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Young Catholics Receive Training In Theology. Aug 8, 2022 800
'We want our daughter to go to a Catholic school 18 miles away but the council won't pay for transport'; Matthew and Feodora Shearman have accused their local council of "discrimination" for not paying for transport to nearest Catholic secondary. By, Abbie Wightwick Aug 7, 2022 1136
Religious Support and Emotional Functioning in Catholic Versus Protestant Undergraduates. Engelmann, Christopher C.; Bjorck, Jeffrey P.; Currier, Joseph M. Jun 22, 2022 9054
Mixed Reactions Trail Catholic Bishop's Ban On Mbaka's Church. Jun 19, 2022 168
Mixed Reactions Trail Catholic Bishop's Ban On Mbaka's Church. Jun 18, 2022 168
Mixed Reactions Trail Catholic Bishop's Ban On Mbaka's Church. Jun 18, 2022 168
Catholic Church bans members from attending Mbaka's Adoration Ministry. Jun 18, 2022 367
Catholic Church slams Mbaka, bans adoration worshipers. Jun 18, 2022 153
Marquette diocese's LGBTQ restrictions blasted as 'cruel policy'. Fraga, Brian Dec 24, 2021 830
Diocese of Kalookan vax program also open to other religious sects. Nov 8, 2021 161
The recovery of domestic tourism. Oct 12, 2021 1841
You're Turning Presbyterians Against Catholics, Ebonyi Group Accuses Umahi. Aug 22, 2021 973
The joy of love? This Amoris Laetitia Family Year marks a good opportunity for the Catholic Church to wrestle with its teachings on sexuality. Clemmer, Don Jul 30, 2021 2412
Called to justice: Anti-racism work is a vital part of parish ministry. Why are so many Catholics uncomfortable with it? Weiss, Rebecca Brauen May 1, 2021 2069
A Catholic Presidency and the Dignity of the Marginalized. Imperatori-Lee, Natalia Letter to the editor Mar 22, 2021 386
Not so fast: For a successful fast, embrace the ambiguity of Catholic rituals. Coblentz, Jessica Mar 1, 2021 2649
Open minds, open hearts: Catholics must talk about race without judgment or political agenda, says this bishop emeritus. Braxton, Bishop Edward K. Jan 24, 2021 2826
All creation worships: Let your body and soul join in a praise beyond human beings or church buildings. Berger, Teresa Dec 1, 2020 2033
Four Catholic-led groups working against the reelection of Trump. White, Christopher Oct 2, 2020 1479
Unholy implicates Catholics as well as evangelicals. Lindsey, William D. Book review Oct 2, 2020 1043
The rosary. Oct 1, 2020 670
Returning to in-person Mass: What have we learned about our faith, the Eucharist and the importance of the parish? Kubicki, Judith M. Viewpoint essay Jul 10, 2020 1273
American Catholics, meet the Communion service: SIGNS OF THE TIMES. Reese, Thomas Jun 12, 2020 1142
Stop judging, and welcome LGBT Catholics in good faith'. Jun 12, 2020 608
Catholics must fill out form when going to church. Jun 10, 2020 471
Latino Catholics rediscover spiritual roots. Salgado, Soli May 15, 2020 1548
Cardinal sounds like a presidential apologist. Schlumpf, Heidi May 15, 2020 902
Pope sets day of fasting & prayer against pandemic. May 13, 2020 236
Tell me about it: To understand our church, we must both tell and listen to the stories of its members, says theologian Natalia Imperatori-Lee. Imperatori-Lee, Natalia Interview May 1, 2020 2500
Avoid kissing religious images, Catholics told. Feb 2, 2020 204
Pope meets Thai Buddhist patriarch on visit promoting religious peace. Nov 21, 2019 851
The Influence of School Catholicity on Sport Educator-Coaches. Hoven, Matt; Egli, Trevor Oct 1, 2019 8104
Catholics see hope in Green New Deal goals: Faith-based environmentalists examine ambitious climate plan. Roewe, Brian Jun 14, 2019 1915
Catholic. May 3, 2019 971
Otso candidate to Catholics: Defend faith. Mar 14, 2019 403
Religious conflict should not be used for terrorism. Feb 9, 2019 1205
