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THE TITLE IX CONTRACT QUAGMIRE. Freeman, Bryce Mar 1, 2020 12678
HUSHING CONTRACTS. Hoffman, David A.; Lampmann, Erik Sep 1, 2019 27632
Class certification granted after European river cruise gone awry. Olson, Kris Apr 25, 2019 794
Arbitrator ignored contract terms. Mar 17, 2019 711
Damages - Equitable claims - Election of remedies. Mar 6, 2019 611
MORAL DIVERSITY AND EFFICIENT BREACH. Seligman, Matthew A. Mar 1, 2019 27189
CJRW Breaks Silence. Jan 21, 2019 327
Moving Beyond Uberrima Fides? The General Duty of Honesty in Contractual Performance and Punitive Damage Awards in Anglo-Canadian Contract Law. Flaczyk, Conrad; Glaudemans, Nicolas Oct 1, 2018 12184
EDVA: Widow's foreclosure claims don't show breach of contract. Bondurant, Jordan Aug 24, 2018 774
SCV: Pay dispute properly dismissed for not mediating. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 24, 2018 606
Bank battles insurer after hackers steal $2.4M. Vieth, Peter Aug 3, 2018 499
4th Cir.: Data breach victims have standing for contract claims. Lightle, Rebecca M. Jun 13, 2018 808
No stranger to elderly' loses appeal. Bridges, Barry Mar 22, 2018 529
The material difference in Florida contract law. Crabtree, John G. Mar 1, 2016 3119
Knowledge is not necessarily power: sandbagging in New York M&A transactions. Cole, Brandon Jan 1, 2016 7625
The limits on the remedy of damages for breach of jurisdiction agreements: the law of contract meets private international law. Dinelli, Albert Apr 1, 2015 7796
Florida's first-party uninsured motorist bad-faith doctrine needs a pit stop. Hearn, Anthony Mar 1, 2015 6392
Clark v. Macourt: defective sperm and performance substitutes in the High Court of Australia. Winterton, David Dec 1, 2014 17922
Judge upholds order for breach-of-terms payment in Kansas city. Roewe, Brian Aug 29, 2014 384
Comparative and normative analysis of damages under the SGA and the CESL. Beheshti, Reza Jun 22, 2014 13899
Tort and contract actions: strange bedfellows no more in the wake of Tiara Condominium. Munyon, Lisa T.; Blackwell, Alice L.; Sarlo, Paul Dec 1, 2013 2614
The search for consistency: the interpretation of plea agreements and appeal waivers in the face of breach. Cross, Matt Sep 22, 2013 11170
The technology of creditor protection. Adler, Barry E.; Kahan, Marcel Jun 1, 2013 19735
Exploring the limits of contract design in debt financing. Triantis, George G. Jun 1, 2013 9433
Tort's response to surrogate motherhood: providing surrogates with a remedy for breached agreements. Carsley, Stefanie Jan 1, 2013 12065
Specific performance as a seller remedy for buyer's breach of a sales contract--the availability of judicial purchase orders. Thatcher, Charles M. Jun 22, 2012 12080
Contractual rights and remedies for dismissed employees after the 'employment revolution'. Keesing, Grace Apr 1, 2012 15295
Questioning the FTC's incremental value test and claims of widespread hold-up in technology standards. Taffet, Richard S.; Wellford, Hill B. Mar 22, 2012 12088
Punitive damages: public wrong or egregious conduct? A survey of New York law. Leventhal, John M.; Dickerson, Thomas A. Jan 1, 2012 25483
Efficient breach of international law: optimal remedies, "legalized noncompliance," and related issues. Posner, Eric A.; Sykes, Alan O. Nov 1, 2011 25935
You do have to keep your promises: a disgorgement theory of contract remedies. Thel, Steve; Siegelman, Peter Mar 1, 2011 28478
Lost profits for breach of contract: would the Court of Appeals apply the Second Circuit's analysis? Banks, Glen Jan 1, 2011 15958
Remedies on and off contract. Brooks, Richard R.W.; Stremitzer, Alexander Jan 1, 2011 15881
