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Religious broadcast ideas to entertain all.

I UNDERSTAND that the BBC has decided to increase its output of religious broadcasting.

Extraordinary as this may sound in a secular society, I believe the idea is to represent as many religions as possible in a variety of programmes including dramas, comedies and other forms of light (presumably Damascene) entertainment as well as the increased coverage of religious services et al. What a splendid idea! May I be the first to suggest a number of programme subject possibilities? The God Grub Show would utilise contestants who would have to hold a religious office. Priests, imams, rabbis, ministers and even Wiccan warlocks would compete in a bakeoff of religious dishes. Similarly, a quiz series called On A Wing and A Prayer could be developed in which the faithful of all religions compete for the chance to visit a holy shrine of choice.

There would also be dramas, which could be called such things as Angels of Mercy, in which a multi-religious swift-response team swoop down to help those affected by mean government decisions or royal wedding saturation coverage in order to assure those affected that it's all God's will.

The ratings will soar, I'm sure.

Ian Price Cwmparc

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Dec 21, 2017
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