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Remington M788 extractor.

I'm having trouble installing a riveted extractor in a Model 788 Remington 7mm-08. Brownells told me it took the same one as the Model 700. I've tried about four of them without any luck. I saw a gunsmith link on the internet and they said the 788's extractor was different from the Model 700's. Do you know if they're different? Thanks.

John Bailey

The original, riveted Model 700 extractor was discontinued in 1980 and replaced with a rivetless variation. Until that time, both M700 and M788 extractors had the same part number and were interchangeable. The only riveted M700 extractor still extant is used in the bolt of a large Magnum caliber, which your rifle is not. You can get an extractor and some extra rivets, just in case, from Gun Parts Corp. or Jack First.

To install the extractor, drive the rivet inward from the bolt. Dislodge and remove the old extractor from inside the bolt rim. Squeeze the ends of the new extractor together to tension the part. (We'll tell you how to achieve the proper tension in the next paragraph.) Flatten the end of the new extractor (the end opposite the rivet hole), place the extractor inside the bolt rim, and align the extractor/ bolt-rivet holes. Insert a new rivet with its head inside the bolt rim and support the head with round steel stock as you peen the protruding end of the rivet to secure the extractor to the bolt. Smooth the peened end to blend with the outside of the bolt.

Now, for proper tension, install the bolt in the receiver an d invert the rifle. Chamber a fired case. Close the bolt and then open it. The extractor should hold the case as long as the ejector hasn't been installed. If the case snaps free with difficulty after minor finger pressure is applied, the extractor is too tight, and must be tapped back under the bolt rim with a soft metal punch. If the case falls free, the extractor is too loose, and must be pulled from under the rim slightly to increase tension. Should this fail to correct the problem, it may be necessary to remove the extractor, squeeze it again, and reinstall it.

Once the tension is satisfactory, smooth up the arc of the extractor claw to blend perfectly with the bolt rim.

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