The decline of the Court of Federal Claims in Nebraska Public Power District v. United States, 590 F.3d 1357 (Fed. Cir. 2010). Thies, Daniel Jun 22, 2010 5817
Bad faith breach of contract in the insurance context and in the oil and gas context: a comparison. Graves, Sheila R. Mar 22, 2010 12493
Do liquidated damages encourage breach? A psychological experiment. Wilkinson-Ryan, Tess Mar 1, 2010 19688
Hidden legal risks of green building. Anderson, Maura K.; Bidgood, James K.; Heady, Eugene J. Mar 1, 2010 5310
International ice hockey: player poaching and contract dispute. Zdrojeski, Kate Jan 1, 2010 11529
Collusion in Major League Baseball's free agent market: the Barry Bonds case. Blair, Roger D.; Haynes, Jessica S. Dec 22, 2009 8285
After Tabcorp, for whom does the Bellgrove toll? Cementing the expectation measure as the 'ruling principle' for calculation of contract damages. Bell, Matthew Dec 1, 2009 19303
Stipulated damages, super-strict liability, and mitigation in contract law. Levmore, Saul Jun 1, 2009 8364
In (partial) defense of strict liability in contract. Scott, Robert E. Jun 1, 2009 7999
A comparative fault defense in contract law. Porat, Ariel Jun 1, 2009 8139
The role of fault in contract law: unconscionability, unexpected circumstances, interpretation, mistake, and nonperformance. Eisenberg, Melvin Aron Jun 1, 2009 8561
Fault in contract law. Posner, Eric A. Jun 1, 2009 7774
An information theory of willful breach. Bar-Gill, Oren; Ben-Shahar, Omri Jun 1, 2009 10103
When is a willful breach "willful"? The link between definitions and damages. Craswell, Richard Jun 1, 2009 7642
Willfulness versus expectation: a promisor-based defense of willful breach doctrine. Thel, Steve; Siegelman, Peter Jun 1, 2009 8394
Could breach of contract be immoral? Shiffrin, Seana Jun 1, 2009 10417
Why breach of contract may not be immoral given the incompleteness of contracts. Shavell, Steven Jun 1, 2009 6515
Never say die: the continued existence of the government officials' good faith presumption in federal contracting law and the well-nigh irrefragable proof standard after Tecom. Ramos, Bryan O. Mar 22, 2009 13057
When reliance is detrimental: economic, moral, and policy arguments for expectation damages in contracts terminated for the convenience of the government. Page, Bruce D., Jr. Mar 22, 2008 19490
Where Jewish husband had agreed in writing with his Jewish wife, that immediately after their Quebec civil divorce, the husband would grant release from marriage under Jewish Law where he delayed doing so for fifteen years, Supreme Court of Canada upheld award to wife of damages for breach of contract as supported by balance of interests in favor of public order and lack of countervailing religious considerations on husband's part. Jan 1, 2008 3257
Contracting for cooperation in recovery. Klass, Gregory Oct 1, 2007 30348
In tort action by English celebrity magazine who had contracted for exclusive rights to photographs of private New York wedding between Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones against similar magazine who bought unauthorized freelancer's surreptitious photos of same wedding, House of Lords, by 3 to 2 vote, upheld substantial damage award given by Queens Bench. Jun 1, 2007 2268
Contract as a transfer of ownership. Benson, Peter Apr 1, 2007 23926
The efficient performance hypothesis. Brooks, Richard R.W. Dec 1, 2006 12861
Chapter 9 Breaches of contract and remedies. Professional standards Jan 1, 2002 4423
Planning ahead: some tips for the complaint drafter dealing with the economic loss rule. Wear, Nancy C. May 1, 1999 3646

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