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By Non Pratt

Simon & Schuster

$17.99, 320 pages

ISBN 9781442497757

eBook available

Ages 14 and up



Kaz and Ruby are road-tripping to a music festival with friends, a summer blowout to shake off some ghosts and renew their friendship. Kaz is smarting from a breakup with a guy she thought had forever potential. Ruby is academically adrift, and with her beloved brother heading out into the world, she needs to get a plan in place--after some quality time in the mosh pit. Remix celebrates female friendships while being brutally honest about how they can fall apart.

Author Non Pratt includes hilariously on-point details about the grunginess of field camping, from trashed Port-O-Lets to strangers making out in your tent at odd hours. Kaz and Ruby's alternating points of view can be difficult to tell apart, but this speaks to the ways they overlap as friends. There are some funny supporting players sharing their campsite who enhance the festie vibe.

Remix reminds us that boyfriends are hardly worth fighting over, but female friendships are absolutely worth fighting for.

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