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We Will Not Pay Tithe To Religious Leaders Who Do Not Support Us- Enugu Youth. Oct 19, 2020 593
Carlo Acutis: Teenage computer genius on his way to becoming a saint. Oct 3, 2020 560
Manila prelate encourages young people to volunteer, as elderly won't be able to help in churches. May 10, 2020 368
Netrakona youth held for 'hurting religious sentiments'. Apr 22, 2020 160
Comparing the Social Attitudes of Young Adult Evangelicals in Canada and the United States: Differences in Subcultural Boundaries among Evangelical School Graduates. Reimer, Sam; Sikkink, David Feb 1, 2020 8606
Coming to Faith through Popular Theology: A Communication Reflection. Soukup, Paul A. Dec 1, 2019 3820
Karakol town hosts forum on prevention of religious extremism among youth. Oct 22, 2019 152
L'acte de juger a l'age seculier: le cas d'April dans AC c. Manitoba. Landheer-Cieslak, Christelle Sep 22, 2019 20548
Is the church missing out by not evangelizing to community college campuses? Bahr, Katie Sep 1, 2019 2724
NEXT GENERATION: Americans United Interns Speak Out On Why They Support Church-State Separation. French, Ruby Sep 1, 2019 2081
Gurugram schoolgirl launches platform 'Y4RH' for religious harmony amongst youth. Aug 21, 2019 470
Sistani's Son: Young People Turned To Anti-Religious Ideas Because Of Poor Performance Of Those Who Claimed Religiosity, Assumed Positions And Failed And Even Corrupted. Aug 10, 2019 350
Church should invest in youth. Jun 27, 2019 572
PAS Youth says Kelantan council just doing job in mission to Islamise Orang Asli. Jun 22, 2019 418
House Speaker: Youth Group Clamours For Religious Balance, Charges APC To Back Olatubosun. Jun 10, 2019 404
Young, Welsh and religious: A Muslim, Christian and Jew describe what it's like growing up in Wales; Some of the 250,000 young people in Wales who are religious have shared their stories. May 26, 2019 3576
Religious issues hobbling development: Arab youth. May 1, 2019 310
Religious issues hobbling development: Arab youth. Apr 30, 2019 316
Bishop Palma to youth: Emulate Filipino saint Pedro Calungsod. Apr 25, 2019 409
Teens 'brainwashed with religious texts'. Apr 16, 2019 415
Doubting Disbelievers: A New Approach to Measuring Religious Uncertainty. Cox, Daniel A. Apr 1, 2019 3694
Bishops present action plan. Brief article Mar 22, 2019 141
Mont Teen Programs Run By Religious Groups Subject To No Oversight, Report Says. Mar 1, 2019 543
Religious And Political Intolerance Among The Youths In Nigeria. Feb 17, 2019 1217
Youths protest against Anglican Bishop over religious politics in Anambra. Nov 6, 2018 349
Four challenges for the youth synod. Reese, Thomas Oct 19, 2018 1020
Students urged to consider religious life. Sep 11, 2018 382
Men's orders focus annual assembly on upcoming youth synod. Roewe, Brian Sep 7, 2018 2164
Salafist Impregnation of Muslim Youth in France: a Challenge to the Republic? Bucaille, Laetitia; Villechaise, Agnes Report Jun 22, 2018 10445
Relations between Religiosity, BMI, and Health-Related Quality of Life in Young Adults: A Model Comparison Study. Limbers, Christine A.; Teasdale, Ashley; Beaujean, A. Alexander Report Jun 22, 2018 5396
Young people are not the problem. Editorial Mar 23, 2018 756
First Lady urges religious education for youth for better upbringing. Feb 21, 2018 228
New Zealand bishops 'banter' with youth. Orejana, Rowena Jan 26, 2018 639
New video series supports youth leaders who 'accompany' teens. Greear, Priscilla Jan 26, 2018 392
Inclusive World Youth Day. Brief article Dec 1, 2017 169
"If the Church is silent on the destruction of life, we're being negligent, and leaving our young people vulnerable to making this tragic decision"--Archbishop Joseph Naumann, the incoming head of the Bishops' Committee on Pro-life Activities. Andrusko, Dave Dec 1, 2017 735
Rape victim, ex-'escort' now on rescue mission for youths. Nov 26, 2017 1229
Teenager's Bieber terror plot targeted non-Muslim medics. Nov 16, 2017 588