How Couples Navigate Different Beliefs About God's Existence: An Exploratory Study Among Catholics and Their Agnostic or Atheist Partners. Williams, Lee M.; Jiang, Yang; Rector, Erin Report Dec 22, 2018 7285
Synod to prepare young Catholics for discernment, future. Oct 5, 2018 1477
Brick and mortar... and glass and steel: In the 20th century new materials allowed American Catholics to design buildings that reflected the changing landscape of the church. Osborne, Catherine Oct 1, 2018 2284
Men's orders focus annual assembly on upcoming youth synod. Roewe, Brian Sep 7, 2018 2164
Ministry on the gender margins: Though her work was once kept quiet, Sr. Luisa Derouen is a pioneer in the 'T' of LGBT ministry. Gramick, Jeannine Sep 7, 2018 1648
Foreign forces can't control religion, China official says. Aug 23, 2018 390
Foreign forces can't control religion, China official says. Aug 23, 2018 390
Pressure US to rejoin nations against climate change. Editorial May 18, 2018 502
Survey finds Scots divide over religion. Apr 2, 2018 135
Only 41% of Catholics go to church weekly - SWS. Mar 28, 2018 448
A Half Century of Defiance: WHAT AMERICAN CATHOLIC VIEWS TELL US ABOUT THE VATICAN'S BAN ON BIRTH CONTROL. Russonello, John Survey Mar 22, 2018 828
Ecumenism in the 21st Century. Kobia, Samuel Mar 1, 2018 3734
The Religiously Distinct States of America. Survey Feb 9, 2018 1029
Trump Approval Highest Among Mormons, Lowest Among Muslims. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 12, 2018 849
New Leader of Mexican Catholic Church a Protege of Pope Francis. Navarro, Carlos Dec 13, 2017 1422
Europe's chulth evolves: Dioceses creatively rethink as numbers plummet. Luxmoore, Jonathan Nov 17, 2017 2644
Civil and Religious Freedom from Seeking the Truth. Brownson, Orestes A. Essay Sep 22, 2017 15142
Indian Catholics frustrated over clergy sex abuse cases. Kavi, Jose May 19, 2017 1580
Intellectual Michael Novak dies at 83: Catholic philosopher, theologian, author moved from left to right during his career. Obituary Mar 10, 2017 1234
Catholics Don't Like Muslims: Study. Sep 14, 2016 501
23 years after Pagoda tragedy, Catholics rediscover faith. Jun 29, 2016 654
Advice to a desolate france. Valkhoff, Wouter; Valkhoff, Marius F. Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 24494
An exhibition of church vestments - and an eyeball - at Auckland Castle recalls turbulent times; The 17th Century creations of devout Catholic Helena Wintour are reunited for an exhibition looking at the context of the Gunpowder Plot. Oct 1, 2015 563
Pope makes it easier for Catholics to end marriages. Sep 8, 2015 573
The Qur'an and the Doctrine of Private Revelation: a theological proposal. Moreland, Anna Bonta Sep 1, 2015 9281
Napa institute gathers US church's well-heeled and high-ranking devout: 'in-your-face catholicism'. Morris-Young, Dan Dec 19, 2014 3165
The church in China is in my heart. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 254
Fired for being gay: turning Catholics away from our church. DeBernardo, Francis Jun 22, 2014 2090
Data undermine religious caricatures. Reese, Thomas Column Aug 16, 2013 773
Remarriage in the Catholic Church: implications for marriage and family counselors. Sauerheber, Jill Duba; Ponton, Richard F. Report Jun 22, 2013 5559
Religious commitment and subjective well-being across Christian traditions. Tix, Andrew P.; Dik, Bryan J.; Johnson, Myles E.; Steger, Michael F. Report Mar 22, 2013 5471
New Pope's 'Outdated' Catholic Views Will Help Atheism Spread, Say Non-Believers. Mar 14, 2013 441
Survey: Catholic education sways decision for religious life. Survey Feb 15, 2013 617
Stupid Catholics? Does Paul's adjective for the Galatian church apply today? Crosby, Michael H. Jan 4, 2013 1371
German bishops shut out non-paying church members. Sep 22, 2012 348
