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Remodeled for people instead of dairy cows in Park City, Utah.

"People still think cows live in here," say the owners of this 1920s dairy barn in Park City, Utah. The dairy had ceased operations, but the building remained--a big, friendly landmark. Instead of tearing it down to build a new house, the owners decided to remodel part of it and move in.

The hired architect William Selvage of Salt Lake City to expand and update existing living quarters in the small projecting wing without altering the barn's character. Selvage turned the bottom floor of the wing into a guest room and the upper floor into a living room, connecting it to the upper floor of the main barn by removing an interior wall.

A 33- by 40-foot central slice of the huge 33- by 140-foot building now houses a new kitchen, dining area, and master bedroon. Floor-to-ceiling thermal-paned glass walls at each side of the remodeled space separate it from the rest of the barn. The undeveloped space is used for storing farm machinery and for party overflow.

To capitalize on the dramatic 16-foot ceiling, Selvage used an open plan, simple white walls, and a ridge skylight. Only the master bedroom and bath are enclosed. Other rooms are open to each other but well defined: steps lead down to the living room, railings separate living and dining areas, and a cantilevered ceiling and low partition frame the kitchen.
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Date:May 1, 1984
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