UN report : Poverty, not religious ideology, driving African youth into extremism. Oct 23, 2017 379
The interface between young adults' religious values and their sexual experiences before age 16. Garceau, Camille; Ronis, Scott T. Aug 1, 2017 7846
Poor worship in schools putting off young people, admits Church. Jul 3, 2017 462
Teens' school prayers campaign REACHESWELSH education chief. Jun 29, 2017 582
Vatican asks world's bishops to listen to young people. McElwee, Joshua J. Jan 27, 2017 1170
Youth should understand the importance of Religion- Swami Umakantanand Saraswati. Jan 18, 2017 406
Millennials seek community, mentorship: on Call to Action panel, young Catholics speak to older generation. Manson, Jamie L. Conference notes Dec 2, 2016 941
To be young, gifted, secular and black: black youth who reject organized religion don't have the social and economic benefits of white privilege to blunt their "apostasy.". Hutchinson, Sikivu Sep 1, 2016 1975
"It's completely okay to be secular": teen atheist activist Cidney Fisk encourages her peers to speak up. Miller, Merrill Sep 1, 2016 1333
Kuwait cognizant of importance of proper religious instruction to youth -- Official. Jul 20, 2016 130
Kejriwal's youth manifesto hits the controversy wall. Jul 7, 2016 265
A hunger for depth. Evans, Elizabeth Eisenstadt Feb 12, 2016 1591
"Does Jesus want us to be poor?" Student perspectives of the religious program at a Cristo Rey Network School. Aldana, Ursula S. Report Sep 1, 2015 7964
Bishop: ensure poor can attend. Brief article Aug 14, 2015 174
Youth Welfare Presidency takes part in serving pilgrims. Jul 2, 2015 325
The gratitude of underprivileged young people in Hong Kong: the potential role of religious mentors. Ng, Eddie Chi Wai; Chan, Charles C. Jun 22, 2015 4509
'Nones' rise to second place: churches challenged as study shows young people leading trend of the unaffiliated. Rotondaro, Vinnie Jun 19, 2015 2176
The cultural divide: adapting to differences between generations. Stewart, Fred Mar 1, 2015 455
Caught in the middle: reform and youth rebellion in Russia's madrasas, 1900-10. Ross, Danielle Essay Jan 1, 2015 14443
Acceptability of adolescents' abortion: effect of religious involvement and current legislation on people's views. Neto, Felix; Sastre, Maria Teresa Munoz Dec 1, 2014 3532
The religious and social significance of self-assigned religious affiliation in England and Wales: comparing Christian, Muslim and religiously-unaffiliated adolescent males. Francis, Leslie J.; Robbins, Mandy Nov 1, 2014 7777
A sociological investigation of the effect of satellite on the religious identity of the youth of Tehran city. Irani, Saeed; Ghasemzadeebli, Ziba; Domehri, Mostafa; Mokhtar, Jalil; Eshglo, Sarah Karami Report Nov 1, 2014 5178
Teens bridge religious and cultural boundaries in Tyre. Apr 30, 2014 222
Good news. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 126
Why millennials long for liturgy: is the high Church the Christianity of the future? Olmstead, Gracy Essay Jan 1, 2014 1485
Signs of renewal. Topping, Ryan Dec 1, 2013 1440
Vocations, evangelization and youth offices. Fair, Emma Nov 1, 2013 731
Direct and mediated associations between religious coping, spirituality, and youth violence in El Salvador/Asociaciones directas y mediadas entre el afrontamiento religioso, la espiritualidad y la violencia juvenil en El Salvador. Salas-Wright, Christopher P.; Olate, Rene; Vaughn, Michael G.; Tran, Thanh V. Sep 1, 2013 5110
Pope speaks to youth alienated by church's sins. Jul 27, 2013 732
Her death still hurts but it is better now. Smith, Tom Jul 19, 2013 857
'Spiritual' young people likelier to commit crimes than 'religious' ones. Jun 13, 2013 353
Emerging adults and the future of missions. Richardson, Rick Essay Apr 1, 2013 6174
To evangelize youths who have drifted from church, go 'where they are'. Gouger, David Mar 29, 2013 596