A survey of Catholic opinion: a microcosm of the American public. Russonello, John Sep 22, 2012 4253
Vinh, Vietnam--Local authorities deployed tanks outside the bishop's residence and sent soldiers to patrol the streets in an effort to intimidate Catholics on the eve of a planned march for religious freedom in the Diocese of Vinh July 14. Sep 1, 2012 121
Catholics support contraception coverage, reject bishops' religious liberty interpretation. Jun 22, 2012 348
Irish Catholics' views on sex diverge from church teachings. Jun 22, 2012 151
Catholic, evangelical panelists address religious freedom. Filteau, Jerry Conference news Jun 22, 2012 969
The sacred is divine, the religion belongs under the men : cultural territories and symbolic frontiers , the religious intolerance in contemporary/O sagrado e divino, a religiao e dos homens: territorios culturais e fronteiras simbolicas, a intoleraancia religiosa na contemporaneidade. De Mello Correa, Aureanice Jun 1, 2012 5022
Catholics' Approval of Obama Little Changed; Down three percentage points amid birth-control controversy. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Feb 14, 2012 961
Church steps up fight against law; Local Catholics joining effort. Feb 4, 2012 580
Catholics denounce ruling on religious exemption. Feb 3, 2012 1255
Study: black Catholics are more engaged. Filteau, Jerry Feb 3, 2012 1281
New man on campus: a new approach to student ministry is changing the Catholic presence on the quad. Long-Garcia, J.D. Jan 31, 2012 2732
Amid tensions, the church survives. Scharper, Diane Book review Nov 25, 2011 1034
Old and new spiritual resources. Dillon, Michele Survey Oct 28, 2011 1086
Religion and political affiliation. D'Antonio, William V. Survey Oct 28, 2011 2041
Right and wrong: who has final say? Relatively few Catholics look to church leaders as sole moral arbiters. Survey Oct 28, 2011 1226
Catholics revive an almost forgotten healing mission. Odell, Catherine M. Sep 16, 2011 2277
People of God are key to church's life and mission. McBrien, Richard P. Aug 19, 2011 795
Born-again Catholics: former denizens of evangelical arenas are finding new homes in the age-old sanctuaries of Catholicism. Nixon, J. Peter Aug 1, 2011 2760
The hidden exodus: Catholics becoming Protestants. Reese, Thomas Survey Apr 15, 2011 2263
Catholics for equality make war on church. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 141
Spiritual vs. religious: perspectives from today's undergraduate Catholics. Overstreet, Dawn V. Dec 1, 2010 10661
The features of the resumption and set of Lithuanian Catholic Church in the first decade of the re-establishment of independence/Kataliku baznycios atnaujinimo ypatumai ir bukle pirmuoju nepriklausomybes desimtmeciu lietuvoje (atkurus lietuvos nepriklausomybe). Pruskus, Valdas Report Jul 1, 2010 6582
Dishonest and delusional: the Catholic approach to divorce. Davis, Charlie Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2010 1033
Character witnesses: if U.S. women religious need voices in their defense, U.S. CATHOLIC readers are happy to testify. Not only do they sing the praises of sisters who have taught and continue to inspire them, they are asking their own questions about the Vatican investigation. Schlumpf, Heidi Jan 1, 2010 1161
Faith and politics--Dame Enid Lyons. Henderson, Anne Speech Jan 1, 2010 2721
The Vatican angles in rightist waters. Kung, Hans Nov 13, 2009 1186
Praying for deliverance. Brief article Aug 7, 2009 107
US Catholics leaving church due to teachings on sex. Brief article Jun 22, 2009 174
New Catholic leader wants society to keep religious faith in its mind. Apr 13, 2009 325
Archbishop says Catholic officials and justices should push church positions. Oct 1, 2008 469
