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Remembering the Fallen.

I REALLY enjoyed the June articles "Remembering the Fallen" and "Where Valor Rests." They were excellent reminders that many Americans have given their lives to shape and maintain the freedoms we all enjoy. They should also help us all remember that freedom isn't free, and maintaining the free society in which we are priviledged to live costs us dearly.

Janice Rolle

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THANKS for the May article "Where Valor Rests." It was a beautiful and moving look at Arlington Cemetery, and a wonderful tribute to those who have died in service to the country.

I could not help but wonder, though, how many more white headstones will spring up, and how many more folded flags will be handed to grieving families, before this hard but necessary war against terror ends.

Col. Steven Wiley (Ret.)

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Title Annotation:Letters from the Field
Author:Rolle, Janice; Wiley, Steven
Publication:Soldiers Magazine
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Date:Aug 1, 2007
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