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Remediation, Retention, Rigor and Reform--The New 3 R's Plus One.

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This examination of the issues of reform pertinent to adult and developmental education focuses largely on the activities and recommendations of the Learning, Assessment, Retention Consortium (LARC) of California with respect to these concerns. The first sections of the paper address the problem of underprepared college students, and the policy issues that have emerged in the debate over literacy. The next section considers the question of educational reform, focusing on top-down responses in areas such as program evaluation, institutional policies on credit and advisement, increased academic rigor, and revised teacher roles; and bottom-up responses which value college-based efforts, collaboration, and teaching and learning strategies. Following an overview of major trends in remediation, political questions and complaints about the current state of remedial/developmental education are highlighted. The next sections focus on LARC's responses to the questions central to the current debate over remedial education, looking at: (1) the major objectives of the consortium; (2) the premises developed about remedial education; (3) major strategies, i.e., a comprehensive assessment, placement, learning, follow-up system; identification and sharing of promising practices; use of faculty teams to increase credibility; use of visiting teams for training; information dissemination; and database development; (4) study findings regarding retention and remediation; and (5) special projects. Finally, 10 activities are suggested to provide purpose for remedial education. (LAL)

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Author:Bray, Dorothy
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Apr 27, 1984
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