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Remington trigger reuse.

Any advice on what to do with all the stock recalled Remington triggers I have swapped out?

James Williams

Have you swapped out the OEM triggers for aftermarket substitutes or replaced them with properly functioning OEM trigger assemblies? Either way, you now have a surplus of recalled Remington trigger assemblies on hand. Under normal circumstances, a recall on any firearm or a key element to its proper/safe function includes instructions to return the affected gun and/or component to the factory for corrective action. Following a more strict OEM practice, replacement of an OEM triggervoids any warranty on the firearm immediately. We don't know which best describes your situation.

Our suggestion is to make no mention of aftermarket triggers when you call Remington. Ask if they offer free corrective servicing of the recalled triggers and return to you after those measures have been taken. It's a long shot they will, but if they do you can make a nice profit on the stash of properly-behaving "Remtriggers" you'll have on hand.

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Author:Williams, James
Publication:American Gunsmith
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Dec 1, 2016
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