Truly human: Maurice Friedman's last lecture. Kramer, Kenneth P. Essay Mar 22, 2013 3350
To know their worth. works, Sarah Column Mar 1, 2013 899
Religious youth and homosexuality: challenges for promotion of health and sexual rights/Juventude religiosa e homossexualidade: desafios para a promocao da saude e de direitos sexuais/Los jovenes religiosos y la homosexualidad: desafios para la promocion de la salud y de los derechos sexuales. da Silva, Cristiane Goncalves; Paiva, Vera; Parker, Richard Jan 1, 2013 7316
Youth, geography and religion: reflections from the notions of symbolic form and habitus/Juventudes, geografia e religiao: reflexoes a partir das nocoes de forma simbolica e habitus. Fernandes, Dalvani Jan 1, 2013 8052
Today's tools can help the dream thrive anew. Raymond, Kristen Essay Oct 11, 2012 503
Church failing to reach youth. Oct 1, 2012 452
The 49th annual International Bible Contest for Jewish Youth. Adler, Joshua J. Conference news Oct 1, 2012 485
A ministry of presence: Jesus formed his disciples by walking with them. Henderson, Amanda Sep 1, 2012 786
Foundational issues in educating young people for understanding and appreciation of the religions in their communities. Engebretson, Kathleen Report Sep 1, 2012 5920
Extremist groups entrap religious youth. Jun 28, 2012 976
Religious climate affects gay teens. May 1, 2012 159
Pope's address to Curia: 'how do we proclaim the gospel today?'. Moynihan, Robert Mar 1, 2012 1485
World Youth Day, Madrid, statistics. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 111
Rai calls for expanded religious education to encourage youth. Dec 29, 2011 290
Minister of Religious Endowment: Defending the Country is Youths Responsibility. Nov 10, 2011 173
Disillusionment with higher education in the Middle East and the United States. Cochran, Judith A. Sep 22, 2011 5548
World Youth Day, below the stage. Sotelo, Nicole Sep 2, 2011 534
Jovenes and the church: Fe y Vida works to nuture ministry among young Latinos. Ryan, Zoe Sep 2, 2011 1937
TURKEY-CHINA -Chinese young people to get religious education in Turkey. Jun 17, 2011 166
The Mennonite Young People's Conference movement, 1919 - 1923: the legacy of a (failed?) vision. Showalter, Anna Essay Apr 1, 2011 15508
Religious young adults 'more likely to become obese by middle age'. Clinical report Mar 25, 2011 267
Exposure to and desire for sexual health education among urban youth: associations with religion and other factors. Causarano, Natalie; Pole, Jason D.; Flicker, Sarah Dec 22, 2010 10270
Religion and the new roles of youth in Sub-Saharan Africa: the Hausa and Ebira muslim communities in Northern Nigeria, 1930s-1980s. Bunza, Mukhtar Umar; Ashafa, Abdullahi Musa Essay Dec 22, 2010 12696
God on the shelf: the influence of Christian young adult literature. Hill, Rebecca Oct 1, 2010 2191
Finding your spiritual meaning. Welsh, Amy Oct 1, 2010 442
Malawi: a youth mosaic. Purvis, Connie Cover story Sep 1, 2010 1055
Religious teens less likely to develop problems with alcohol use. Jun 22, 2010 280
UNICEF Funded Anti-Semitic Ad Promoting Israel Boycott. Mar 23, 2010 82
Youths strive to live Catholic faith in Nepal. Dec 11, 2009 534
New study reveals rays of light on the vocations front. Allen, John L., Jr. Interview Sep 18, 2009 1632
Rooted and grounded: a new and exciting church, glimpsed at CY09, is emerging from the PCC. MacLeod, Alex Essay Sep 1, 2009 713
Rooted: a theological perspective. Crawford, Jeffrey R. Sep 1, 2009 730
Taking a gamble and keeping our promises. Macleod, Derek Essay Sep 1, 2009 816
Showing value: it's not about showing off. Paton, Heather Brief article Sep 1, 2009 257
Now what? You're back; you're pumped; now what should you do? St. Louis, Reuben Sep 1, 2009 522
To guard youth from extremism, Ministry of Endowments inspects religious centers (Local). Aug 23, 2009 1203
Club site set to be church; PLAN: Clinic, youth club and crche among group's ideas. Aug 20, 2009 366
GUN TEEN BRINGS SHAME ON FAMILY; Religious parents see son locked up. Aug 11, 2009 431
