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Remodel an A-frame? It's a challenge.

Remodel an A-frame? It's a challenge

Unavoidable realities in an A-framehouse--the roof's form and the exposed post-and-beam framework on the interior --make remodeling a challenge. On lower floors, you can remove interior walls; but the posts and beams must stay.

Landscape designer Nick Williams foundseveral inventive ways to expand and brighten the main floor of his A-frame in Calabasas, California.

A 40-inch-deep glass-paneled extensionenlarges the kitchen area and lets morning light pour in. Around the kitchen's perimeter, a gray granite counter complements new gray-stained oak cabinetry.

Replacing a solid wall with five 6-by-6posts, spaced 6 inches apart, gives a sense of separation between the living and dining areas but allows views from one space to the other.

To brighten the interior, posts, beams,and ceiling (2-by-6 tongue-and-groove flooring) were sandblasted, then stained a light gray. Off-white carpeting in the living room and a cream-colored stain on oak floors in the dining room and kitchen also lighten the look.

Photo: Kitchen extension pushes into rear yard. Board-and-battensiding on porch and extension tie in with rest of lower story

Photo: Suspended from main beam, halves of housing for 58- by67-inch light are framed by 4-by-8s. Translucent plexiglass diffuses direct light, bounces indirect light off ceiling

Photo: Divided but open,main floor breaks into living and dining areas, with kitchen at rear. Tops of nonstructural posts (right) wrap around existing beam. Short length of counter (center) makes pass-through from kitchen
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Date:Mar 1, 1987
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