to Northern's SL-1/SL-100 Meridian Customer Defined Network nodes.

* US Sprint with Cable & Wireless introduced Global Virtual Private Network. It also successfully completed tests linking its Signaling System 7 network with Southern, South Central Bell.

* 108-mile Eastern Tele-Logic fiber loop is complete in Philadelphia, suburbs, offering alternate carrier access, local voice, data.

* AT&T cut Enhanced Fax service prices as much as 33%.

* Belgian RTT and TRT/FTC Communications will offer bandwidth on demand (above 112 kb/s) dial-up service between U.S., Belgium.

* US Sprint has electronic messaging interconnection with Internet data net through SprintMail 400 service. It also offers on-line "address book" for SprintMail users.

* Infonet introduced fixed-charge virtual private network offering for users moving large volumes of data, and opened access to Mexico's Telepac public data network.

* Regional IXCs Long Distance Service and Vyvx Telecom established Signaling System 7 link between previously incompatible switches, Digital Switch's DEX 400 and Northern Telecom's DMS 250, via Teketec Protocol Converter Traffic Manager.
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Title Annotation:medical centers use US Sprint's Virtual Private Network 56 service
Publication:Communications News
Date:Jul 1, 1990
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