Bring back men in black: religious clothing allows Catholics to make a fashion statement about their faith, says a young priest who sports the look that a previous generation put away. Ference, Damian J. May 1, 2008 1717
Theological observations on visiting an abortion clinic: early in 2008, members of Catholics for Choice's European advisory group visited an abortion clinic. In what follows, Catholic theologian Anthony Padovano provides an overview of the visit and group members share their thoughts about the experience. Padovano, Anthony T.; Harth, Elfriede; Grzywacz, Anka; Baneke, Frans; Baars, Henk Essay Mar 22, 2008 5984
Hundreds support gay, lesbian Catholics at vigil. Berggren, Kris Dec 14, 2007 369
Hispanic youth are the U.S. church's best investment. Sep 7, 2007 864
A Catholic perspective on the inevitable Anglican collapse. Hunter, Ian Sep 1, 2007 659
Chaos and promise: Dominican theologian examines how the church can find its place in a postmodern world. Larivee, Rita Cover story Jul 20, 2007 519
Hong Kong catholic become poor for Lent. Brief article May 1, 2007 114
New barriers to emergency contraception access for rape victims: a report from Connecticut. Singh, Reena May 1, 2007 1207
Questions and sanctuaries. Roberts, Thomas W. Apr 6, 2007 869
The empty tomb still draws a crowd. Burke, Daniel Apr 6, 2007 365
Discrimination that hides in plain sight. Chittister, Joan Apr 6, 2007 988
Persecution of the Catholic Church. Apr 1, 2007 418
How Catholics for a Free Choice saved civilization: or, the story of one woman "and a fax machine". O'Brien, Jon Mar 22, 2007 3067
The 'bookend' generations: two studies show important differences between youngest and oldest Catholics. Hefferin, Rich Clinical report Mar 9, 2007 1661
Contraception bill 'acceptable'. Brief article Mar 2, 2007 145
Concern over bioethics may forge new allies. Allen, John L., Jr. Feb 23, 2007 1047
Joyful noise. Brief article Feb 9, 2007 159
Donald Wuerl. Brief article Feb 9, 2007 88
Just do it. Editorial Feb 9, 2007 825
More Catholics on the way: they're likely to be gray-haired, healthy and rich. Allen, John L., Jr. Cover story Feb 2, 2007 2933
Anti-Catholic drive persists. Brief article Jan 26, 2007 171
Ministering 'where the girls are': ordination may not be the answer for women called to serve. O'Brien, Karen Jan 19, 2007 1320
What Catholics could learn from the Mennonites: the historic peace church offers an inspiring example of community. Riga, Peter J. Dec 22, 2006 794
Bridges across the divide: Protestants are adopting elements of Catholic spirituality. Heffern, Rich Dec 15, 2006 2918
Benedict's prayer by Ratzinger's criteria. Allen, John L., Jr. Dec 15, 2006 1146
Catholicism in North Korea survives in catacombs. Allen, John L. Nov 10, 2006 1029
Fully human: what people with disabilities can teach us about God--and about ourselves. McGowan, Jo Nov 1, 2006 1681
Saints R us. Cormier, Jay Nov 1, 2006 1100
Does the church tell me how to vote? Dinn, Jim Nov 1, 2006 422
Vatican short on clergy. Cones, Bryan Brief article Oct 1, 2006 100
Hooray for Hollywood! Showbiz isn't just a dirty business. Catholics should give two thumbs up even to some of Hollywood's provocative creations and choose to learn from rather than criticize them. Pacatte, Rose Oct 1, 2006 1526
Foreign service: in search of a Catholic church in not-so-religious Sweden, one American family living there discovers a small yet vibrant community. Adler, Julia M. Oct 1, 2006 1411
Is it ok to clap at mass? Philippart, David Oct 1, 2006 469
"Surely you don't disbelieve": Tolkien and Pius X: anti-modernism in Middle-earth. Bossert, A.R. Critical essay Sep 22, 2006 9388
God's gator. Schcrer-Emunds, Meinrad Brief article Sep 1, 2006 131
Tough guy: when you need a warrior to combat the darkness, call on St. Mike to kick some butt. O'Brien, Mary Ellen Sep 1, 2006 713