Seminar on prevention of influence of religious, extremist movements among young people takes place in Jalal-Abad. Aug 10, 2009 136
Youth camp brings different faiths together in Thailand. Jun 26, 2009 411
Retrospective meaning-making in adulthood: a qualitative study of conservative protestant adults who experienced parental divorce as adolescents. Knabb, Joshua J.; Brokaw, David W.; Reimer, Kevin S.; Welsh, Robert K. Report Mar 22, 2009 8345
Religious doubt and identity formation: salient predictors of adolescent religious doubt. Puffer, Keith A.; Pence, Kris G.; Graverson, T.martin; Wolfe, Michael; Pate, Ellen; Clegg, Stacy Report Dec 22, 2008 9087
Young Catholics 'distinctly progressive'. Brief article Oct 17, 2008 81
Attending church can help teen's school grades. Oct 1, 2008 433
Answering The Call: Evangelist Lou Engle rallies evangelical youth on behalf of the religious right. Bathija, Sandhya Oct 1, 2008 1149
Cultural hegemony, resistance and reconstruction of national identity among Palestinian students in Israel. Makkawi, Ibrahim Essay Sep 22, 2008 9706
Young parishioners spend camp in service. Sep 19, 2008 541
Youths need spiritual connection to service, say spearers. O'Kane, Stephen Sep 19, 2008 473
Life-changing experience: what gets young evangelicals mobilized for advocacy? Graham, Aaron Sep 1, 2008 775
Gifts and talents: mission is as simple as reaching out to those around you. Blaikie, Laura Essay Sep 1, 2008 561
Hope from Chaos: mission is a partnership. Clark, Jen Sep 1, 2008 581
Willing to be: by doing mission, you show love, gain trust. Woods, Heather Essay Sep 1, 2008 590
Church leaders 'should support gay campaign' Teen death prompts call. Aug 8, 2008 351
Youth delegates go missing. Brief article Jul 25, 2008 129
Teenage suicide missions: the role of religion in the recruitment of young suicide bombers. Emilsen, William W. Report Jun 22, 2008 8959
Generation why? 5 things Catholic teens want to know ... and aren't afraid to ask. Ringwald, Christopher D. Cover story Jun 1, 2008 3499
Finding my religion: the emerging church aims to help Christians live and worship more authentically and to make the church more relevant today. Young Christians--mainline and evangelical, Catholic and Protestant--are seeking new ways to connect their faith to action ... and in doing so [drum roll] change the world. Green, Amy Jun 1, 2008 2054
Religious youth push new political agenda: Jim Wallis says hot-button issues ceding ground to broader concerns. Roberts, Tom Interview May 16, 2008 1226
Young Germans not inspired. Brief article May 2, 2008 81
Hammering kids for Christ: controversial Catholic youth minister Justin Fatica is tough and bruised, but softhearted, and few dispute that he has a knack for reaching troubled kids. Ruehlmann, Greg Cover story Apr 4, 2008 3830
Teens lead Sunday school at mission. Apr 4, 2008 367
3 Storytelling as a key methodology for interfaith youth work. Patel, Eboo; Kunze, April; Silverman, Noah Essay Mar 22, 2008 4676
Young Catholics respond to a chance to shine. Briggs, David Mar 7, 2008 840
Real hospitality: people seek an authentic message congruent with life. Kouwenberg, J.H. Hans Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2008 716
Venerable Koji Matsubara. Brief article Jan 11, 2008 105
The Dutch plan: will innovation save this church? McClory, Robert J. Dec 14, 2007 4445
Hispanic youth are the U.S. church's best investment. Sep 7, 2007 864
Wake up, church! The youth are here. But will they stay? Harris, David Sep 1, 2007 591
Who needs sleep? How Presbyterian youth are waking up the church. Presbyterian young people are ... Woods, Erin Sep 1, 2007 528
Look out church, here they come! Browne, Patricia; Browne, Ryan Sep 1, 2007 592
Are you telling me something? It's not the message that needs changing, it's the way we approach it. Luyckx, Alex Sep 1, 2007 496
Anatomy of a PYPS weekend: the most awesomest thing ever! Watt, Michael Sep 1, 2007 640
