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Remember When.

Welcome to our weekly Remember When pullout, which looks at the recent past using pictures from the Evening Gazette's archives. This week the focus is on dramatic pictures of flooding on Teesside


Mrs Susan Goodhall outside her home at Middleton-on-Leven, near Yarm, with the North Yorkshire Fire Brigade who had to pump away flood water which had blocked the village street in January 1984. The two foot deep flooding extended over nearby gardens and a paddock where a pond is sited. The flood was caused by a block land drain which normally flowed into a nearby gill and into the River Leven

A few local residents wait at a flooded bus stop in Dormanstown owing to the excessive rainfall in May 1971. Local becks overflowed onto Armitage Road. The whole flooded area was described as a Venetian lagoon

Heavy overnight rain swelled Billingham Beck and Tommy, an eight-year-old gelding, found himself up to his haunches in flood water in January 1972. His owner, Mrs Maggie Dodd, of Oaksham Drive, Billingham, saw Tommy's plight on her way to work. So she phoned some friends and before long they were on the scene along with the fire brigade, police and RSPCA inspector George Farrow (right in picture). Inspector Farrow led the rescue party in thigh deep water but Tommy, frozen, frightened and fed up in the icy wind and icier water would have no part of them or their rope. Tommy was eventually tempted to safety with a bucket full of carrots

David Baker of Croydon Road, Middlesbrough, found one way to beat the floods sweeping the region in August 1971

Below - Peter Taylor of 133 Borough Road, Middlesbrough, speaking with police and local rescuers after he was marooned in his house by rising flood waters in March 1979

Alan Finney owner of the K Centre shop in Linthorpe, Middlesbrough, helping to bail out water from his flooded shop in June 1983
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Nov 19, 2013
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