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Remote monitor and alarm notification system.

Sensaphone 400 features customizable voice messaging, programmable relay output, a phone line seizure feature and a diagnostic test function. The device helps protect equipment and facilities by alerting owners, facility managers, lab technicians and building supervisors to changes in critical environmental conditions. Operating conditions such as temperature, power supply, alarms, excess humidity, water on the floor and intrusion are all monitored. Facilities are observed 24/7 in pharmaceutical and health sciences, food processing, electronics manufacturing and agricultural industries. Specific applications include health and science labs, cold storage units, cabins, vacation homes and greenhouses. When an alarm is detected, the device can notify four people using customized voice phone calls that continue until someone responds. Sensaphone, 877-373-2700


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Title Annotation:PRODUCT NEWS
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Jul 1, 2007
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