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SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Can I afford to remodel? How much will my home appreciate because of the remodel? Will the project be completed on the budget I set? These are common questions from homeowners.

"Getting an estimate of the cost of your remodeling project is one of the first steps in the remodeling process," said Dan Fritschen, founder of the remodeling cost-estimating site "These initial estimates of the cost to remodel are so important for homeowners to set their expectations correctly and to empower them to be smart consumers."

Fritschen provides a list of tips to help homeowners get the remodeling cost information:

1. Create a list of must haves and nice to haves for your remodeling project.

Remodeling is all about compromises resulting from your design and budget, so be prepared to make informed compromises by having thought through what is most important in your project and what is just nice to have. With a comprehensive list, you may also discover that some of the "nice to haves" don't add any cost while the "must haves" are being built.

2. Decide how much work - if any - you will do yourself.

Are you interested and capable of doing some or all of the remodeling work yourself? If so, you will need a good idea of what you are willing to do to get an estimate of the cost for what you are not going to do.

3. Is moving an option? Should you remodel?

It may be easier and less expensive to move to a house that already has all the features you want. Find out using the free Remodel or Move calculator.

Are you moving soon or maybe just can't handle the stress and mess of remodeling? Find out if remodeling your home now is a good idea with the Should I Remodel calculator.

4. Choose a method for your estimate.

Cost per square foot

Cost per square foot is the most famous, or infamous, means to generate an estimate for a remodel. Costs like $100, $200, and $300 per square foot are tossed around as if they are magical numbers. Initial estimates based on cost per square foot should only be created by knowledgeable builders and DIY homeowners since cost per square foot estimates vary greatly based on use of the room, the home's location and age, as well as the design and materials used for the remodel or addition.

Average cost data

Average cost data collected by as well as other sites are great tools, but unfortunately they are averages - and often do not provide estimates for a number of project variables like doing it yourself and quality of materials used.

Online Estimating Calculators

Remodeling cost calculators found on websites like and are good tools that provide instant estimates based on just the information that most homeowners have at their fingertips - what rooms will be remodeled or added, the amount of DIY effort, if any, the type of materials that will be used - economy, average, or expensive - and the value of the home.

Fritschen finished with the following advice: "The important thing for all homeowners is to do a lot of research about remodeling and clearly understand your needs and goals as the first step for a successful remodeling project."

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