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Relying on anonymous sources from the Macedonian security services.

* Relying on anonymous sources from the Macedonian security services, the Bosnian paper Was Srpske reported Monday that Abdusamed Bushatlic, former member of the unit EI Mujahedin and founder of the Active Islam Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, appealed for attacks against non-Muslims in Macedonia. He often stayed in Kondovo, Macedonia, where there is a training center attended by many former members of EI Mujahedin. He said Kondovo was a state within a state in which the government had no control as police enter only occasionally. Glas Srpske says that in Skopje and Struga CDs with Bushatlic's lectures in Struga in which he calls for a war against Christians can easily be found.
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Publication:Macedonian Press Digest
Date:May 15, 2012
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