The real deal. Cones, Bryan Editorial Aug 1, 2006 478
Text change. Cones, Bryan Brief article Aug 1, 2006 101
Continuing ed: what the church can learn from campus ministry. Deeley, Mary Aug 1, 2006 1425
Going public: 5 ways to help your kids keep the faith--even at public schools. Wells, Elizabeth Aug 1, 2006 1776
Who was St. Augustine, and why should I care? Cameron, Michael Aug 1, 2006 469
Stick 'em up: put your hands in the air like you just do care when praying to God. Cones, Bryan Aug 1, 2006 787
Got a light? The flame of faith burns brighter when a community of candles comes together. Moyer, Ginny Jul 1, 2006 737
All fired up: like the family hearth, the Holy Spirit is the church's bright center, inviting all of us to come closer to one another. Camille, Alice Jun 1, 2006 1532
The red carpet treatment: whether of sawdust or flowers, Corpus Christi carpets celebrate the Eucharist. Corso, Paola Jun 1, 2006 691
Splish, splash: water joins me not only to my Catholic family but to a wider community of faith as well. Cones, Bryan May 1, 2006 766
Magic act: with a little sleight of hand and a lot of laughter, John Bosco connected people to the art of joy. Stagnaro, Angelo Apr 1, 2006 760
A moveable feast: a Polish Catholic would be a basket case without this annual blessing of Easter goodies. LaReau, Renee M. Apr 1, 2006 687
Hope. Schlumpf, Heidi Brief article Apr 1, 2006 112
Good Friday. Schlumpf, Heidi Brief article Apr 1, 2006 194
Are we there yet? Even Jesus had to spend some time--Holy Saturday to be exact--waiting to see if things were going to work out. Cones, Bryan Apr 1, 2006 785
Glorious freedom. Forest, Jim Brief article Apr 1, 2006 237
My pilgrimage in mission. Fitzgerald, Michael Louis Apr 1, 2006 4029
U R NOT 2 4GET 2 GO 2 CHURCH; New 'religious texts' for Catholics. Mar 27, 2006 314
Solidarist economics: the legacy of Heinrich Pesch. Wishloff, Jim Mar 22, 2006 9036
Does it pay to work for the church? Laypeople who make a living the church love what they do--but don't always love the pay. McClory, Robert J. Mar 1, 2006 3503
The man of the Holy Shroud: a travelling exhibit. Marinelli, Emanuela Feb 1, 2006 1193
The dating controversy of the Shroud. Beresford, David Feb 1, 2006 1559
Benedict condemns abortion & embryo research. Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 279
New bishop. Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 104
The companion to JP II & the theology of the body: Part I: a quarter century of annual addresses to the roman rota. Tevington, Joseph Feb 1, 2006 2777
In Search of the Good: a catholic understanding of moral living. Shea, John Feb 1, 2006 1393
Father, forgive him. Sullivan, Andrew Jan 17, 2006 622
Inconceivable: the spiritual test of infertility. Schlumpf, Heidi Cover Story Jan 1, 2006 3441
All that I have is yours: the scars of a Christian inheritance. Korb, Scott Dec 1, 2005 5322
Where did the "12 days of Christmas" come from? Cones, Bryan Dec 1, 2005 465
Struggle for a future: Cambodia still suffers from legacy of Khmer Rouge reign of terror. Fraser, Barbara J. Cover Story Nov 18, 2005 3084
Catholics focus on healing in parishes: church slowly rebuilds after destruction of Pol Pot years. Fraser, Barbara J. Cover Story Nov 18, 2005 1055
Forty years later: Vatican II (1962-1965). Callam, Daniel Nov 1, 2005 2147
A bride, a groom, a rabbi and two priests: recalling an inter-religious wedding in Belgium. Weiss, Rabbi Moshe Oct 1, 2005 2074
What Catholics believe about abortion and the death penalty. Davidson, James D. Cover Story Sep 30, 2005 1475
Challenging assumptions about young Catholics. Davidson, James D. Cover Story Sep 30, 2005 1532
American Catholicism and Polish Americans. Sep 1, 2005 651
On the station churches route: English-speaking Catholics revive ancient custom in the Eternal City. Allen, John L., Jr. Jul 15, 2005 510
