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Remoaners think they know better than others; Letters.

TO BE branded a xenophobic, nationalist demands a factual correction.

Richard Guise knows only too well that I am a libertarian, with equal affection for all people of all colours, sexual orientation, religion, you name it - as long as none claim special privileges - and my life's record of internationalism spreads well beyond Europe's borders, to four continents.

I campaign with folk from a broad spectrum of parties to escape the clutches of a predominantly white, privileged block, which is the EU itself, affording them rights denied on merit to people beyond the borders of EU land. The EU is racist.

He boldly insinuates lack of reason and warmongering even, on my part, which actually describes his beloved EU splendidly.

He mentions 'Trump', so nastily berated by PC Luvvie brigades. Take note folks: the world now reaps the benefit of his firm and fair response to the hostile Kim Jong Un. Renegade 'Rocket Man' is now following the US President's advice that parties (nations) talk to each other.

Recently he talked with South Korea and China, and now wants to talk to the USA itself. That is progress, thanks to Donald Trump.

Will PC Luvvies admit they were wrong? About as likely as Mr Guise will admit that his One World Government holy grail is not the way forward.

In case of doubt, Remoaners are now talking down the UK economy. It suits their political agenda. But good economic news just keeps on coming. Industrial giant Toyota will now build the new 'Auris' just up the road at Willington.

Loughborough Echo reports 'House prices rise by 25 per cent in one year'. Actually not good news, but confirms economic confidence. Remoaners refuse to accept your democratic decision. You see, they know better than you, don't think you are clever enough, and bleat that we aren't good enough to thrive as a free sovereign nation. You know like tiny Iceland, or Greenland who left the EU and are doing really well, really. Glance at Europe under EU direction: from the Baltic to the Brenner Pass uncontrolled immigration is overwhelmingly rejected, Anti immigration anti EU parties dominate Italian politics. Spain is marching back to Francoism. The modest Low Countries fall in line with their huge neighbours, speaking of which just leaves two: Germany with uncomfortable CDU/SDP alliance (GroKo) but with AfD as official opposition, and France with bankster placed Napoleon II (Macron). Both harbour Europe dominating ambition, again.

The EU Army is being marshalled ready to keep you in line. And Mr Guise and chums want you and I trapped in that unholy mix? Well, we don't want to live in Greater Germany, no matter how much we admire them. Wir verlassen die Europaische Vereinigung (EU) in Marz 2019.

Andy McWilliam, chairman UKIP Loughborough & District

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Loughborough Echo (Loughborough, England)
Date:Apr 11, 2018
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