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Remington answers shooter's needs.

Remington Arms Company, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware, has expanded its product line in the last few years and the result has been a wide range of products that includes something to answer almost any need any shooter and hunter would encounter.

As the cover of their 1991 catalog proudly proclaims Remington has been in business for 175 years. Eliphalet Remington was convinced in 1816 he could build a better gun and so began the career and history of one of America's greatest gun makers and gun making companies.

It used to be that a firearms manufacturer would try and offer only what they deemed to be the best quality firearms they could manufacture, but Remington, long ago, went beyond that by also establishing name brand recognition in the ammunition field as well as firearms.

Remington ammunition is universally recognized as being among the best there is around the world and part of that premier quality inevitably has to be the result of trademarking such cartridges as the .44 Remington Magnum, the 7mm Remington Magnum and the many others bearing the name Remington as these rounds offer improved performance and accuracy over other cartridges of the same class and caliber.

Remington has always been known for well made rifles and shotguns. With exception of the single barreled Model 90-T Trap Gun and the 10 gauge Model SP-10 Magnum, their shotguns basically follow the lines of two of their most popular designs; the Model 11-87 and the never-aging Model 870 Wingmaster. The Model 1100 is still available as the Model 1100 Tournament Skeet, the Model 1100 Small Gauge and the Model 1100 Youth Gun.

The semi-automatic Model 11-87 is available as the Model 11-87 Premier High Gloss, the Model 11-87 Cantilever Scope Mount Deer Gun, the Model 11-87 SP Vent Rib, the Model 11-87 SP Synthetic, or the Commemorative Model 11-87 175th Anniversary Edition.

The pump action Model 870 is available in a variety of gauges and 14 different styles and models including, but not limited to, those built expressly for trap shooting, turkey hunting, deer hunting, and beginning or younger hunters.

Both models are available as "SP" shotguns or Special Purpose guns. These models feature stocks and fore-ends with a special non-reflective finish, while the barrels and receivers are finished with a rust-resistant black matte finish. Additional features of the SP Shotguns are the detachable sling swivels, a Cordura[R] sling and vent-rib barrels with twin bead sights.

Remington has increased the versatility of their shotguns by the use of after-sale choke tubes and extra barrels. These stainless steel screw in choke tubes enable the shooter to use the same shotgun whether he is hunting quail or whitetail deer. Also available are Cantilever Scope Mount barrels for the Model 870 Wingmaster and the Model 11-87 Premier.

The Model 700 bolt action rifle has become the standard for America's big game hunters. For those who still prefer a self-loading hunting rifle there is the Model 7400. Remington has kept those customers who prefer the pump action mechanism of the Model 870 in mind by keeping the Model 7600 pump-action centerfire rifle in the catalog.

The Model 700 bolt-action rifle is available in ten basic models ranging from the BDL to the Model 700 ADL LS with the laminated stock to the Model 700 Safari. The calibers range from the .17 Rem. to the 458 Win Mag.

Remington also builds a pistol in the XP-100. Four different models demonstrate the accuracy found with this bolt action handgun and new for 1991 is the XP-22R, a five shot rimfire repeater.

Rimfire rifles have always been successful and they now offer four models; the Model 541-T, the Sportsman Model 581S, the Model 572 BDL Fieldmaster, and the Model 552 BDL Speedmaster. The utilitarian Nylon 66 is no longer available, because the machinery used to produce this revolutionary "plastic" rifle for decades has worn beyond the point of repair.

Their extensive line of ammunition includes everything from their Duplex Shotshells on down through rifled slugs for deer hunting. The patented Duplex shotshell is the only factory loaded shotshell with two different sizes of shot. Remington also offers a wide range of premium quality hunting loads for both the goose and the upland game hunter. Steel shot loads are also available for the waterfowl hunter and here Remington offers what they feel is the most advanced waterfowl load available, the SP Duplex Steel Shot load.

For big game hunters they offer, in addition to the normal product mix of centerfire rifle ammunition and components, the Extended Range product line of centerfire rifle ammunition which is available for .270 Win., .280 Rem., 7MM Rem. Mag., .30-06 Spgfld., .308 Win., .300 Win. Mag., and the .300 Wby. Mag. The Extended Range ammunition offers the customer ammo that shoots flatter, with a tighter group and more downrange energy than before.

Remington offers the shooter all the products necessary to clean and maintain their firearms. Besides the cleaning kits and assorted accessories they also offer Silicone Treatment to protect wood, leather, rubber and plastic. Sight BlackOut is a water-proof spray for blackening the front sight and top of the barrel to reduce glare. Rem[TM] Action Cleaner is a spray that cleans the action of a firearm without need of disassembly as this nonflammable formula cuts through caked lubricants and gum leaving a dry, clean surface without any trace of residue. Remington also offers Black Powder Patch Lube, Hinge & High Pressure Grease, Choke-Tube Cleaner and their own Universal Grease.

Rem[TM] Oil and Rem[TM] Clean are two products designed to insure longer life for firearms and Rem Oil contains Du Pont Teflon@ for increased lubrication in all kinds of weather. RemClean removes built up carbon, lead, copper and plastic wad fouling from guns while using an environmentally safe formula.

Remington is also marketing what they label high performance clothing for the shooting sportsman. All their clothing is American made and it is marketed direct to the dealers. The Remington management intentionally designed this clothing line for the discriminating sportsman, because they are selling quality, not discount-house quantity.

Included in the clothing line are jackets, shirts, and pants for the trap range, the upland game briar patch, or a high altitude, cold weather big game hunt. A wide variety of hats are available as well as gloves, socks and even suspenders.

Remington also offers climate protection for guns as well as the hunter in the guncases they offer the discriminating customer and, finally, they offer a number of folding knives for the outdoorsman. Whether he is walking a nature path or cleaning a fresh caught trout and one of these knives will prove handy, useful and sharp.

Remington offers a wider line of products for the shooting sportsman than anyone else in the American marketplace, and the irony is, they are expanding it every year. The quality is first-rate, because the label and trademark say one word, "Remington."
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Title Annotation:Remington Arms Company Inc.
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Date:Oct 1, 1991
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