'Mary' is an ecumenical breakthrough: Anglicans and Catholics agree on Marian dogmas. Allen, John L., Jr. Jun 3, 2005 758
A reinterpretation of invocation and intercession of the saints. Sullivan, Patricia A. Jun 1, 2005 9800
Signs from the Vatican: Margaret Coffey finds reasons for optimism in the election of Pope Benedict XVI. Coffey, Margaret Jun 1, 2005 1657
What is the Catholic view of freemasonry? Schorn, Joel May 1, 2005 441
The changing face of Mary: Protestants adopted the best that Catholics had without the holy water bottles that had screw-top heads. Unsworth, Tim Apr 29, 2005 728
Prayer on the run: staying in touch with God doesn't require hours a day. Here are three ways to have a spirited life on the fly. Philippart, David Apr 1, 2005 2341
Our social insecurity complex: Catholics are called to account for the common good, not just personal retirement. Clarke, Kevin Apr 1, 2005 740
Joe Hanas. Brief Article Jan 14, 2005 132
Office work: praying the Liturgy of the Hours three times a day keeps me in good company. Bonomo, Carol Jan 1, 2005 767
Epistemic objectives for ecumenical formation: a Catholic perspective. Byamungu, Gosbert T.M. Jan 1, 2005 4360
Pentecostals live with hellfire and joy. Cooperman, Jeannette Column Nov 12, 2004 871
Student minister offers a view from the dorms and the study halls. Lefevere, Patricia Oct 29, 2004 732
Up from the underground: the church in Qatar. Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 169
Homosexuality and the counsel of the Cross. Crowley, Paul G. Sep 1, 2004 14882
Catholics must have an open dialogue. Wojcicki, Ed Jul 1, 2004 831
She has a dream. Smietana, Bob May 1, 2004 772
Blessed are the pure in heart: a Memoir of Bertha Hansford. Montgomerie, Alana Mar 22, 2004 2558
New Cardinal affirms faith commitment. Mar 1, 2004 453
Ash Wednesday after Auschwitz. Sanders, Theresa M. Jan 1, 2004 8689
Don't disenfranchise Catholic health care, doctor says. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Apr 18, 2003 221
No Eucharist for pro-abortion politicians, bishop says. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Feb 7, 2003 199
Joyful mystery: could the joy of our children be the missing ingredient in today's church crisis? Coffey, Kathy Column Feb 1, 2003 1443
Inside National Catholic Reporter. (Openers). Robert, Tom Editorial Jan 31, 2003 910
Rosaries focus on sacred creation. (Spirituality). Abercrombie, Sharon Dec 13, 2002 2071
At the hour of our death: in the face of impending death Catholics have faith tools to ready them. (practicing Catholic). Edwards, Pamela Nov 1, 2002 760
Conservative Catholics and the GOP. (National Affairs). Miller, Patricia Nov 1, 2002 2936
Alleluia: at Easter, we celebrate the light that shines in the darkest corners. (Easter). Heffern, Rich Mar 29, 2002 5106
What is most central to being a Catholic? HOGE, DEAN R. Oct 29, 1999 2084
Trends in U.S. Roman Catholic attitudes, beliefs, behavior. D'ANTONIO, WILLIAM V. Oct 29, 1999 1579
A Challenge to American Catholics. Ohlhoff, Ernest L. Brief Article Dec 10, 1998 961
You can never be too late for mass: as often as not, the late arrival can be traced to the parish community itself. Unsworth, Tim Sep 1, 1997 2424
Lent is a spiritual journey requiring the whole of faith. McBrien, Richard P. Column Feb 28, 1997 769
Those days of Catholic pride and plastic. Szews, George R. Column Mar 22, 1996 974
Make room for "behind the pillar" Catholics. Weakland, Rembert G., Archbiship Dec 1, 1995 2987
Why do Catholics stay in the church? Greeley, Andrew M. Mar 1, 1995 3019
Why are we of a God incarnate ashamed of flesh? Rohr, Richard Oct 14, 1994 3062
Why we need theologians. Interview Sep 1, 1994 3346
Wow! Luka, Ron Sep 1, 1994 1534

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