A focus on sharing: be real, show your thoughts, feelings and questions. Munnik, Katie Sep 1, 2007 786
Education and formation for evangelism: evangelism and youth. Behera, Marina Ngursangzeli Jul 1, 2007 4673
The message quest: it is the ever-emergent cycle, renewing the faith. Faiz, Andrew Apr 1, 2007 611
Recipe of hope: a postcolonial church rises again from the words and actions of Jesus Christ. MacLeod, Alex Apr 1, 2007 2998
More Catholics on the way: they're likely to be gray-haired, healthy and rich. Allen, John L., Jr. Cover story Feb 2, 2007 2933
The 'promise generation' steps up. Roberts, Tom Dec 8, 2006 816
Apostasy continues. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 224
Sense of entitlement rising among youth. Sep 1, 2006 314
The future is now: unheeded advice to those who don't need it (with an addendum for those who do). Faiz, Andrew Sep 1, 2006 702
Intentional youth development through camp experiences research. Burkhardt, Mark Sep 1, 2006 1415
'Ruined for life': the Jesuit Volunteer Corps celebrates 50 years of changing lives through service. Coode, Judy Aug 1, 2006 1690
Taize calls youth to India. Brief article Jul 28, 2006 128
Ozark. Brief article Jan 1, 2006 139
Student teachers: adults could learn a thing or two if only they listened more when young people of different faiths get together to talk. Calderone-Stewart, Lisa-Marie Jan 1, 2006 718
Church youths "chill out". Wareen, Mass Dec 26, 2005 350
Starting point. McGowan, Joseph Brief Article Oct 21, 2005 271
Recruiting the next generation: how conservative groups influence and enlist young people. Higgins, Allie Sep 22, 2005 3342
Young adults: dialogue across the divide. Moyer, Ginny Sep 16, 2005 992
Are nonreligious teenagers really deficient? Levison, Andrew Sep 1, 2005 1558
Teens 4 God. McKeever, Claire Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 240
Confessions of a blue state Christian: the only thing Americans are more weary of than discussions about "core values" is the lack of such values in popular representations of their daily lives. Britt, Donna Cover Story Jun 1, 2005 2791
They, like, so believe. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 256
You won't see this anymore. Brief Article Sep 3, 2004 163
Teens have service experiences. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Sep 3, 2004 95
When spirituality goes awry: students in cults. Richmond, Lee J. Jun 1, 2004 7304
The importance of religion in adolescents' lives. Schneider, Barbara; Rice, Holly; Hoogstra, Lisa Mar 1, 2004 10303
Study refutes teen stereotypes. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Feb 6, 2004 107
Stop talking 'bout my generation: young catholics may not win at catholic jeopardy, but they've gotten the gist of Jesus' message. Schlumpf, Heidi Column Feb 1, 2004 761
Religious teenagers may have a lowered risk of engaging in unsafe sexual behavior. Hollander, D. Nov 1, 2003 660
Negotiating complex identities: scholar, artist, minister and more: Filipina-American theologian values being 'multilingual'. Redmont, Jane Sep 26, 2003 1583
First youth synod. Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 105
Young and yearning for God. Jones, Arthur Aug 29, 2003 3286
Ottawa youth group just a bunch of Holy Terrors. (Feature). Davidson, Jane May 1, 2003 720
Teens, religion, and sex. (Clinical Capsules). Splete, Heidi Brief Article May 1, 2003 175
Cardinal Ambrozic addresses youth. (News in Brief: Canada). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 123
Family Religious Involvement and the Quality of Family Relationships for Early Adolescents. A Research Report of the National Study of Youth and Religion. Smith, Christian; Kim, Phillip Jan 1, 2003 285
Religion Matters: Predicting Schooling Success among Latino Youth. Interim Reports. Sikkink, David; Hernandez, Edwin I. Jan 1, 2003 290
Speaker urges youth ministers to `be like geese'. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Dec 27, 2002 203
