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Remodeling made the master bedroom into a sunlit suite.

Embracing a small porch transformed Kathy and John Deal's master bedroom into a spacious suite. It contains a sitting area, anew fireplace beside the bed, a room-long bench-display shelf, and new access to ah adjacent bathroom (also remodeled and now bright and contemporary).

To gain room for the fireplace and part of the shelf, San Diego architect Peter Rodi cantilevered a 3-foot-deep, 12-foot-long addition along the side of the old bedroom, The shelf jogs in and along two walls of the sitting area.

Rodi positioned a new door to the bathroom in the former porch wall. He also cut the wall back to stop at the front of the bathroom counter, 24 inches short of the new sitting area's exterior wall. To provide closed storage, the bathroom cabinets extend 25 inches into the new room.
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Date:Jan 1, 1989
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