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Remote possibility of inbuilt controls.

The sense of power that the possession of a remote control device can bestow is best described as euphoria-inducing. Somehow males exhibit a propensity to take charge of this in most households.

So, they manipulate channel viewing and ensure that they get to view what they want. However, being fickle by nature, this is often used as a tool to skim through the mind-boggling choice of channels in the shortest available time, stopping briefly every now and then when their glance is beguiled by what seems interesting. But as soon as they realise that this programme has elicited general interest (say from the wife who might innocently say, "Pause there, this looks interesting"), the flipping motion accelerates in search of broader horizons.

I do believe that the remote control is a wonderful invention, saving us the bother of having to get up from bed or a favourite chair to adjust or retune, allowing us to control options from afar.

Would life be better if we had the ability to pause, forward or replay what we liked or didn't like? Imagine that wonderful idyllic holiday lasting forever, on permanent pause. Or, if all good things have to come to an end some time, we know we can press aACAyreplay' and relive the magic. Although this sounds magical, I wonder if the surfeit of happiness would become boring after a while, lulling us into satiety, our senses dulled by the cloying sweetness of nature.

Do we have to experience an end to comfort and satiation to truly appreciate it? Would knowledge of the permanence of an experience detract from its attractiveness? Or is life infinitely more varied and interesting because we are tossed about on the sea of experience, never having time to dwell too long on what we are going through? Is change the spice of life? Viewing this from another angle, do we need to go through the rough to appreciate the smoothness of the next ride?

I suppose the answer is yes. Contrasting experiences give us the ability to judge and differentiate between good, bad and average. I realise I seem to be contradicting myself, but this kind of musing can become very convoluted, often bringing you back to where you started.

All of us go through times in life when we dread a certain date or deadline. As children, this would be exams or a test in a subject that one isn't the best at. For adults, it might be a confrontation or an acceptance of a certain situation that is never going to change, however much one might wish it would. Each time one of these testing periods is round the corner, how great it would be if we could skip the bad parts and go on to the good. These are times when we want to go forward and fast. I know that sometimes the waiting is more agonising than the actual event as we build it up into something truly daunting in our minds. So, if there was a way to avoid subjecting ourselves to this kind of trauma, I would be all for it.

I guess this kind of existence -- having a built-in remote control to pause, replay and fast forward -- would be anathema for some who believe in the vicissitudes of life strengthening one's moral fibre, who welcome everything life has to throw at them. If any of you meet this rare species, do let me know. I would love to get to know a super human being up close and personal, to remind myself that I am merely a petty being. Nothing else can bring one down to earth than such a reminder.

I know how impossible it will be for most of what I have suggested to come true, but one can dream. Isn't that what keeps hope alive?

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Publication:Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)
Date:Apr 12, 2013
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