Pope `on message' with youth: appeals to young people to be a light in post-Sept. 11 world. (World). Allen, John L., Jr. Brief Article Aug 2, 2002 903
Young Catholics from U.S. say crisis makes them strong. (World). Allen, John L., Jr. Brief Article Aug 2, 2002 512
Inviting Youth to Fundraise for Your Chapter Hot Fundraising in the Summertime. Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 709
Here comes everybody's church: forty years after the Second Vatican Council, "Catholic identity" is still in flux. What can future generations of Catholics expect? Scanlon, Leslie May 1, 2002 3310
Parents win sex-ed battle. (News in Brief: Canada). Brief Article May 1, 2002 315
Sealed with the gift of the Spirit: a good confirmation program can help teens claim their faith. (Catholic Education). Sawyer, Kieran Mar 22, 2002 1586
Future cardinals? (signs of the times). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 186
Overcoming reservations: a YIM team conquers its nervousness to find a trip to Mistawasis a rewarding experience. (Generation Now). Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 551
Religion and American Adolescent Delinquency, Risk Behaviors and Constructive Social Activities. A Research Report of the National Study of Youth and Religion. Smith, Christian; Faris, Robert Jan 1, 2002 235
Youth conference focuses on vocations. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Dec 21, 2001 260
Substance use: Spirituality and religious participation as protective factors among rural youths. Hodge, David R.; Cardenas, Paul; Montoya, Harry Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2001 6374
Intrinsic Religion and Internalized Homophobia in Sexual-Minority Youth. Ream, Geoffrey L. Aug 1, 2001 270
This is NOT your father's religion. CHESTO, KATHLEEN Jul 1, 2001 4007
The coming of WYD 2002. Brief Article May 1, 2001 177
Stumbling blocks. Davis, Glen Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 703
Engaging, keeping new Catholic generations. JONES, ARTHUR Mar 30, 2001 2552
Faithful, but writing their own agenda. JONES, ARTHUR Statistical Data Included Mar 30, 2001 1853
Youth ministry: a contemplative approach. Yaconelli, Mark Mar 1, 2001 2702
The religious calling: to hang out with the the young. LEFEVERE, PATRICIA Feb 23, 2001 1709
A place in the middle. Atkinson, Susan; Atkinson, Hannah Jan 1, 2001 3414
Methodological Issues and Challenges in the Study of American Youth and Religion. Denton, Melinda Lundquist; Smith, Christian Report Jan 1, 2001 235
Church leaders must bless, empower the new generation. BEAUDOIN, TOM Oct 6, 2000 1443
Hopeful Youth Day connections. ALLEN, John L. Jr. Brief Article Sep 8, 2000 785
World's youth drawn to Rome. ALLEN, JOHN L. JR. Brief Article Aug 25, 2000 904
Sex education in New Brunswick (Canada). Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 178
Young Catholics. UNSWORTH, TIM Dec 4, 1998 1849
Youth Congress proposes plan for youth ministry. Brief Article Oct 23, 1998 225
Adolescent attraction to cults. Hunter, Eagan Sep 22, 1998 2054
Here today, gone tomorrow? A reflection on the church and young people for the 21st century. Brienen, Francis Apr 1, 1998 2850
Teens seek more 'youth friendly' liturgies: sponsors see youth conference as '17,000 pieces of good news.' (biennial National Catholic Youth Conference, Nov 20-23, 1997 at Kansas City, MO)(Cover Story) Allen, John L. Jr. Cover Story Dec 12, 1997 1487
Teens offer diverse new agendas. Allen, John L. Cover Story Dec 12, 1997 2352
Warning: your theology may be fatal to your kids. Sheffield, John Jul 1, 1996 2600
Youth. Maher, Marian Oct 1, 1994 599
Today's minister: the key to ministering to youths: role models and lots of guidance and support from parents. Bole, William Jan 21, 1994 841
Indicators of commitment to the church: a longitudinal study of church-affiliated youth. Dudley, Roger L. Mar 22, 1993 2475

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